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Currently attempting to become an author. Have to start somewhere.

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In Need of Commissioners! · 10:22pm Jan 21st, 2020

Hey everyone! Been a while, but I’m in need of some spare cash since my work’s been selling me short lately, so if you want a story written, feel free to pm me! Also, send this out to everyone so I can get as many recipients as possible. My rates are $10 per 1000 words, and I can do public or private pieces.

I will write: NSFW
Long-Running Stories
DnD Character Races/Sheets
Short Stories

I will not write: Toilet stuff

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Is your profile pic MalO?

I'm in need of a vreak from sexual writing and want to focus more on something that'll help me vent my depression into creative writing. That's what Six is

Curious, why you put Kinky Time TV on hiatus?

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