Fluttering into Spike the Dragon's Heart

by Dr Sharaz Jek

First published

Spike must prove his worth to the Dragon Lord to keep Ember and Smolder as his mates. His mission involves a meeting with the mysterious Discord, who has Fluttershy and Tree Hugger addicted to his wild, primal parties in the midst of a forest.

Spike now lives happily with Rarity, Sweetie Belle, Ember, and Smolder as they teach each other and ignite the flames of their lover. However the Dragon Lord demands his daughter return with Spike and Ember, and tasks him to prove himself worthy.

His mission? To meet with the mysterious Discord and form an alliance at any cost. But the price could prove high, as Fluttershy and Tree Hugger tempt him to remain in their verdant paradise forever...


Chapter 1

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Framed by the constant shine of the fire ruby, Spike sat in a circle with his four lovers while they studied under Rarity. Her body was still swollen from her recent pregnancy, and Sweetie Belle likewise started to balloon up, with her already sizable breasts filling out even further. They sat naked on a blanket that covered the cavern floor, Ember and Smolder who were still in their humanoid forms seated across from them while they poured over the scrolls that were passed around.

It was slow and tedious work. Smolder's mind particularly wandered and would often complain, “What use is reading to a dragon, anyhow? Aren't we supposed to simply take what we want by brute force?”

“That's why our civilization's been so stagnant,” replied Ember who'd taken to it quicker; Spike suspected it was because she was competing with Rarity who still ran circles around her. “Humans have to be inventive to keep up with creatures like us!”

“Yeah, yeah...” Smolder stared down at her scroll, smoke spilling out of her flaring nostrils from the temptation to simply reduce it to ash. Instead, she wandered over to the cluster of Rarity's eggs nearby and pressed them to her bosom.

“Thank you for all your help,” said Rarity who rolled up her scroll and removed a pair of glasses she'd found within Spike's treasury. “Perhaps we should take a break. We have been at this for well over an hour.”

“Thank goodness!” Sweetie tossed her scroll aside and added, “Uh, I mean I could use something to eat.” She stared down at her reshaping physique, experimentally running palms over her udders which tingled at her touch. The nipples had also widened, like Rarity's nearly eclipsing the pliable flesh, the soft pink darkening to a purple that stood out amidst the pale, vein-lined orbs. At her touch she cooed low with a blush, droplets of milk beading on her areola and leaking down.

“Admit it, you just want to have fun, too!” Smolder laughed with a small flutter of her leather wings.

“Hey, why not? It does get boring cramped up in here,” replied Sweetie rather defensively. “At least now that you two are with us, we can explore the fields outside whenever Spike's away on one of his hunts!”

“Speaking of which...father, I mean, the Dragon Lord has summoned us back, Smolder. And he wishes to meet with Spike,” said Ember who crossed her arms with a pensive flick of her tail. “He wants to see the male who'd dare try and lay claim to me.”

Spike gulped and asked, “How did he find us? Pretty sure we're well tucked away here...”

“Oh, he has ways. Creatures everywhere spy for him. It's not like most are brave enough to say no to him,” explained Ember who rubbed her gem-embedded choker. “Not to mention all the treasures he's claimed or been gifted by his subjects. All kinds of magical artifacts, some of which he's learned to work, including one I believe he constantly uses to survey the lands.”

“He sounds scary,” murmured Spike who nervously scratched the rock below.

“He is. But don't worry. Smolder and I will advocate for you. Besides, he'll probably be far more pissed we've taken 'lowly' human forms, so we'll bear the brunt of his wrath...hopefully.” Ember placed a clawed hand upon his scales.

Smolder grinned and jutted out her breasts with an arc of her back. “Be honest. We were worth it, weren't we?”

“Oh yeah.” He drank in the sight of their nude shapes, their curves exaggerated under the soft glow that filled the caves. With the intense lovemaking he'd been doing with them it was certain they would swell with child soon too; much like Rarity's they would surely also end up encased in protective shells to be delivered. His heart swelled with pride at all their hard work.

Rarity asked, “When must you leave?”

“The sooner the better. The Dragon Lord isn't known for patience...or mercy,” noted Ember with a sigh.

“No worries, we'll take responsibility!” Smolder punctuated her bold proclamation with a fist pump. “We can just claim we seduced you, and your dragon instincts kicked in! It's not our fault most male dragons back home totally suck!”

“I wonder if he'll listen,” whispered Ember with a shake of her head.

Spike drew his human lovers into his arms. “Rarity, Sweetie Belle, I'll have to leave for quite sometime. I dunno when I'll be back.” He drew his wingspan around them. “Nor do I know what sort of punishments he'll have in store for me.”

Rarity's eyes watered when she cupped his snout. “Do whatever you must. I know we'll always be in your heart.”

Sweetie asked, “But what if he wants him to mate with another dragon or something?”

“What matters is that he eventually returns to us unharmed. For that, I could endure anything.” She and Sweetie laid their cheeks upon his chest. He held them there for quite some time, in attempt to somehow delay the inevitable. But he couldn't cower; if they were to be his mates he needed to face this Dragon Lord and argue his worthiness to claim them as his alone.

After he made certain Rarity and Sweetie had enough dried goods to last them quite a while, he bid them a final farewell at the mouth of his lair. They covered him in kisses, both openly moved to tears, and he shed a few of his own despite the presence of Ember and Smolder. After that he shot off, flying in formation behind the pair who led him towards the Dragon Lands.

His heart raced while the sky whipped by. Despite the amazing view of them from behind, their skin rippling under the winds while they twirled and looped with a laugh, he couldn't quite bring himself to be so carefree.

All kinds of wild scenarios raced through his mind; imprisonment or execution at the Dragon Lord's claws. Humans discovering his lair while he was away.

No, I can't think of such things! Rarity and Sweetie are sharp and resourceful. They'll be fine, I'm sure.


A couple days passed before the trio arrived. The Dragon Lands were centered in a place humans were unable to tame; but what to mankind appeared hellish was paradise to the beasts he made their homes within a mountain range that connected to an active volcano. It roared on occasion, constantly spat black-and-gray clouds, and filled a blood red sky with ash.

Molten lava flowed through the crags like a river. Heat waves made the atmosphere roll before their eyes, and the dragons turned there way when they touched down, eyes locked on Ember's and Smolder's human female forms which dared invade their sanctuary. Spike landed behind them, muscles tensed and ready to fight tooth-and-claw if necessary to prove his worth.

The area shook. The drakes parted. With each step the Dragon Lord made his presence known; a creature so ancient and massive he could likely annihilate the planet by his lonesome. The behemoth's mass swallowed the Dragon Lands in shadow, eclipsed the sun blazing above, his snout drawn into a snarl while he lazily stalked in to make his entrance.

Part of his entourage arrived with him; a couple dozen concubines in his harem, symbols he proudly displayed to show his status as supreme ruler above them all. More were safely tucked away in his volcanic lair, impregnated with more of his spawn. “Welcome home, Ember, Smolder.” The land shook under his voice. “I see you've taken...lowly wench guises.”

Ember boldly flew forward and seized the Bloodstone Scepter, the symbol of his power, from one of his lovers which held it for him. “That we have. We wanted to see how humans lived, and what we might be able to learn from them.”

He settled his bulk before him. “I see. And it would appear Spike wishes to lay claim over you and Smolder?”

Smolder stepped forward and bowed. “That's so, my Lord. We came to him since he seemed worthy. He might not be the strongest dragon, not by some distance I'll admit, but he's sharper than most males around here!”

The Dragon Lord observed him. “But he must be brave, too. Must he hide behind his women?”

Taking a deep breath, Spike readjusted his posture, and raised his head high while he proudly marched to meet him. He didn't allow his gaze to waver in the overwhelming presence of the Dragon Lord; yet couldn't help but tremble before him, all instincts screaming at him to flee this predator before he swiftly and brutally ended him. “No, my Lord. I want to prove myself.”

“Perhaps a test, then.” The Dragon Lord scratched his chin while he considered, his entourage fawning over him all the while.

Ember cradled the Bloodstone Scepter to her bosom. “Like when I claimed this?”

“No, I have something much better in mind. Spike must learn much about our culture. Living with humans has obviously made him soft. But we can harden him and bring out that inner steel, despite his scant stature.” The Dragon Lord slammed a claw into the earth, tearing up the rocks as he drew a crude map of the lands. “This is our territory.” He pointed.

“And these are regions claimed by humans. But notice there are others mastered by smaller races. Many of whom have allied with me. But some frustratingly refuse to fall in line and I'd rather not resort to brute force if unnecessary. Of course we could easily crush all resistance...but a protracted war wouldn't be good for any of us, and would draw the attention of mankind.”

Smolder nodded. “They always interfere. I can't count the number of eggs they've crushed and tried to steal...”

“None have ever dared venture past the borders of the Dragon Lands though,” explained Ember who cradled the symbol of their power. “Actually, I'm pretty sure only their largest civilizations are even aware we reside here.”

Spike asked, “What must I do?”

The Dragon Lord drew a circle around a wide stretch of verdant forest. “A capricious, would-be ally makes his home here. If you're able to convince him to ally with us, Ember and Smolder will be yours. Fail, and you shall feel the brunt of my wrath!”

Ember stepped forward. “Father, that's far too much to ask for a first mission-”

Silence,” he roared and everyone in attendance instinctively cowered. The sound carried over the land which quivered, and lava sloshed onto the banks, hardening into place with a hiss. In attempt to appease him a number of his concubines rubbed themselves upon his muscular mass, but he paid them no heed, his eyes burning with subsumed rage. “This is your punishment, too. Your under Spike's watch now. He'll use you as he wishes to complete his task, and show why he should be your alpha.”

Reluctantly Ember and Smolder lowered themselves next to Spike. Not that they minded their position so much as they bristled at the Dragon Lord's demands. Yet even united they were well aware the three of them were no match for him.

“I'll do it,” swore Spike before those assembled with a fist smacked to his chest. “I'll prove what I'm capable of!”

“Remember,” added the Dragon Lord. “This alliance must come through by any means necessary.” With that he turned, spread his wings, and bowled over several closest to him while he took flight.

His harem struggled to keep up with him, and other drakes and wyverns parted to let him pass unimpeded, as relative calmness returned to this tumultuous territory.

Taking a moment to let it all sink in, Spike released a breath he'd held up to this point in attempt to stifle his quivers. Ember and Smolder embraced him, the former leaving after to return the Bloodstone Scepter to its rightful place until it was needed again.

He focused on the crude map, wondering what could possibly await him, and how he'd be able to enact his claims.

Sorry Rarity, Sweetie. Looks like I won't be home anytime soon. But maybe...

His mind raced with how to play this. The rest of them were the smart ones; he usually let Rarity make the big decisions. “Smolder? I'll need someone to guide me, and Ember probably knows the lands better than you, so...will you do me a favor?”

With her arms crossed Smolder shrugged. “Sure, not like I have a choice.”

“It's very important. I want someone to look after Rarity, Sweetie Belle, and our eggs. You seem like a natural,” he added.

“You sayin' I'm soft? Well...” Her cheeks flushed. “They are nice and warm...”

Ember nodded. “That seems like the best arrangement for all of us. You could look after the home while we're away. If anything, he's entrusted you with his most important treasures; his lovers, his lair, his offspring. I'll simply be a guide.”

“When you put it that way...” Smolder grinned. “Okay, I'll do it! But you two better kick butt for me if a brawl happens!”

“Count on it,” answered Ember who embraced her while they traded a soft kiss. “Hopefully we'll see you soon.”

Hurtling skyward, the threesome momentarily framed the blazing sun. Eventually Smolder was forced to part with a final wave, bound homeward while Ember led Spike in another direction; to an untamed wilderness far off where he'd never ventured. He'd no clue what awaited him, and the Princess was only able to share a few details, the area also rather alien to her.

It would be another couple days of travel. They craggy terrain soon gave way to fields while they sailed for hours, then the edge of the forest started to peek into view, as the sun lowered and the moon rose.

They would stop to rest only when absolutely necessary to save time, the mission paramount; nor did he wish to be away from his loves more than required.

It was almost romantic, flying beside Ember under a curtain of darkness while clouds crawled overhead. She linked her claw with his, sharing their warmth while they smiled.

It was only the dread of what might await them that stifled this notion...

Chapter 2

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The wilderness seemingly stretched forest, a vast, living network that appeared to watch Spike and Ember while they crossed over it. A multitude of colors bloomed below; neons and pastels, exotic flora of the types neither had ever seen and a few that didn't appear to be natural at all. They could easily lose themselves in the labyrinthine sea of wildlife below.

They dared not fly too low and scanned the areas, circling around for miles. After a time their wings began to tire, midday kissing them with rays of sunlight, the blue skies rolling with fluffy white clouds that made bizarre patterns.

Both chose to perch atop one of the tallest and thickest trees. He cradled Ember to him, who huffed while sweat beads rolled down her lithe curves. Her skin glistened in the sunlight which caressed them. “Maybe I should take back my dragon form. I'll need to eat a lot more, but on the upside it can take far more abuse than these fleshy forms.”

“Whatever you think is best. Although you do look quite nice this way,” he admitted.

“Thanks.” She softly flushed and smiled. “Still, I'd best...huh?” She tapped her choker and the gemstone embedded within refused to resonate. “Why isn't it working? Can't have burnt out the charge, I haven't even used it in quite a while!”

But before she could question it further a nest of vines started to crawl up the petrified trunk. They slithered almost silently, the rustle of leaves in the breeze muffling what little noise they made.

Their fin-like ears twitched at their approached; but the emerald-and-brown extensions shot up before either could react. They seized Ember's wrists and ankles, dragging her down.

“Hey!” She inhaled and breathed a cone of fire, setting some of them ablaze, smoke rising as more came to replace them.

Spike hurtled into action only to find himself blocked by dozens more of the creatures. However these were also lined in thick bulbs, one in the midst purple with a spiky scarlet collar. Opening up its pink tip into three sections, with yellow lips, tentacle-like coils wiggled from within it, seizing him. It unleashed a thick cloud of miasma-like pollen, immediately dizzying him.

“Tatzlwurm,” cried Ember between fiery blasts. “But I've never seen one quite like this!”

He realized they were being assaulted from every last direction, that the entire forest was their enemy, able to see them from every direction and instantly react. Even a horde of dragons would struggle to overcome the odds, let-alone two already at a disadvantage. They were tiring themselves out straining to wiggle free and unleashing the infernos within their bellies.

“They're running us ragged,” lamented Ember while they were yanked into the mass that closed over them and blotted out the sun. It wasn't unlike how they hunted prey, letting them tire themselves out before they finally moved in for the kill...


Spike's head swam while he slowly stirred back to consciousness. His ear twitched at what sounded like drumbeats, flutes, and tambourines. His eyes gradually blinked open, his surroundings swimming into view.

For the moment most of what he saw were bare feet, dancing across the earth, wildly kicking up small dust clouds while they whirled between blades of grass.

Nonetheless his thoughts were focused on Ember. He drew his muscles taut, strained to rise, but it felt like he was moving in a dream. The surreal sights that swam into view didn't help. A number of men and women, completely naked save for decorations such as flowers in their hair hurled themselves about, soaked in perspiration and wines which that drank and poured over them.

A fire crackled at the center, casting shadows over them, reflecting off their glittering skin. He couldn't tell if it were actually the dead of night or simply the forest which enclosed them which otherwise cast the area in darkness. Laughter and giggles sounded. He managed to rise with a wince and settled onto his haunches. “Ember,” he whispered through his sore throat.

“I'm fine. It's all okay.” She smiled and wandered over, taking his claw.

“What's happening?” He continued to look around while she crouched beside him. His sights settled on a wicker man, the type he'd seen used to burn witches in more primitive hovels, partially reshaped into a throne; and upon it sat the strangest creature he'd ever seen. Some sort of haphazard composite from a number of races slapped together without rhyme or reason.

Spike narrowed his eyes. “Are you...?”

“Discord? Why, yes I am!” He chuckled and scratched his beard. Reclining backwards with his snake-like shape, he was impossibly tall and wiry, one of his paws biting into the wicker. “Please excuse the rough welcoming, but you two did invade my territory. Not that either of you are a threat to me; you never would have found me if I hadn't allowed it!”

He took a moment to let it sink in when Ember said, “Father gave us an impossible task. He never wanted you to succeed!”

“Which will make it even better when you return home and prove him wrong,” said Discord who cast back his head and laughed. “Oh, it'll be priceless! Naturally, I can't simply offer an alliance for free...” Around him gathered a pair of nymphs at his sides; one with a thick pink mane that half-covered her face, her body the most voluptuous he'd ever witnessed.

The other was much stranger but also lovely in an earthy way; reddish-brown locks that matched her thick brows, her half-lidded eyes suited to a half-crooked smile, her assets also quite bountiful. They pressed themselves to Discord's arms.

“I've talked it over with him a little,” admitted Ember.

“I don't ask much. Just that you two help entertain me. You'll love it, I promise.” He winked slyly. “And to do that...Fluttershy, Tree Hugger? How would you dears like to show him the pleasures he could indulge in here?”

“I would love too,” said Fluttershy in a soft-spoke tone. Her eyes shyly darted at the dragon with curiosity with a smile.

“Looks like fun,” said Tree Hugger who strolled beside her with a waggle of her strong hips. They traced their palms and nails down his scales; he tensed with a low, pleasant hiss at their tender touches. “Heh, I think he totally likes it!”

“This is my first time seeing a dragon,” whispered Shy who stroked his tail. “And it will be my first time with one, too...”

Gently Spike pushed them away, despite how wonderful it felt when they crushed their unbelievably soft bodies upon him. “Wait up. I...it's not like you two aren't cute, but I already have a couple of women waiting at home for me.”

Shy's face fell with a small whimper. “That's a shame...”

Ember said, “Father did say whatever means necessary...and Rarity and Sweetie did give you the okay to do what you must.”

“You'll miss a really wild party,” reminded Hugs with a wiggle of her eyebrows and a tilt of her head at the other dancers. “We were, like, nothing but a couple of wood nymphs until Discord took us in, you know?”

“That's what most of these people are,” said Shy who waved at the others who drank and whirled near the flames.

It appeared rather dangerous but Discord almost seemed to read his mind when he said, “Don't worry. I have everything under control. Just a click of my fingers and I could put out a blaze! Since I can warp reality at will, it's no wonder the Dragon Lord's scared to face me...not that he'd ever dare admit it. Seems like his daughter is far braver than he is!”

The creature twisted through the air when he floated over to them. “You want to talk it over with this Rarity and Sweetie Belle? Well, I can make that happen.” He snapped and the air rippled. A hole pierced the air, the portal leading into the cave where Rarity, Sweetie, and Smolder were tending to the batches. “There! Go on, you can freely walk between them!”

Rarity stared out the window between different areas of the world. “What is this....? Spike? Ember?”

Smolder stood and instantly her gem glowed. In a flash she reverted from her humanoid form into an orange dragon, small of stature compared to many, but well-toned and with larger-than-average horns for a female. She growled and bared her teeth, wingspan parted and ready to spring at the stranger. “Who are you?! And what do you want?!”

“Wait,” called Spike. “His name's Discord. Ember and I are okay.”

“Although I did worry a bit when he temporarily removed my gemstone's magic,” admitted Ember.

“Simply a precaution. Not that you could possibly hurt me,” added Discord who twirled around them. “But Fluttershy and Tree Hugger? Well, I couldn't risk a stray fire hitting them while I was distracted...” He wrapped his arms around the pair and pulled them to him. They nuzzled him back with blushes, clinging to him while he removed their gravity and allowed them to float beside him. “Go on, take your time. I'm not really the patient sort, but I'll find some way to amuse myself.”

With a nod Spike skulked into his lair. He immediately hugged his lovers, and Smolder relaxed, but still studied Discord with a single eye. He laid out all that had happened while away; his confrontation with the Dragon Lord, the mission he'd been tasked with, and the price Discord wanted to enact in return for this alliance. They listened and nodded.

“Do as you must,” said Rarity who added, “I know we're always in your heart. And that you'll return home.”

Discord blinked away and reappeared beside them. “Why remain here in this boring old cave? I could always use more revelers in my celebrations! Join us!” He beckoned them over with a wave, and after a moment's hesitation the trio followed Spike through the rift that connected both points. They looked all-around them, wondrous at the sights before them.

Multiple claws and paws seemed to reach out from nowhere and offered them cups. “Don't worry, the alcohol content is actually quite mild,” he assured. “I always start my guests off small, give them time to work themselves up!”

They settled in and Sweetie took an experimental sip. Smolder downed hers completely and burped. She decided to retake her human form in a flash, unsatisfied with the efficient way her dragon form easily downed the grape juice-like drink.

The hour wore on. Nude silhouettes were cast about. Discord settled back onto his throne to watch and leaned on a thin arm. They moved to the rhythm in a fertility dance, and a soft pink miasma swam over the area which smell sweet and spicy. They inhaled the relaxing, intoxicating aroma, and their heads swam, their flesh heating up all over.

There were moments when Spike wondered if they truly were trapped in a dream; it all appeared so unbelievably perfect. Part of him never wanted to leave, especially when Fluttershy and Tree Hugger approached him again. He turned to Rarity who smiled and nodded. “Let us serve you,” murmured Shy who knelt with Hugs before him and laid hands upon his sheathe.

They kissed, licked, and nibbled on the pouch, teased out his twin erections which flooded their view when they arose. Their nostrils flared while they breathed his masculine, overpowering musk, precum sliding down the lengths and dripping off the ridges to land upon their bared breasts. The pair laughed, rubbing it into their tits in circles, smearing it over their nipples.

“Sex with dragons is dangerous,” he warned them. “I could break a woman or split her if I'm not careful!”

“Sounds incredibly wild,” said Hugs who smacked her lips while she licked some of his release off her fingers. “Wood nymphs are far more pliable than human women, so like I'm pretty sure we can take those behemoths.” She stared at his twins, eager to have one of them buried deep inside her.

Already she and Shy leaked sap-like feminine lubrication down their inner thighs. They stroked his rods with both hands, lapped at them and nuzzled them with their cheeks.

They surrounded his cocks with their mashed together breasts, rubbed them up-and-down his slippery spears. Their lips pressed to his tips and slurped his pre from his urethra. He shuddered and stroked their hair with his claws, fearful he'd lose it almost instantly under their ministrations.

His hazy eyes momentarily spotted Discord, who stroked twin dicks of his own while he watched. His lovers were also shaking to the music, their assets bouncing and flopping about with wild abandon.

“Shame I can only take a couple of you at once,” he mumbled.

Discord grinned wide. “I can help with that. Question is, can you possibly handle it?” Without awaiting an answer he clicked again. Spike stared down at himself as his body appeared to split in two different directions.

Nausea overtook him for a moment, but it wasn't otherwise unpleasant, as the creature somehow divided him into two; yet both retained the same mind. “I could split you infinite times if you wanted,” noted Discord. But two is more than enough for an amateur to handle!”

What ensued around them was an all-out orgy. They rutted like animals, a mass of oiled up flesh, while Spike adjusted to his new state. It proved difficult to split his attention and move both his shapes at once, but Shy and Hugs waited patiently, lowering themselves to all fours like animals in preparation to be taken.

Tantalizingly the duo presented themselves with a wave of their butts. He licked his chops, both of his bulks swarming over the nymphs whose lubricant smelled of nectar.

He mounted the pair of them. Their holes were the slipperiest he'd ever penetrated, easily able to take him; in fact their orifices practically sucked them in. The moaned and chewed their lower lips, so warm and tight and moist, oozing down his meat and over his swollen testicles.

Surprisingly he found himself able to hilt them almost instantly; their cervices opened around his prodding and they took him into their wombs. “Told you we were stretchy,” said Hugs who winked over her shoulder.

“Aahhh...so full,” whined Shy who rubbed the imprint of his cock in her tummy.

Hugs patted her own, feeling completed by such a fatty penises spreading them out and mashing against the walls of their slimy uteri. His eyes turned to slits when his bestial, possessive instincts started to overtake him.

His claws rested atop their heads, kneading their scalps while he pushed their faces down. They mewled under his firm, domineering assault, as his hips started to grind and make their buttocks smack under his merciless pounding. He growled, cheerily claiming his latest breeders.

He toyed with their squishy tits, kneading at them and their buttocks, wetly hammering into them. They whimpered and quivered under the pressure, shaking and almost tossed about under the impact. But still both wanted even more.

Discord sensed this and worked his innate magic. A multitude of independent clone cocks of Spike's appeared in mid-air around them, and also Ember, Smolder, Rarity, and Sweetie who he decided not to leave out. “I could make him experience their pleasure too....but that would overload his poor brain. He'll need to train himself to deal with all of you at once! Still, they function like the real things, so go nuts! Have at them! I know you all want to...”

Everywhere they turned the rods hung suspended oozing in mid-air. Fluttershy and Tree Hugger wrapped their hands around the pairs beside them, and their lips about those before them, stroking and blowing them with rapid bobs.

The rest of his lovers worked them in similar matters. Discord summoned even more with a chuckle, pressed them into their loveholes, where they thrust in-an-out, caressing each other between the thin layer that separated their anuses and pussies.

All of the dicks pumped away, carefully shifted to perfectly conform to each female. Their ridges tickled their interiors, continually oozing and squelching, making them drink down his pre which also slid over their palms.

“So fast...so hard,” whimpered Shy whose eyes watered in joy.

“Let's put those kegels to work babe,” said Hugs and they squeezed their pelvic muscles in tandem. They were milking him, keeping him locked within them, their minds dulled with bliss and all their instincts screaming that they take his potent seed.

Unable to hold back anymore, Spike spurted into them. They howled when he filled their bellies to overload, and Discord worked the last trick he'd planned. The cocks he'd manifested all fired off at once, down the throats of those sucking on them, ballooning their cheeks and burning their nostrils when the excess spunk violently ejected out, over their faces and breasts, shooting showers of white spray that slapped over their skin. The salty flood half-blinded them, their own chambers filled.

They screamed in euphoria as their cunts and asses were pumped full, and he pushed them all to come too, spraying and splashing and buckling under a climax he enabled them to all share; the most intimate bond which enabled Spike and his lovers to all experience everyone's bliss which multiplied to the point it outright knocked all of them unconscious.

The women rested in puddles of his sperm and their own lubrication.

Spike was one of the last to fall, head swimming while he drip-dropped the last of his release inside the pair. He failed to keep his focus, still trapped inside Shy and Hugs while his two bodies landed on their sides with a thud in the dirt.

He blinked when the darkness started to close in. Discord laughed, while the revelers also slipped unconscious around them, the fertility ritual complete. “Well done, Spike. You've more than surpassed my expectations...”

Chapter 3

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The chirp of birds amidst the forest awakened Spike, who stretched his sore muscles and scratched his head. The morning sun climbed over the horizon, and his back rested against a tree trunk, all the sights and events of the previous night blurring. However he'd never be able to forget Discord, or especially those wonderful wood nymphs, Fluttershy and Tree Hugger.

His eyes darted around but Ember was nowhere to be seen. He knew she wouldn't abandon him without a good reason.

Was it all a dream? But it felt so real. And if I didn't make an alliance with Discord, what will I tell the Dragon Lord?

Soft hands wrapped around his midsection and a delicate, drawn-out kiss placed on the side of his snout. “It wasn't a dream,” a musical voice whispered into his fin-ear. He turned back to see Fluttershy, the wood nymph one with the trunk; she was stretching out of it, resting her incredibly luscious breasts upon him in a motherly manner to console him.

“Fluttershy?” He gulped. “Sorry, that's a little-”

“Creepy?” Tree Hugger chuckled and arose beside her friend to hold him too. “It's okay, we totally get it. Like, it might seem weird to you, but it's completely natural to us. We can move freely between the flora here, blend in, you know?”

“Like camouflage.” Ember's voice came from a limb above where she settled and perched. “Sorry, ducked out to grab us breakfast. But these two don't like it when animals are hurt, so I settled on what minerals I could find in some stones.” She tossed him one and he caught it. “Not very tasty, I'll admit, but it will keep us going for a while.” She chomped into one.

“Dragons are so wonderful,” said Shy who watched in wonder at how the Princess was able to sear through solid rock with her teeth even in her hybrid form. Crunches sounded while she gulped breakfast down. “Why not stay with us, Spike?”

Hugs nodded while they massaged his back. “We could repeat last night for the rest of our lives, which is quite a long time...”

He didn't know much about their race but figured they might live as long as the most ancient trees. They would be suitable mates...if he were so inclined. But his thoughts always returned to Rarity and Sweetie Belle, who he imagined were patiently waiting for him back home. “Sorry, have to look after my lovers. Uh, I didn't knock you two up...did I?”

“Nah, Discord made sure you were, like, not able to make us bear fruit. He figured you weren't the type to run out on his kids.” She winked and shot him her crooked grin. “Shame, though. We'd love to see how our kids would turn out...”

“I would like to be a mother someday,” admitted Shy who further colored. “Although I suppose I already sort of am, looking after all the wildlife here. We nymphs all have different specialties. I have an affinity with animals-”

“And I take care of the flora, obviously. Heh. It's, like, a symbiotic relationship.” She made some motions with her hands. “We're it's eyes and ears, we look after it, and it takes care of us. It's pretty much a Garden of Eden.”

Spike toothily smiled. “Sounds wonderful. But why would Discord...well...”

Fluttershy toyed with her mane. “Discord used to be a much wilder creature, until we 'tamed' him. We showed him you didn't have to hurt anyone to have fun. But he gets bored rather easily, and values novelty, so you helped us by putting on a show. Plus, we forest nymphs are, um, almost insatiable. Even he struggles to keep up with us sometimes, and he didn't think it's fair we suffer through our more difficult times, so he decided this arrangement would be best for everyone.”

“Plus I've always totally been into the free love stuff,” admitted Hugs. “So long as we're all having fun and no one's hurt!” they separated from the trunk, and straddled his thighs, hugging him and resting their pillowy breasts upon his chest. He ran his claws through their hair with a pleased hiss, smelling the sticky sap that ran from their snatches over his scales.

He cupped his palms around a buttock of each and squeezed the squishy flesh. They mewled and shifted, rubbing their messy pussies over his legs, leaving a slick glistening trail of their love behind. Their lips smacked and nipped at his neck and shoulders, faces reddening while they practically worshiped the drake's chiseled musculature. He sunk claws into their warm sphincters, which closed around them, his dragonhoods rising with a twitch and bounce as their tips wetted.

They giggled when he seized them by their waists, lifted them up, and sunk them onto his cocks. Again he impaled them womb-deep, watching in fascination as their stomachs bulged into the imprint his spears left upon them. Slowly he moved them up-and-down, his eyes narrowing to slits, his bestial instincts screaming at him to rut them absolutely senseless.

“Use us for you pleasure,” urged Hugs who ran her hands up her breasts and let them drop with a slap.

With her head bashfully turned aside Shy whispered, “We're your helpless toys, here simply to satiate you...”

He'd seen similar behavior from Rarity and to a lesser extent Sweetie Belle many times; a use of their feminine wiles to get what they wanted. But it hardly mattered when he desired it just as much, did it? Their asses bounced with audible slaps each time he impaled them; their tits likewise swiveled and jiggled. His tongue shot out, repeatedly encircling and mashing their globes, flicking at their wide nipples which also leaked milk-like sap. He wondered if this was Discord's doing, too?

“H-hot,” admitted Ember who spread her thighs while she watched from above. Using one claw she tweaked her swollen clit, while the other sunk into her lower lips. She used her tail's spade to penetrate her asshole, while her tongue caressed both her breasts at the same time. She started to work herself faster, while he also hammered his lovers with increasing speed and force.

His mind wandered only temporarily; was Discord watching them even now? It hardly seemed to matter, his attentions focused on them, and the joys that they shared, however momentarily. His ridges tickled their gooey insides, Whimpering and wiggling in shameless bliss, he pumped his prey with reckless abandon, barely able to restrain himself now that he instinctively knew how well they could take him. “Unf...umph,” the pair cried out each time he mercilessly fucked them with low growls.

He continued to knead their buttcheeks, and explore their tight rectums, rolling circles about their perky areola. Their nipples leaked onto his tongue, squelches sounding from their oozing crevices, which hungrily latched around his veiny dicks.

Faster,” demanded Shy who lost herself in the moment, her eyes wet and glazed.

“She likes it rough,” said Hugs who landed a heavy smack on Shy's bottom and left a red hand print on her wide cheek. “But then, I totally do too!” He bucked up his hips with all the force he dared, making them bounce atop him.

Screams erupted from their maws when they came upon him, showering his lower half in a deluge of their love nectar. They clenched down their loveholes almost painfully hard, continuing to milk him for his seed, and he grunted, squeezing back on their supple soft flesh when he couldn't restrain himself anymore. With a final, brutal slam he fired into their wombs.

Shit,” yelled Ember whose eyes rolled into her head when she creamed herself too. Her sprays rained down and splattered over the trio, who opened their mouths to catch some of her release while more spattered over their naked bodies.

He slid them up-and-down him some more with slower, shallow strokes, drew out his and their climaxes to the last drop. They whined and fluttered their thick lashes in appreciation, for a rare moment the libidos of these wood nymphs satisfied. He held them in place to him, and they embraced him in appreciation, panting with low huffs and goofy grins.

Discord materialized in mid-air before them. “I take it all parties are pleased?” They managed weak nods. “Good! This has been most entertaining! However, I'm sure poor Spike and Ember are ready to complete their mission.” A scroll appeared in his paw. “Send this to the Dragon Lord upon your return. It lays out my terms for an alliance. Nothing much. Just that he respects my territory.” He floated in a figure-eight pattern, practically coiling upon himself while he relaxed.

“Thanks,” said Ember who licked her still moist tail.

The draconequus shrugged. “Think nothing of it! Besides, it's also a chance to get one over on the Dragon Lord, who wasn't brave enough to come in person! You're much braver than he is,” he added and popped up beside her with a wiggle of his brow.

“One last gift from us,” said Fluttershy as she and Tree Hugger reluctantly popped themselves free of Spike. A deluge of his and their mess sluiced down their thighs from their gaped cunts. “Uh, that thing we talked about, Discord?”

With an evil chuckle Discord snapped and a pair of thick jars appeared in his spindly arms. Within the glass sloshed honey-like sweetness. “For you, Spike. Smell and taste it whenever you want to think of my beauties.”

“It's...it's a token of our love,” began Shy with a blush.

“It's pussy sap,” noted Tree Hugger bluntly with a chuckle. “It has all kinds of healing properties, too. And it's an aphrodisiac. Maybe you'll like to smear it all over Rarity and Sweetie Belle? I'm sure they'll totally love it.” She winked again.

“You're all awesome,” said Spike who had picked up a little on Tree Hugger's strange slang, which was unlike any he'd ever heard. Almost like she was in her own little world. He'd noticed Fluttershy was in a similar dreamy state quite often. He planted a final kiss on their lips, knowing that they needed to return to the Dragon Lands in a timely fashion.

With a last wave he and Ember took to the skies. A part of him hoped he'd be able to visit them again soon.

I've won quite a victory today. Now the Dragon Lord will be forced to take us seriously...I hope. I wonder how Rarity, Sweetie, and Smolder are doing? Guess I'll find out soon enough. What a strange adventure, though. Never imagined there was anything like Discord out there! Not to mention those wonderful wood nymphs! They left me such a nice present, too...

He clutched the jars to his powerful chest, careful not to crush them between his claws. Their sweetness swished about and glittered under the sun's rays. Much like every time he looked at the Fire Ruby he was tempted to eat it, he'd have to resist the urge to drink it all down. After all, he didn't want to forget the night of passion he'd shared with them any time soon!