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What a fun idea! Great read.

Thanks! Just a bit of random inspiration that struck me while half-awake.

Majin Syeekoh

is this vore

Nope, no death/gore or anything like that either despite the premise.

Majin Syeekoh

alright cool

The human tag is missing. It led to some confusion. Especially when it's mentioned that Rarity's pubic hair matches her "mane."


Mane can be a term used for hair. See it all the time in fantasy novels.

And that my friends, is how half-dragons are born.

cool story.

I do hope that's not the only sacrifice! cuz we need mored half-dragons!

10020478 Yeah, breasts in the first paragraph kinda confusing that too. Is this anthro or human?

Good fic.
Sparity is one of my favorites ships ❤

Have a nice day

lack of human/ anthro tag and some suboptimal word selection made visualization quite hard. the premise is good but really rushed

She heaved heavy breasts, pastel pink nipples stiff...

But I wanted dark purple nurples!!

“Yeah. I'm not just a monster, despite appearances.” His voice while booming was surprisingly soft-spoken and casual. “I can't let most people know that, though, or they'd probably hunt me down and slay me. You won't tell, will you?”

You know, with your booming voice and all, I'm surprised the guards around you didn't hear about your true nature all this time!

“That obvious, huh?” He wheezed and shuddered while she stroked his twins...

Wait, he has two dicks??!!

It was too much. He roared and barely raised his head in time, shooting out a plume of emerald flame. His nethers pulsed and he unloaded copious amounts, enough to fill the entire womb of a fellow dragon, with such force she was blown off him and sent skidding backwards under a small tidal wave of sticky cum which completely drenched her head-to-toe in its wake.

I'm having Scary Movie flashbacks!

She slid across the podium on her spunk-soaked bottom, coughing from the ton she'd swallowed from the initial assault, it still burning hot while it settled into her stomach. She practically vomited up his load.

I think she just invented a new Olympic sport, guys! Splooging!!

His tail rocked while he considered her request. “Okay, but you might want to clean yourself up a little first!”

How about the whole sacrifice chamber too while you're at it?! The guards might end up barging in after hearing that many unusually loud sexual moans!

Her hair whipped behind her while they glided through the air. She gazed wide-eyed at the countryside below, barely able to believe she'd not only 'tamed' a terrifying drake of legend, but that she was now carried nude atop him to a new life.

Don't fly her too high, or the cold temperatures might cause a build up of frost over her skin!

A hand rested on her abdomen, both unaware the alterations his seed was making to her physiology...

That baby's gonna claw out her belly and eat her alive!

Derpi # for the cover art?

Good story. But it is missing a human tag.

Needs a human/anthro tag, I had to backtrack to make sure I read the tags right and realized that while my mind could accept hair being referred to as a mare or a human, the "diamonds branded onto her butt cheeks" comment made me do a double-take since there was no tag to indicate that she was human/anthro.

Note: made it all the way to the end and since there was a broodmare comment it needs an anthro tag. a lot of the phrasing in here works more towards a pony than a human but a majority of it fits human more so. So anthro would be a good decision.

So, when is the sequel, because you've got a sequel hook here...

Congrats on getting featured, Jek! Happy for you!

Thank you!
I do have a sequel idea in mind; basically a year later Rarity's knocked up, still living with Spike, and another sacrifice is selected; Sweetie Belle, who she convinces Spike to spirit away as she too becomes his lover.

2 minute search #1210059

this seems familiar for some reason...

ah yes I PITCHED the idea on DP years ago.

:raritystarry: Mother, What are you doing here?
:moustache: The village ran out of virgins
:unsuresweetie: Great they should of got dad, I hear he's still a virgin......

Read a little oddly with the terms flying around. With the human tag I expected human terms, reading things like "mane" and "mare" were a bit strange but the most bizarre was that both "breasts" and "udders" were used and I don't even think of udders as a pony term, usually I see "Teats" so I got a couple flashes of "Rari-cow" from this. Tl;dr: Good idea but some weird term choices make it a bit jarring to read.

It's a pretty generic premise imo; pretty standard erotic fantasy I'd think!
Terms aren't used literally; such as udders referring to the size of Rarity's breasts, mane as in thick long hair, broodmare as in how she'd feel being some guy's housewife, etc.


as a young seamstress named Rarity is to discover the tiny town of Ponyville holds a dark secret.

it is protected by a large dragon,but he does not do so for free.

every five years, a mare is chosen and sacrificed to appease the dragon.

Being young, single, known for her stunning beauty (and a virgin) Rarity is selected to be this year's sacrifice.

She will become
The Dragons Bride.

You should write it, I don't think it would turn out like my story anyhow!

Their child will be...Dragon Born!


I was really hoping this would go on longer. Since Rarity chose to spend the rest of her life with Spike, I was looking forward to her deciding to live nude as well.

That's actually something I have planned for the sequel; nude for life save for stuff like a collar... :duck:

That was great. Keep up the good work

I was under that impression, still read awkwardly to me but no biggie. To each their own.

It was a bit rushed, but I did like the story overall. The ending does seem to leave it open for a sequel. I'm gonna guess Rarity slowly transforms into a dragoness or something. And maybe it's me, but I hope Rarity stays naked except for just the choker.

Thanks! Will do a sequel eventually. Yeah, rushed pacing is something I always struggle with. Don't want to spoil everything for what I'm planning, but you're onto something! And yes, Rarity will indeed be embracing her nudist side!

This was short, but kinky as hell! Great job on this!

I'm surprised apparently I am the only one to ask this, but other than Rarity, are there possibly more hybrids that are out there?? I mean its a little hard for me to believe Rarity is the only woman to know the secret of the "dragon"--and lived to tell it to others; how else would Rarity know??

EDIT: I make this comment without reading the story first, so if my comment doesn't work with the story, feel free to disregard.

Others exist; for instance I figure Tirek is in this world!

Those were some... efficient character introductions.

Great one. I especially like the ending. Hope theirs a sequel :twilightsmile:.

Well that was a good read. Was kinda worried when i saw the description but was quite happy for the both of them at the end.

What's the source of the story image?

edit: lol. I got ignored.


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