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Wow. I never imagined that Sombra would even swear, as childish as that sounds. :I

"Negotiations proceed poorly"

Really? I'd say they're going rather well.

6169788 What, you didn't know? All that "Crrrryyyssttaaaaaals" was actually Poke-speak! Crys-crys-crystals crystals crys!

He actually had a very dirty mouth.

6170762 Well then, I've certainly learned something new.

fucking crystalkinetics they're all crazy and potty-mouthed i mean honestly

This is a really weird way to characterise Sombra. That's all I'm going to say.

Well this is certainly going to be an interesting read, to say the least!

Couldn't resist. This looks good. Sombra is brutal with her words.

Dang I love this chapter and it is only the FIRST! Can not wait for more! Never read one about Umbra lactating though, first for that too even it was just psycho-kinetics.

Thank you holy AzureDreamer I always wanted to find a story with "female sombra" and I am glad that I have read it!!))) but whether the continuation??? 0_o

6289284 am working on the second half right now. should hopefully be posted within the next two weeks.

6304650 Yes arrive with you: "Three of the ruble and Shamahanskaya crisis." Emmmm êàî luck ...

Holy shit, I need more. Continuation soon?

Nice chapter, but there's some things you may want to edit.

And apparently what he really was was fat, ugly, weak and pathetic.

Repeated word.

I've seen toes bigger than this tiny little joke of a penis..

And there's an extra period. I hope to see more.

6540748 The second use of the word 'was' is viable in this situation.

7126001 I disagree. It doesn't make sense to me has was twice in a row in that context.

7126605 Saying "And that He was fat," would make more sense in the way you're trying to see it as, but it's "what" instead of "that" which makes sense in this situation.

7126678 Okay, I just re-read that, and it does work in context. My bad. To be fair, it's been half a year since I wrote that.

7126704 remember when i updated stories i started? i sure don't :twilightsheepish:

i swear i'll finish this one day. seriously, it's been almost a year since this first went up. what the fuck, me.

6304650 you're a dirty fucking liar, past me. for real though, the second chapter is done and waiting on a few editing passes. expect it within the next few days!

Celestia used this guy as a bribe? Man, what a bitch. :ajbemused:

So, a bribe? Well... that's one way of getting rid of bureaucrats. If a bit unexpected.

Here's hoping it takes less than a year for the next chapter... not that this one wasn't worth the wait.

7375061 i make no promises because i am a distractible motherfucker, but i do wanna try and finish this off within the month.

I understand completely. I, too, am distractible as hell.

This just keeps getting better and better. I should probably mention that corruption from normal pony into depraved sex pet is a big kink of mine.

7369930 You expected differently from the "benevolent" Princess Celestia? :trollestia:

Wow, that was unexpected and hot :) And now that there's an opening for Attache's old job where do I sign up? ;)

Got a message about a new chapter which apparently doesn't exist.

I feel a little cheated...

7441728 sorry about that! fimfic's import gdoc feature shat the bed, i had to manually fix all of my formatting and remove a bunch of random bold and italic tags it had added. the fixed final chapter is up for reading now!

7441774 From what I was able to tell in my own, it adds at least something in a pattern that can be used to clear it out, even if it's annoying as bleep. Line breaks get:
and at the end of every italics pair it added:

Only with brackets rather than parens. I cut and pasted mine back into a gdoc, used the find and replace function for the ib pair first and then the /b/i pair, all with nothing in the replace field. Seemed to clear that fine enough and way cut down on the time I spent manually hunting for them, though it's still more a pain in the ass than Sombracock would be.

7441801 would be easier if fimfic just got its shit together.

7441834 An entirely fair point, since there's no goddamn way some of those tags showed up on their own; they have to be inserted.

Is that all? Aw I wanted to see them finish D:

7441966 the way i see it, ultimately the climax of the fic was attache turning into pearl permanently. that's what the story's been building to, that's what it's about. expanding the sex scene would ultimately have not really added anything to the story and dragged the ending out much longer. like, several chapters longer. in the end it's better to let the fic end on a nice, snappy punchline than to force readers to wait another year+ for me to get around to finishing a massive sex scene.

don't worry, unlike some of my other fics that people like to demand sequels for, this is one i actually have ideas for continuing! so you'll get to see more of sombra and pearl and diamond and learn what happens next to them.

7357974 Whoa calm down .3. You don't wanna screw with past self o3O that'll make a paradox

Comment posted by Lord erigon deleted Aug 4th, 2016

The whole time I hoped that Sombra would turn out to have a harem full of males. There are only a few stories with a dominant female Sombra enslaving males.
At least its good material! Good work!

Honestly, i was a little disappointed that she turned out to be a futa. I love futa, but i was really hoping for some proper femdom. Great story though, just a little disappointed personally.

The first thing Attache noticed about the Crystal Empire was that it was cold. It wasn't supposed to be cold, he was certain. He'd read up on it and apparently there was some magical artefact – the crystal something-or-other – that made the land habitable, almost tropical. Apparently it was on the fritz, which really shouldn't have been surprising, considering the situation.

To quote Silver Quill, "I'd like to know who originally had the idea to build a city in the frozen north, where a magical item is the only barrier between its residents and a FROZEN TOMB. That was not a smart pony. Not at all. I'd like to point you all toward an excellent book entitled Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn. And one of the very important points this book makes is that if you know an environment is hostile and you can't naturally adapt, YOU SHOULDN'T LIVE THERE!"

Like Australia still.

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