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Just how long will this series be?

No idea, I originally just intended it as a oneshot gift to one of my readers who's helped me out a lot, but I found it more inspiring than I first thought and people generally seem to like it so I decided why not continue? :raritywink:

This was fun I have to say and I think adding in Ember was a nice all since she fit with the dynamic very well I personally think. Honestly I Would love to see you do one with Spike and all the girls hanging out. We haven't seen all the girls come together and hang out as friends in a long time. I think them sitting around and dishing about their lives would be fun to see. Even more so if Rarity, Twilight, and AJ each keep sneaking off during the gal time to fool around with their drake.

Thanks, I do have one more potential idea for this series but it would be a side story of sorts. Just have to see if I can pull it off once I start writing it!

I always love some Spike x Ember. This was good.

Yes please make another one this time get all of them Pregnant

Might do one about AJ getting knocked up sometime, not sure about the other two. Slowly working on a side story set in this continuity, but it won't directly involve any of the characters who've appeared so far! (Cameos most likely.)

“Awww...don't tell me you're jealous!” He shot her a toothy grin, knowing she'd rise to the bait.

Why does Ember care about Spike that much? Maybe a line establishing that would be a good idea.

True, I figure it was partially down to curiosity about why any dragon could settle down with mares, plus her tsundere side might like that softer side to him, even if she'd never admit it openly. Plus she found it fun to teach him about dragon culture firsthand. :moustache: But yeah, definitely another tricky character for me to write, since she's so unlike me!

You should put in a line as to why she cares. Maybe one where she remembers Spike's exploits or something.

I might. Usually I don't meddle with stuff I've written once I've posted it save to correct typos and would place it in a sequel, but it could be better off here, especially since I'm not sure whether Ember will be popping up again save for cameos.

Added a bit too Ember's thoughts/dialogue as suggested, plus fixed a number of typos. Hopefully the fic is slightly improved now!

His wet shafts emerged from his sheath and prodded at her nethers. She whimpered when he forcefully took her, surrendering when the pair sunk into her love tunnels with squishy noises. Normally she wasn't too keen on the rougher stuff, preferring either a more tender or playful coupling, but she didn't want to let him down, and surrendered herself to his more bestial instincts.

It more seemed to me she wanted to do it "properly" as in how a dragon is 'supposed' to mate. For Twilight this would be important.

That makes sense, but one of the limitations on pony/dragon couplings I figure is that the latter will always have to hold back a little. That's one reason Twi was cool with him and Ember getting it on, since he got to see what surrendering to his Drake side is like and she gets to observe.

That could be something Spike has to watch out for. That Twilight's desire to do it "like it's supposed to' doesn't blind her to the reality and her own limitations.

I think the direction you should think right now is increase Spike's responsibilities. That it's not just his wet dream but that he actually has to take care of these mares.

Not sure if it's exactly what you mean, but I do have a bit planned for that in my latest in the series, where Spike may have to advocate for Twilight before Celestia/Luna.

I don't know about that. Holding a speech like that really plays into Twilight's strength. I would think she could do that and all Spike has to do is provide moral support.

True, but I think they'd like how it would come pure from his heart.

Yes but I would think Spike needs to cover for the things Twilight is not good at. Like getting so caught up in how it should be that she loses sight of how it actually is.

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