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With all the magic in Equestria, is it even really murder if you don't soul vore them afterwards?

For whatever reason I could see ocellus be semi merciful to the other student 6. If anything instead of making them mindless followers when they are raped and killed she could give them a “half death” still corrupting them but not making them mindless followers. Basically making them the trusted lieutenants to her budding army or perhaps her personal “concubines”.

This is actually a pretty interesting idea! I do like what the previous commenter posted, though, it could be interesting if she put the Student 6 in quite a bit of pain, but of course with its rewards as her friends. Or just torture them a lot due to some internal hatred or something. Of course, I probably won't expect nor come close to what'll happen next.

I didn't expect Cozy to make an appearance, either. Her dynamic with Ocellus could be fun to see, too.

This is nicely written, and I'd love to see how the whole gory shindig plays out! :twilightsmile:

Mercy is boring. :rainbowhuh: But I guess I could see that as possible.

Cozy is there for it to be her fault. :rainbowdetermined2:

Comment posted by Fic Demander deleted Jul 9th, 2023

Im wondering if this is going to descend to being as horrifically nihilistic as a Stephen Baxter novel, or merely trundle along as happy go lucky as Warhammer 40k stories tend to be, as I suspect its not meant to be as happy as Background Pony or eveen Iron Warriors?

Not being allowed to be happy means Discord cant tweak Silverstreams shard so her alternate forms gives fer something to swap to every time she dies, and being happy golucky and exiting to experiment with new things, she would be just as gullible masochistic snuff follower as anything Evil realm Nightmare and Vampcellus could achieve with undead followers, if not even more because the correct varient Silcerstream would be self experimental enough to keep even Glimmer happy?

Spike, and dragons in general live in a totally destitute enviroment, and yet thrive, making them look to improve by trauma, self inflicted and otherwise, but if Hydra class regneration is used, then their duration at a given size, seperate from maturity, depends on how often they lose body mass that needs rreplacing. Quickly from rearangement of remaining mass, slowly by consuming liteally all other resources surrounding them? Torch could literally got that size by eating the competition. It depends if he allowed them to lay his offsprings eggs first?

Yaks give whole new meaning to Yak Pats, where Yak young only end up surviving to maturity if they can survive pancaking reagularly, or even a requirement to buid up resiliance as a response. Related to treatment of dragon young and life etc?

Depends on just how far Discord and Harmony have already spread Corruption as such through this Equestria as an innoculation, doing things like allowing Gabby and Griffins in gneral to support their avien end whole fish swallowing as normal, to trauma breeding normalcy in the feline back end, even forced breeding the populance to be more capable and acceepting as they bing in more money emplyed elsewhere?

As for Pinkie. Well, its always intresting to see how she is nerfed.:trixieshiftright:

Lets see if this Dead Dove story is one of those where it The Road To Good Is Paved With Hell Intentions, or just horror? :pinkiesad2:

You're putting more thought into it than me. I'm just writing a commission the way they want it to be written :rainbowderp:
I mean it'll keep about the same tone as it has so far I think, just mixing a few different fetishes into each chapter. I think the overarching theme is transformations.

I always wondered:why is Rarity in all your stories a foal fiddler?I noticed that while almost all other characters are the same, this seems to be Rarity's primary trait in your stories.Is it a joke or are all your commisioners simply on par with this idea?

This fic is just the way it was commissioned, but I think the original joke was because Rarity and Spike is a ship and Spike is underage.

Oscellus finds out too late that because Silverstream can already swap between two totally seperate forms, she discovered that the state of one has no effect on the state of the othe, and has already got lots of experience in extreme snuff play, and being related to royalty has a whole torture chamber to play with?

As for Smolder etc, thats tricky given the extreme psychotic brutality of their normal envoroment, extreme rate of reproduction and no requirement at all to have to care for anyone especially eggs etc?:pinkiesick:

Isnt nature wonderful.:yay:

Fluttershy the Nurgle devotee?:rainbowderp:

Silverstream and Smolder weren't part of the commission at this point, so their conversion will probably remain offscreen and be sadly less interesting and individualized than the mane6's. :rainbowderp:
Fluttershy agrees that nature is wonderful though. Inside her.:yay:

Why so much hatred for such a good story hmmmm ?????????

Because someone hurt a fictional character and they have to run to their defense. :rainbowdetermined2:

There was no way Twilight could muster a defense without any of her precious friends.

I really hope that Twilight has a plan and the story doesn't end with her dying too.I know that almost all of your stories have a bad ending but you also have a few that have a somewhat good ending so I can still hope.
It may sound childish but I'm a sucker for good endings :twilightsheepish:

Well it's going to be a happy ending for someone, but the commissioner decides who that is in this case :rainbowdetermined2:

The newest chapter is gone. Why? I forgot to read it yesterday and now it's just... gone.

I published one early on accident and took it back, sorry.

Minor typo: "Rarity yanked Rarity’s head downward"

This was really fucking hot :heart: Awesome job!

The tags are only available for the first four chapters. Since your stories regularly go so over the top that the tags are enough for most people, this should be rectified.

The tags are pretty simple for this one but sure I'll fix it.
And yes I know the tags are enough to earn a downvote from most people; I guess they'd rather me not tell them and they realize half way through a story.

Yeah Twilight come out and save the day already :duck:

Twilight you dumb c*** :flutterrage:!!How did you fcked up so bad?
On a more serious note:are we gonna see what's going to happen in the mirror world?Or will the story end with Ocellus conquering Equestria?

There will be a bonus chapter with Sci-Twi in it. At this point there's no plan to make it longer than that though.

Well, this is horrible! What the heckity-heck?!

Moondancer had started to change from exposure to the goo, bits of chitin now covering her face as her former skill peeled back like worn paint.

I think that should be 'skin'. 0/10 downvoted 4-ever!

Okay, not all the fetishes were my proverbial cup of tea, but overall... this was an insane ride in a good way. If it's done, still listed as incomplete, but this seems like a good chapter to end it on. And I wish i knew an artist who'd be willing to draw what Sci-Twi and Moondancer look like. For some reason them having translucent and transparent abdomens just... really thrills me for some reason.

How has Ocellus change physically appearance wise?

Not much other than being pale and sharper fangs I think. Though she spends a lot of the story shifted into other things anyway.

What are Ocellus physical changes after becoming a vampire?

I really like the concept of Equestria getting "DNA Surgery" and turning into monsters so I don't mind an ending where Ocellus conquers Equestria and everyone turned into monsters. Quick question do any of these monsters exist naturally in this version of Equestria or just vampire Luna's Equestria?

Versions of them exist in this Equestria I would say, but maybe not these exact versions. Like slightly less fucky versions probably.

I could've guessed they would be less sex crazy than this story has shown. Is it possible for ponies to be transformed without dying?

I mean probably, but undead like making more undead.

I just want to imagine after Ocellus takes over the monsters will reproduce naturally after there is no ponies left to transform. Imagine if the Canon MLP characters go to this dimension and wonder how Equestria ended up like that.

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