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Loved this fic! Great work AJ!

Thanks, Cloppy! I look forward to paying back your kindness when you're ready to write another story. May Night Tracer bless you sir. Mango.

This fic features mangos???? You madman!

Haven't read this (and probably won't since it's clop—not a fan) but when I saw Roseluck and Bat Pony the first thing I thought of was Starscribe's 'Fine Print'. Was wondering if they gave you permission to use their character. Then I saw the OC name.

Great fic, very intimate and sweet :twilightblush:
I love your Rosie and am always glad to see another one

To grandly misquote someone else (whose name I forget, but anyway): It will always be a good day when a new AJA fanfic appear in my feed.

Thanks, Chilly!

You're a good man for saying that! Thank you. It will always be good day when I find such a nice comment on my story! :heart:

I've heard of that story. It has a lot of nice artwork attached to it.

Europa is actually a veteran of my canceled 2019 mega-disaster, Fertile Ground: Earthmother. It's going to pass it in number of upvotes in one day!

hehe I thought the same thing for a split second :rainbowlaugh:

But I still think its amusing. Roseluck is getting pretty popular with the bats apparently :derpytongue2: Anywho, fun story~!

I love Rosie, she's cute. :raritywink:And I'm sure their foals will be just as cute as well.

Just went through your story list and I think I've read all but a couple of your stories. Keep up the good work.

Nice story. The name of those grapes reminds me of Noctraliyar from Journey with a Batpony.

Wow! Almost everything I've written? I'm very happy I was able to keep you entertained! :twilightsmile:


My homebrew Thestral lore puts Thestralslovakia in the Carpathian region of Eastern Europe, at least culturally: Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, Hungary. Those grapes come from this region and Eee'asi is actually a real place called Iasi, Moldova, part of one of the most productive wine-producing regions in all of Europe (5th place according to Wikipedia).

Mother of god…its wonderfull!

Your avatar is a very handsome zeeb.

Some lovely lore and lovely porn. The ear-fucking was decidedly weird, and sketched me out a bit fearing for her poor ear drums, but I'm at least glad it wasn't ear-canal-insertion.

Definitely need more bucking like bats though. Held up by your partner with all the juices running down and blood running to your head, I want more.

Yeah, the ears were a bit weird but when I suggested a folder get added to My Little Fetish for earplay and one of the replies were that it would be impossible to find stories to populate it, I took it as a challenge to write the most fucked up ear sex imaginable.

I won't lie though, I'm weird enough that I got turned on by the ear scene. Probably why I split it into three whole phases.

Glad you enjoyed the sex scene at the end. It was a challenging one to write but I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Tossing her head to the side, she began rubbing the cloth between and up the length of her unusually long ear, supporting it with her other hoof to keep it from bending, which she’d learned the hard way long before could be a dreadfully painful experience if one wasn’t too careful.

Suddenly I had to think of this picture:

“This will be a bit different than what you’re used to. I…” Europa trailed off for a moment, becoming distracted as he felt precum drip from the head of his bathood with a shiver.

Bathood? First time I heard that one...
Also sounds like Roe got quite an earful. Literally!

“You wanted to rut me… like a Thestral?”
Europa laughed, good-naturedly, and kissed Roseluck on the side of her muzzle. “Tonight we shall. Perhaps our foal will stand a better chance of being able to fly if it’s conceived upside-down?”

It's worth a try.

this was pretty good in my opinion. the ear stuff was weird to me not going to lie, not into that sort of stuff. I still think it is a nice short story to read, not common you see bat ponies after all.

Most people aren't into the ear stuff. People put up with it because they like the rest of what my stories have to offer. I do appreciate the general open-mindedness of the vast majority of people that make up my readership, including yourself. Thanks for the comment.

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