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nice pic of Trixie.

She's always been a fave!

Do you know the artist name for that picture?

thank you and good story by the way.

Likewise his lovers showed him no mercy. Fluttershy and Tree Hugger tag-teamed one of his cocks, Ember and Smolder another, while Sweetie inserted her spade tail into her snatch. The wood nymphs took a more gentle, sensuous approach that drew out his bliss; in contrast to the dragonesses who aggressively and sloppily assaulted his dick.

Is Sweetie Belle a human/dragon hybrid now or is she referring to either Ember or Smolder?

Great chapter!

That's an error; I meant his (as in Spike's) tail she's putting in her! Sweetie hasn't altered yet.

Ah, some Spixie. One of my guilty pleasure ships.

Does Torch know he's just building Spikes harem one girl at a time?

His plan to punish them is certainly backfiring!

I just want to know what Discord thinks of Torch calling him a lesser being.

Amused, since he could probably turn Torch back into an egg on a whim!

I wonder how many witches they are? Will Zecora appear? she could also consider herself a "witch"

No plans for Zecora; I like her, but trying to write her extensively would probably be a disaster for me!

Coverart sauce: Derpibooru and look for this tag 2183868 NSFW (nipples through clothing).

Understand Trixie but Twilight too? Next thing you know Starlight and Sunset would be in this Witch Club.

No Sunset or Starlight this story, but someone else might turn up which I won't spoil!

Thanks, sorry life has been rough lately so it took a while!

I wonder if Twilight and Trixie moved to Spike's cave so that those witch hunters stop bothering them, I hope so.
I wonder if Twilight and Trixie would become dragon hybrids like Rarity and Sweetie Belle, if that happened their magic levels would increase quite a bit.

Unlikely, since Trixie and Twilight are quite stubborn about defending their home with their coven!

A shame, they would have been good additions

Spike could always pay them a visit again sometime. :twilightsmile:

What started as a small fire within the bellies of the pair built to a roiling inferno. They puffed up their bellies, breathing in, and unleashed a hellish cone that consumed the witches. Trixie cackled and Twilight closed her eyes and winced, swallowed up by the searing blaze. Their clothes instantly turned to ash, as were the ropes and stakes that bound them; their denuded silhouettes were visible within the swirling haze which made the air itself warp around them. They marched out, unharmed.

Reminds me of a story I read once. It was about several brothers. One could briefly swallow the sea. One had an iron neck. One couldn't be drowned, one was immune to fire and the last couldn't be smothered. I forget the title of the book, though

He turned to Ember who nodded. “Sure, why not?” He shrugged. “Hop on our backs!” He lowered himself, as did Ember when she turned back, and Twilight pushed past Trixie and straddled his muscular back.

For whatever reason, this came to mind.

I read that one when I was little, always stuck with me!

Do you remember the name of it? :unsuresweetie:

I sense Trixie will use this opportunity to scare the villagers into leaving them alone.

I can see it now.

"Stay back or face the wrath of The Great and Powerful-TRRIXIE'S...Husband."

Spike: *swoops down in dramatic fashion and roars*

:facehoof: "You couldn't have fireproofed our clothes?"
:trixieshiftright: "You said it yourself, it's an experimental spell. I protected everything important."
:twilightangry2: "I had a library book—"
:twilightoops: "I had a library book in my pocket. Moondancer's going to kill me."

Heh, funny enough you're onto something I plan to reveal next time!

Is Twilight going to join Spike's pregnant harem?

Probably not as she has her own mission with her coven.

Yep! I figure he'll visit the coven and Discord's group in the future.

Even Moon Dancer wants the Double Dragons.

An idea for a later volume, Princess Celestia at war with Chrysalis.

Loving this Volume so far, is the moon symbol an indication that Luna is the coven's Grand Witch?

Not sure whether I'll use Celestia or Chrysalis, but I'm quite fond of both so it's possible!

As for the moon symbol, I'm thinking Luna may be Goddess or demi Goddess figure the coven worships, although I've intentionally left it ambiguous.

Well you can use one for Vol.6 and another for Vol.7 if you want.

Readers might be more eager to see the rest of the mane six, Sunset, or Starlight, plus anyone else I might add on a whim, so I can't make any promises, especially since Spike just traveling around to lay women might get too repetitive and stale for me; still, I'd like to do so eventually, but might need a break especially since like any series the ratings have diminishing returns!

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