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So this is after the day of sunshine and rainbows, but before the GoE is set off?

Shortly after the events of Afterward in Fallout Equestria told us about the natural birth of the first artificial alicorn.

Cool hope to see more of this fic.

Thank you! I do have more I might write about but it depends on my reception to this story.

You know what? I forgot to put the story to complete. My mistake. :facehoof:

ah so after both events, at least 10 years post DoSR cool, thanks

This was genuinely great! I'm glad I gave it a read :3

Thanks for the preread and huge thanks for adding my story to favorites!

Telepathic, not telekinetic.

Telekinesis, remote-movement from the Latin base, is moving stuff remotely, these days almost always referring to doing so via magical or supernatural means.

Telepathy, remote-mind from the Latin base, is communicating or otherwise interacting with minds of others at a distance.

Well, someone plays WoW. Same here! :twilightsmile:

Damn radio turned on. Sorry about that! My little colt, Azuregos is just trying to get Daddy’s attention so he turned on DJ Pon3’s Wasteland News Report and it bled into the recording.

I played WoW from 2006 to 2013. Loved the first three iterations of the game and thought the fourth and fifth were okay. Looking forward to playing Classic WoW when it comes out in the summer!

I've actually considered MLP/WoW crossover in the past but never settled on an angle. You can see more WoW references in my Movie Night story though. Edit: Foolers Rush In has them too.

A wonderful little story, and definitely gave me another insight into the mind of the Alicorns. Never quite imagined how they might cope after The Goddess' demise, but this answered a question I never knew needed asking on my end.

(Also, is the title a reference to Charlie's Angels or is it just me?)

Well i did want to see more slice of life stuff from these three, like the birth of their children and mabey some other things.

Nah, I came up with on that on the fly after I realized the name Fallout Equestria: Oasis was already taken.


I might make a sequel. I may have left a bit of a hint of where that might go at the end of the story...

Huh, coulda fooled me...

Right the lights in the sky I'm guessing they are aliens and if so are they going to be human or not? That is if you do make a sequel.

They won't be humans.

Ok so the same as the fallout aliens then?

I had the Zetans in mind, yes. They were hinted at in Kkat's FoE but never mentioned directly. I've played the Mothership Zeta DLC and honestly it's the most fun I've had playing Fallout. It's some of the most fun I've ever had gaming, period. It would be a pleasure to bring their story into the Fallout Equestria Universe, if a tough bit of work for me to write at the level of quality I demand.

OK, not gonna lie, the title makes this story sound like it needs a porn tag.



I've linked to both of your comments so I can clear up the confusion the title of the story has created. The term angel is used to describe alicorn drones in the epilogue of Fallout Equestria. I'll quote directly:

Still, she couldn’t help but suppress an involuntary shudder, her eyes drifting towards the mountains… and towards Glyphmark. She knew better than to worry. Xenith, of all zebras, wouldn’t allow them to be anything but extra cautious. Still, the brew they created to turn alicorns male, the potion that allowed them to breed, required extract of killing joke as an ingredient. And that meant the Angels were cultivating it over there.

By Angel, I read that to mean 'alicorn' because a couple paragraphs earlier she's talking about an alicorn filly and there were alicorns with Red Eye at the Cathedral. Unless I'm parsing this incorrectly and Kkat is telling us a plural form of Fluttershy's pet rabbits are harvesting Killing Joke, that says 'alicorns'. I thought the title was flattering and I do rather like the alicorns so I decided to take it up.

Ah, I gotcha. So many details from the original story to remember... So many details.

During the process of writing this I managed to get quite a few things twisted and needed to rewrite. It's a large daunting story where you almost expect to make an error someplace referencing it. I actually went into the story under the assumption that all alicorns were unicorns at some point until one of my prereaders, Silentwoodfire, astutely pointed out that there's a direct quote from an independent drone in chapter 37 saying that members of all the equine races are being forcefully converted to make good on their losses.

And now that I've admitted this you'll be able to re-read the story and see how I wrote around my original misconception! :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm... Nice and short o.o Could've been expanded upon a bit but all in all? A nice read ^^

I listened to this song on repeat while I wrote this story. I found it very inspiring.

Very enjoyable. I liked your viewpoints.i actually have a humie friend who transitioned and the most notable thing to me was the change in scent. A great detail.

Thank you so much for your kind words. :twilightsmile:

Had this on my read later list for a long while, and don't know why I first get to it now. The store itself was nice, its never easy playing around with alicorns, but by starting out by breaking all of the teeth on one of them, and all of them suffering under some kind of mental handicap, did they balance out nicely.

Reading all of this does it feel more like the end arc of a story than a short story, and I do honestly think that I would have enjoyed it more if we had gotten their full arc of their adventure instead of just the end.

"Before the time of the Destroyer who ended the life of our goddess and tore the skies asunder," Odd choice to capitalize Destroyer, but not Goddess.
"a few pieces of loose rock fell from the ceiling fell to the ground." Delete, repetitious repetitions are repeating

I made corrections on your nitpicks. Occasionally and despite the best efforts of myself and my prereaders, errors do get through. I appreciate you pointing them out when all else has failed.

Reading all of this does it feel more like the end arc of a story than a short story, and I do honestly think that I would have enjoyed it more if we had gotten their full arc of their adventure instead of just the end.

Fair enough. Thing is I struggle a lot at holding together long-form writing; I just can't maintain a novel for longer than around 50,000 words before I start to strain. My last attempt at a novel-length feature went tits up and into the ground because I just plain suck at advanced planning. I'm no Kkat! If I wrote the story the way you wanted it, a sentiment others have echoed, it would have been a disaster.

Thanks for giving it a chance regardless.

I made a rather embarrassing mistake. Angels is a reference to the zebras of Glyphmark, not alicorns. Consequently, I've changed my stories name and am acknowledging my mistake here in the comments for anyone else who happens by. I'm going to edit out all references to angels.

You were right, when you said that I would love the story. Verry good job you did with it.:twilightsmile:

Glad I could entertain you! Thanks for the upvote.

“Oh for Trixie’s sake! No one is going to die!” Sparkle Bright rapped his hoof hard against the desk. “Gripper is a very reliable researcher and can do things with those claws we ponies just can’t do. Now, I mentioned the challenges we faced earlier, and believe me, I did not lie when I said things were bad. My point was not to suggest we give up. I want to make it very clear to each of you that what we need to do is work together and rebuild Equestria for the benefit of all of her creatures! That is my mission and the responsibility of the Followers of the Apocalypse as an organization.”

I have a faint idea why but I smiled at the for trixie's sake part.

“I’m ready to move on now for our sake… for our foal’s sake.” Shade followed Azura’s cue to take her lover by the tongue, smacking me across the knees with her tail.

I feel like this is trixie or one of her descendants. I dont mind cause Trixie is one of my favorites.

“Many? How many do you want from me?” Instead of answering, Azura shot me a look. “I mean yes! As many as you desire!”

To be fair I had the same reaction

I found out a few days ago from Spaniard-Kiwi! He sent me a message about it. I appreciate the support for this work!

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