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My cover image certainly was an appropriate level of disaster this story has faced. :fluttershyouch:

Too bad, I thought it was good.

Nice, really interested in seeing where this goes.

“Cancelled due to lack of interest”?
Dude! The story is barely 10 days out and you have 20 likes already! It takes at least a month till you have some proper rating and people are already liking it!

You shouldn't give up because people hadn't noticed it for ten days, That's STUPID. Just the Cancelled tag will throw off many readers, so take it off!

You're right, bro. I was foolish. I am putting it on hiatus. This story is no longer cancelled.

I just don't don't look at like totals the same way you do. I have a fic with over 300 likes. I guess I take them for granted somewhat that when I write something with an ass-ton of effort behind it that it will do better than my first fic. It doesn't and that fucks with my head.

Still, you make a good point; most stories just don't get read and this one is worth investing in.

This is the song at the beginning. I really found the entire zone to be inspirational while writing this chapter. The whole danger lurking below in the water translates well to the dream. I even named the albino thestrals after the Highborne from WoW.

This story is criminally underrated, but hopefully as you release more chapters it’ll eventually accumulate enough likes to the point that it will make it into the featured list and start gaining some momentum. I enjoyed editing this chapter, and not just for the cloppy parts--who could not like the idea of evil futa thestral dream mares?--I like how you’re using this to build up some thestral lore, which I fully intend to use for my own stories. And as for you, Rose... carnal creature that you are, you yet have no idea what’s going on or what’s at stake here. I just hope she doesn’t find out too quickly, lest we be deprived of some futa-on-Roseluck action! It worked well enough in, after all...

Seriously, what I like most about this is how you’re engaging in both clop and worldbuilding here, as I always try to do in my own stories. That’s what makes this stuff transcend simple stroke fics and aspire for something more. Don’t be discouraged by the low action; just keep plugging. Patience will be rewarded and you’ll find your audience eventually. But to help the process along, might I suggest some fresh group adds and a self-promotion or two? I think you mentioned that with these latest chapters, it’s now eligible for more groups...


It was pretty much a stroke fic in its 1.0 conception. It would easily be over by now where that the case. I guess I can hold my head up high because even while I wrote something no one paid much attention to, I did still create a tool -- something that can be used to create other things. Plus I mean... I like the story just fine. That counts for something.

You're right. Time to get plugging this into some more groups!

Where did all these likes come from!? :pinkiegasp: This story picked up like ten of them in two days! (edit: without any sort of feature)

Not that I'm upset... What a turnabout in fortune! Thanks everyone who gave this story a chance. Now I really do feel bad for ever considering cancelling it. :ajsleepy:

Go find my bottom comment and downvote it! Screw all that negativity!

Wonderful story you have here :twilightsmile:

Just throwing this out there, but this story is in no way similar to "Back in a Moment" and the association between that fic and this one in the similar tab kinda upsets me.

Still working on the new chapter. Giving me a hard time but I'm still working on it. I say give it a week and I'll have a draft.

-- The Management

Just poking my head in to give props to that story title.
That is some brilliant wordplay right there.

That's high praise coming from an account by that name. Thanks!

Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

A lot of fics are lacking traffic these days. The fandom is just slowing down


I think you're right. I don't think I'll ever be able to break out like I did in 2014. The time for being relevant has passed for me unless I take up fanart and get really damn good at it.



New chapter coming in a few days or so, if you were curious.

This story is really good!!

Will you be continuing it soon?

I'm very honored you think so! Been in a bit of a funk these days. Really depressed and just not feeling like writing. I haven't canceled the story and I was just thinking today about what the next chapter would look like. I really can't thank you enough for your kind words though. I do think this story will be continued, I just can't be specific with you when that will happen.

I'm glad to hear that! :pinkiehappy:
I hope you can cheer up soon! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help!

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