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*sigh* Here we go again...

Source for the image?

Coverart sauce: Derpibooru and search for id:2066933 (NSFW)

I haven't read the story yet and reserve judgement, but however it goes, that coverart is awesome!

I can't find it. Was the picture taken down?

10052540 Check your filters. Alternately, ask me to DM a link to you.

I guess he was banned (hopefully temporarily) for the nsfw cover art, huh? :facehoof:

How long is the ban going to take?

Probably 24h if it's his first offense.

Oof, always try to make sure not to upload anything too explicit but that is always a worry for me. Wonder how suggestive it was?

Edit: Just scrolled down and saw the link. If that wasn't cropped then I understand. Also got to be careful not to link it here. Others can but you the author can not.

Can you please link it for me too? Because I can't find it.

It was borderline, similar to the fic The Perfect Womb in the amount of skin with how I cropped it.

Thanks! Admittedly a tough one to write!

Fun chapter, may want to give it another re-read though. Found a few grammar mistakes here and there. Not enough to take you out of it, but still noticeable.

Thanks, grammar is probably tied with pacing as my biggest struggle.

One thing I've never managed to get my head around: how big is Spike?

Probably a little larger than a horse.

Nice Dionysian parallels, there.

Yep, was thinking of stuff like Pan, Bacchus, and a little Midsummer Night's Dream!

I was specifically thinking of an Overly Sarcastic Productions video where they covered the historical transition of Dionysus, from God of Madness, to party god.

Hadn't seen that video, pretty amusing!

So how many eggs did Rarity lay anyway? Don't remember a number beyond more than one.

Left it intentionally vague, but I believe I said more than half a dozen; so at least 7?

Who's next to be Spiked?!

I'm excited to see who's next

Wait... it already ended? But Spike hasn't go back to slap the result into his in-law's face yet.

It would be sexy if Discord showed up at the end, turned Female and got herself pregnant, just to see the Chaos in the Future (child would be a permanent female draconequus that wants Daddy/Daughter time)

Probably best I keep that a surprise!
I did consider adding that scene, could do that in the next sequel if people want it.
I did consider having Discord get in more on the action but thought it might turn off readers.

so...…………….. what now for spike???

Tune in next sequel!:raritywink:

I'll give you a hint... :trixieshiftright::twilightsheepish:

I really hope who ever is next joins Spike's harem.

Probably won't add anyone else permanent to his group, but he'll have some more side fun!

no thanks. i'm good.

Hot but it didn't really feel like a test. I would have liked for it to actually be a serious test. Still sex related of course but something that Spike actually needs to take seriously and is not just having fun. That he needs to focus and put serious effort into it. He can still enjoy it but it's something he does need to work for.

I didn't feel though Spike really got pushed to his limits. Maybe include scene's of him trying but utterly failing. The mares being unimpressed and belittling him. Things like that.

Maybe I'll give him one down the road, trying to mostly keep it lighthearted.

Don't think the fans would want to see that.

You can still do that. It's all about how you present it. You could cut out the humiliating that I proposed but you can keep in that he needs to focus and work hard. That he finds one who is very hard to please and he needs to figure out the exact way she likes it.

Suggestion: twilight sparkle
Status: Draconic sacrifice
Go wild and i like this story line even if broken as fucken hell on steroids that are on heroine.

Twilight will be appearing eventually!

Looking forward to the sequel to this sequel, maybe something involving the other girls or something with somehow visit Rarity and Sweetie's parents in the middle of the night and carry off the house said parents live in then set it right outside and slight to the side of where Spike Rarity and Sweetie belle live.

Thank you, no plans to cover the parents as I don't have anything interesting to say about them, but I'll probably cover all the mane six eventually.

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