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Well. That was a journey, for certain.

Well that was a wild fucking ride.

Can't wait until next chapter.

Thank goodness for that ending. An actual relationship that shows some humanity from both of them and isn't just fuck toy and fucker. You have no idea how many stories piss me off due to either ending on the note of horrible death or with the relationship being so nasty.

Good job

7186830 for a second i was very confused as to why you'd be worried about horrible death and then i remembered this is a vorefic.

7186806 danke~ dunno how long it'll take because i do have other, higher priorities. one of these days i'll finish off stories i have going instead of starting new ones, but today is not that day.

7186851 It's got a demon in it, that's like a 50/50 chance of either being "normal", or having the demon do some horrible crap at the end like slurp up their guts and crush their head in their thighs.

Vore's not my thing at all. But I decided to give this a chance anyway... And I was pleasantly surprised. That ending was pretty nice too - looking forward for more :twilightsmile:

You already got me to the point where I'd cancel personal plans just to read this stuff.

To date, I can't remember the last story you wrote where I didn't have some of the best orgasms while I read it.

It's almost like you're a succubus who charms people with words or something.

Too exhausted to even try to write a critical review right now.

Good shit.

Turns out you've got a secret kink for being a succubus's sex slave

I didn't know we were talking about me.

7186830 Yeah, consequence-free and consensual is how I like both my vore and my sexual slavery, too.

I'd certainly like to see what sort of kinky shenanigans they get up to in the future if this gets continued. Very well done, Azure.

7186999 can promise none of that. as far as i'm concerned, gore has no place in porn, nor does any variety of bad end tbh.

7194969 there's a place for fatality in vore, but the prey needs to either be completely faceless and otherwise irrelevant to the story or else really deserve it or else it stops being sexy to me. if the story is about the prey, and the prey dies at the end, that's kind of a bonerkiller to me.

7188497 d'aww, thanks~

you mother fucker. Instead of a chapter to the BUTTMAN, I get this.

and its hawt. You play me like one of your french maids.

Huh, very interesting, kinda makes me rethink the song "beyond her garden"

This was a very sexy story, I can't wait for more! :twilightsmile:

Awesome story! Can I make suggestion for future chapters? :-)

7293822 feel free to say whatever. don't expect me to use your idea, but nothin' stoppin' you from suggesting things anyway. i'm more likely to use ideas if it's just vague fetishes and characters than if it's a specific scenario.

Well, It would revolve around a tiny person being inside a forest of mane of some pony :D Cadance propably :D

Do you think the next chapter could involve giantess and hyper muscle growth?

> asking me to involve giantess
you didn't even have to say anything bro it was gonna happen eventually. hyper muscle growth is a bit more iffy because it's not really something i'm confident in my ability to describe. we'll see.

7327430 Got it. When do you think you might post the next chapter, anyway?

7327676 i've started work on it so knowing my track record probably sometime in the next year or two maybe (the joke is that i'm slow)

Words cannot express how hot and bothered this made me. I'd basically be Lemon Heart in this situation. Fuck yeah, succubus, let's do this!

This is hot as fuuuuuuck. Hope to see more of this sometime!

This fic kind of reminds me of another fic I've read called "Ember's" which centers around a prostitute/therapist (odd combo) changeling queen who uses her shape-shifting powers to bring her clients sexual fantasies to life (and keep herself fed with a healthy supply of love in the process). I recommend checking it out

Still working on chapter two?

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