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Glad to see a sequel. Thank you.

No problem, thanks for reading!

Glorious! I look forward to more.

A gentle breeze whistled through the spacious cavern, its walls glittering with precious stones that cast a prismatic shimmer to penetrate the shadows. Rarity felt safer here than she had in her mother's womb, tucked away from civilization.

Her mother must be smoking and drinking during her pregnancy (or possibly stabbed in the belly by thugs)

Bare feet padded across the cool stone. He always warned her to be careful, worried she'd lose her footing, but she assured him she was much tougher than she appeared despite a lifetime practically spent in captivity.

She's been working out lately, hasn't she?

“You need to eat up,” he'd tell her with a toothy grin. “So the babies will be big and strong, like me!”

Also, we had to make sure you build up enough strong muscles to withstand and survive the laborious birthing process

“Should I walk back to your liar, master?”

'Should I walk back to your lair, master?

Neither of them knew about the addictive properties of a dragon's seed, at least not on a conscious level. It primed her to him each time they made love, imprinted on her, flooded her with all kinds of chemicals that made her sex thirst to receive him. No mere mortal man could ever hope to satisfy her now. She was an addict, submissive to a euphoria only he could provide.

Dragon jizz is laced with serotonin and dopamine!

Neither of them knew this was a result of his sperm, too, mutating his mate to better suit its breeder.

Guess ova aren't the ONLY cells that dragon sperm can 'impregnate'

Her chain rattled with an echo that mixed with the sounds of her pussy squelching and their flesh slapping each time he skewered her. He still needed to take care, but the offspring she carried felt like they were in some sort of protective, bubble-like membrane inside her, one which made it extremely unlikely he'd ever rupture it by accident.

That is one EXTREMELY strong amniotic sac!

She proved nimble as always, climbing up behind her older sister and clinging to her with a giggle. “Wow, you're all, uh, milky!”

Careful, some of that milk is NOT from her!

“Think of this as a test,” chided Rarity. “For all of us. Over the next week we'll see how it plays out, then decide.” She planted a hand on her hip and watched them mull it over. Sometimes their eyes would shyly lock only to hastily avert.

B&tch, your sister's not even gonna survive one MINUTE with him!

Thanks, hopefully next chapter won't feel too crammed since I have to stay in the contest's 10k word limit!
Thank you for pointing out the typo!

I'm enjoying it a lot. I do hope he is able to increase his harem from saving girls from other villages. It seems if I have to guess, that both Rarity and Sweetie Belle are from the Diamond clan since they both receive the same marking.

Thanks, while it is possible Spike may get more maidens in the future, I don't want to go too crazy as it would reduce the focus on Rarity/Sweetie!:unsuresweetie:

so when is rarity due????

Good question, I figure she'll have an unusually long pregnancy being knocked up by a dragon, but the alterations made to her body means she can handle it!

Yay! Sequel! Better than the original!
I will never not need more of this.

Is there a way to turn this storyline T-Rated? No disrespect intended.

That would require extensive rewriting, sorry. Only done a single teen fic I think.

2 E-Rateds and 1 T-Rated, actually. And it's okay. I didn't completely expect a 'Yes'. No hard feelings?

No worries, I just don't think this fic would be the same without sex, and can't justify doing something so extensive for what I'm sure would be an incredibly limited audience. I actually have three e-rated fics; both Beatrix Belladonna Tales and Pinkie Pie Gives Her Friends An Existential Crisis.

Oh, no. I don't mind the Sex. It's the Porn and Fetish I have a problem with.

you life must be incredibly boring

Hey! I play M-Rated video games.

I'm definitely a clop writer foremost; few people care about my non-clop stuff, but to be fair it's aimed at a niche audience anyhow so no real surprise there.

I have no idea what you just said.

Basically 99% of my audience comes for the porn, so that's my focus.

10029647 Most likely, yes.

10029651 Dude, that has got to be the lamest response I've ever seen. I mean, that's just sad. "M-rated video games" could mean Fallout 3, or it could mean Monster Girl Island.

How about Resident evil 4-6, Gears of War 1-4, Mass Effect 1-Andromeda, Far Cry 5, and etc.

O_O a sequel so soon! i'm gonna die!! you are awesome!!!

On the Featured section once again! You're finally getting the well-deserved recognition, Jek! :heart:

well ok then. jest asking is all.

No worries, it's a valid observation! Partly I just want to avoid OCs of any sort to keep the focus on the main trio, as I feel that's a lot to cover already.

I'd love if this story focused a bit more on the consequences of Rarity's pregnancy. To what extent will the daily helping of Spike's essence and the influence of the life developing within her change her body? Will she gain some draconic instincts and urges? Will she be able to ingest gems eventually? Maybe even breathe fire? :raritystarry:

Are her offspring behaving themselves, or are they keeping her awake at night? Does she experience some of the usual "joys" associated with being with child? Maybe there are some other, more exotic symptoms caused by the sire being a literal dragon?

Having a beautiful female visibly full of his progeny strutting around all day long in his den must be making Spike's protective and possessive instincts going wild. I doubt that her womb will remain empty for too long after she delivers her first litter. And speaking of that, do you plan on including a birth scene?

You could use a proofreader to catch some of the minor errors and typos that riddle this and the previous story; I'd have offered my help, but I have a bunch of stories to write in the next couple of months. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the story overall, and will be waiting for more interspecies goodness from you :twilightsmile::raritywink:

I like the idea, but to keep within the 10k limit can't explore most of them. Maybe down the line if I do more sequels, want to make sure none of the characters feel too thin, plus deliver lots of sex!

Yeah, I often make lots of little errors as I don't use an editor, I try to catch them but still miss tons, sorry.:applejackunsure:

Aside from a few grammar erros, a good read.

Thanks, grammar has always troubled me.

Yay! Sequel. I'm so excited to see what happens.

Great beginning to this story. Looks like my own story has great competition.

Did I already told you of another unrelated story where Spike gets with 5 ladies of different creatures?

I think I speak for quite a few of us when I say that another, more fleshed out sequel would be... GLORIOUS.

Thanks, will probably do another sequel when it finishes, want to plan it first!

Tell you later.

I believe now I should tell you now.

Think Rarity's no doubt MILF could get rescued as well?

Other than losing her daughters she's happily married, so I'm afraid not!

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