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Thank you!
To this series, at least, as I've never left.:raritywink:

they stole from a dragon horde... they're gonna die.

The five Kirin all belonged to Rarity, while Sweetie Belle had ballooned with her own advanced pregnancy.

Wait. Didn't she lay just over half a dozen eggs? I thought it would be 6-8 from the previous stories.

Spike is definitely upset!
Considered six, went with five. Although to be honest I don't worry about exact numbers unless there's plot relevance to them, and figure they'll just be a background element to the real story I'm focusing on, the expansion of this alternate Equestria.

I'm predicting one wrecked airship, one repossessed pile of treasure, and a whole crew of fuck-drunk pirates by the end of this.

That leaves with Scootaloo.

I've toyed with the idea of adding her and Gilda to the pirate crew, but the story is already quite packed so not sure that's a good call.

nice very nice keepit up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

so is AJ gonna be part of it like Twi??

At least temporarily, but Ember is hoping she'll get addicted and want to permanently join his harem. After all, if Spike becomes the new Dragon Lord eventually he'll need lots of concubines as symbols of his status/prowess!

If that's the case, he might as well take in Applebloom, Cherry Jubilee and maybe even Pinkie Pie while he can.

Spike's a little intimidated by handling all these women, which is why Rarity and Ember have often taken the initiative on his behalf.:raritywink:

Think it would be hard for Cherry Jubilee to abandon her girls, though!

fair enough. i guess the same can be said for twi then.

Yes, Twilight is very attached to her coven.


Spike's a little intimidated by handling all these women, which is why Rarity and Ember have often taken the initiative on his behalf.

Sooner or later, Spike will have to learn how to handle several more women than what he has right now, especially in this universe, where large harems are a symbol of a dragon's power. He will also have to learn to take the initiative himself to have greater chances of inviting more women into his harem.

Think it would be hard for Cherry Jubilee to abandon her girls, though!

Which would make it all the more complicated if she does become pregnant by the end of this story arc, and I'm sure that Spike wouldn't want any of his children to grow up away from their father. In addition, there's only so much space that his cave can provide for his family and possessions, and I doubt that dragons can stay in one cave forever when they constantly grow, hoard and conceive. So, he will have to look for a bigger place to accommodate his ever growing harem, preferably near, but still a safe distance away from the town that the citizens don't feel threatened.

Alternatively, Spike could take some of Cherry Jubilee's girls (Pinkie included, if possible) under his wing (No pun intended.), so she won't have to abandon her brothel, with their full consent, of course. Some form of compromise will have to be made in order for Spike's relationships to work out.

PS: Sorry for the long comment. I got carried away when thinking of what Spike needs to do to prove himself worthy and how to manage his lovers.

Another amazing chapter into the series.
I think there could be a type of compromise and a little help from Discord could help in Spike becoming the new Dragon Lord and getting the status by having more mates. A little of the magic from Discord could create enchanted chokers in which could be used to create portals and it would much easier to use for "visiting".

No worries, you're completely right! Spike has often been passive so far, taking the easy route, but he won't be able to if he wants to be worthy of becoming the Dragon Lord! Ember is trying to 'train' him for the eventual position, but of course he's distracted and seething with quiet anger right now.

Thank you! A continued alliance with Discord would certainly be invaluable if Spike becomes the Dragon Lord.

Spike does need to push forward in his quest to build his harem, but he's still not one to simply take whichever girl he wants without their consent. The best kind of harem for him to form is a polyamoric harem, where their love for each other will bring them closer together, proving that love is a strength, not a weakness (At least in this viewer's opinion). That way, Spike will not only become the most powerful Lord after Torch, but also the most revered.

Infamous Paradox has a point with this one. Enchanted chokers could work extremely well for those who need to travel long distances in only a few seconds where it would otherwise take days, even with flying. Think of it this way:

1) Cherry Jubilee and Pinkie Pie could easily join Spike's harem without having to leave their brothel altogether. They can continue to run the business like always, and Spike could easily mark it as a hotspot to find new lovers.
2) Twilight, Trixie and Moondancer could travel to Spike's cave whenever they please if they don't end up having to leave Salem, unless the witch trials do not cease.
3) Fluttershy and Treehugger could use the chokers for similar reasons to those in the 2), in case they are unable to leave the forest.

That's what I hoped to portray, that Spike doesn't simply take what he wants but seeks lovers who are open to being with him. Rarity has allowed him free reign with other females as she recognizes that's part of dragon nature, and has done her best to build a loving relationship with the other members, although she and Ember may particularly butt heads as they both wish to be his alpha female.

And of course dragons struggle with their nature, many being greedy, territorial, quick to anger, lazy, and lusty. Spike is partially an outlier since as a runt he never fit in with his kind and mostly lived outside the system, but the same traits are still buried in there. His softer side proved appealing to Ember/Smolder, but they also feel he should toughen up.

I like the idea for traveling collars, must confess I hadn't thought of it. Admittedly I'm more focused on trying to get characterization decent (some of these characters are new to me, and anyone with an accent is always a struggle!) plus my mind is also on the sequel to this I have in mind. (Debating if I'll end it there or continue on?)

I don't think Discord would like that since he probably already see them as his (not sure if what Shy and Hug would say about it since they enjoy free love) unless he feels like experimenting with Spike on a different level. Pinkie seems like she would also be into free love, but we may find out later on if that's how she would really feel about joining his horde. (using horde, not herd, somehow it seems more appropriate) Cherry Jubilee, I am not sure she would join in as she would probably prefer taking care of the brothel, but she may like to visit some times.
For Twilight, Trixie, and Moondancer, if it does become an issue, I am pretty sure that "if" Spike becomes Dragon Lord, he could welcome the coven to his place/s as they would be under his protection in which it could become a benefit as some dragons could find the other witches interesting or he would travel back and let the other citizens that the coven is an extension from the Dragon lands, so if they were to harm them they would harming a Dragon citizen which could be bad news for them. (I like the first option)

I believe you are already portraying Spike perfectly. I think Ember and Rarity need to have a bit of "Skinship" instead of butting heads, that should probably ease tensions between each other.
I also believe you are already doing great with characterization and the accent, (are really hard (but you can do it!)) I do wonder if we are also going to see our favorite stripe potion maker in the next chapter?

Yes, Discord is okay with Spike helping Shy/Hugs sate their needs but wouldn't like the idea of them joining his horde. I definitely think Discord is open to all sorts of experimentation, including guy-on-guy stuff, but figure that's not Spike's thing.

You're definitely onto something, I've been considering the idea that all those Spike and his horde have helped with join into a powerful alliance when he becomes the Dragon Lord someday, even if I don't directly show it!

I like the idea of a skinship between them! As forZecora, I like her but doubt I could portray her well outside a cameo. I would like to use Babs Seed but also fear that accent would prove too much, tried writing her with Cockney rhyming slang in Shining's Force 2 and that was a nightmare!

nice chapter keep it up maybe after you finish this story you should write a story about an all mare battalion fighting to defend there homes like the russian women battalion of death:pinkiehappy:

Thank you, hesitant to add any more potential fics to my list as I'm already far behind!

Good chapter!

Rainbow Dash and Spike will have to make amends and alongside Applejack to stop the pirates and maybe convince them or perhaps Calaeno to stop. As well as Rainbow Dash and Applejack apologizing and forgiving each other.

so is dash part of the harem in the future now????????

Thanks, yes all sides are at odds and could easily tip towards a compromise or an all-out war!
We'll see, she doesn't like the idea of settling down but really enjoyed her session with Spike...

Question is the Dragonoid form in which Rarity became while she was pregnant permanent or could it something that could be controlled by a choker like Ember and Smolder?

I think it could be controlled, but the enchantment on the collar would have to be altered, as the gems are individually attuned to Ember and Smolder.

So that could be a benefit for both AJ and RD!

Admittedly not sure AJ would want to change, as she's stubborn like that and happy as-is. Dashie would be more open to becoming a dragoness, but she'd prefer to keep her feathered wings over scaly ones!

I have a feeling that they won’t get Rainbow Dash back And she’ll belong to Spike

OK now I’m even more excited because of how vague you are being

Applejack has no idea how addictive dragon's semen is.

Applejack has no idea how addictive dragon's semen is.

She succumb to the dragon's lust.

I'm guessing he'll claim 4 Pies in one go?

Some of them are experts in geology so, that would be a great advantage for both parties.

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