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Buster Knutt

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Good to read some classic buster. You're the only artist that I ever read the stories of more than once, and it's always a shame when they dissapear.

And there was much rejoicing.

Nice to see this is back. Always nice to reread a classic!

Reupload of a story from my old account that I've been informed by mods was unrecoverable and have been told I'm allowed to reupload under the circumstances.

I wondered why your stuff seemed to have disappeared! :derpyderp2:
Penn & Teller, eat your hearts out!

I thought I was going nuts. Oh well I'll read it again and give it a bigger favorite!

Bronies love the baby makin with how almost every one on your new account got featured. :yay:

Imagine dominating the feature box your entire career and then deleting your account just so you can come back in a year and do it again.

Truly one of the greatest stories I have ever read, not one of the best clop, but just one of the best stories.

Btw, this story is officially endorsed by the Stalliongrad communist party :D

Huh... I thought this was favorited too?
Did they get taken down for some reason?


I nuked my account and am reuploading on a new one.

Ah... thanks. I was pretty confused about that.

Nice to see that these are back on the site. Slowly reading through them again, hope you bring all of the removed stories back.

AKA Purple Shep Ploughs Pink Sheep.

" Nobody likes a stallion that smells of chlorine and failure."


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