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This isn't snuff, is it?

No snuff, but there is lots of mind-breaking!

Nope just mind breaking.

Had to ask because there were no kinks/fetishes listed and I saw "Rave to the Grave" as the chapter title.

I wondered the same, but figured the lack of Death tag meant something.

May I ask who drew the coverart?

I kind of want to see your feet equal to this it's just so good this is like one of my favorite stories in a long while

Thanks! Which parts do you like best about it? I'll try to replicate them when I write another story like this. :scootangel:

That's so hard to choose from because you took so many things that match together in a perfect harmony.

I might do a sequel, I've gotten a few ideas for it. Will likely be a while though since I'm still working on two ongoing stories.

ok:scootangel: got any suggestion to read

From my works? If you want the intense stuff, Raripunk Is Dead is probably the closest in tone. Shining's Force (And its sequel) are also full of more extreme content once they get going, but of course they're long, more plot-driven reads.

Equestrian Suicidal Girls is like a midway between the bunch; very plot-driven, but with a few shocking moments at times; it kind of bounces between a slapstick comedy then becomes a dark comedy/thriller. Despite some rather sloppy moments it's probably the work I'm proudest of overall.

My other series are generally lighter, but I'll occasionally throw in a somewhat dark moment. Manic Trixie Dream Girl is about hate-sex/attempted domination if you're into that. (Basically lots of angry taunting/roughness between Trixie and Shining Armor.)

Thanks for reading, hope you find something else you like in my stuff!

Nice story; I love it when you describe them in terms of objects (eg: "fuckholes", "fucktoys", "fuckmeat", "maremeat", etc). Makes it hotter imo.

Wow. This is very well done. Interesting idea and conclusion. Another story reviewed! Next up is Shining Force!

Thanks, an early favorite for many readers!

Love Pacific Glow, poor mare!

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