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You could be a literal doormat.

Inanimate and Object TF Is a place for stories and discussion including moments when someone is turned into an Inanimate object, and/or vice versa!

Do you often wonder, or think about what it would be like to be transformed, or transform others into inanimate objects? These objects could be just about anything!

It might be something as inconspicuous as a tree in the forest, or as flashy as an unusual art statue in the middle of a town square.

It could be something that gets used often such as a hammer, clothes, soap, toys or furniture. Or it could be that’s left mostly if not completely unattended, like the titles on the floor, decorations/collectables, (perhaps unboxed), fire hydrants, or it could be something that was supposed to get used but gets abandoned anyways.

Whether it is the transformation process itself, or the end result that get’s your attention, this group will be here for you to explore these topics!

Note: Remember it’s Inanimate AND Object TF So even if the object is animated via magic, or technology via robotics it is still allowed in the group.

Regular animal TF’s and biologically mobile creatures are what’s not allowed.

Rules are pretty general.
1. No Hateful/Threatening Comments.
2. No Spam. Try to make your posts relevant to the group. If you wanna announce that you made a story for this group then go ahead! Just don't write anything too off topic or request a video game live stream or anything completely unrelated to the group.
3. No NSFW images, This is site policy.
4. No unrelated stories, unless there is at least one chapter where someone gets transformed into an inanimate object.



Also try: Transformations, TF/TG, Growth Fetishes (NSFW), and Cock Transformations (NSFW)

(If there is anything I left out, or you have any questions or concerns regarding the group feel free to send me a message or talk about it in the forums and I will edit this page)

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