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Nice, it is fun to see what else is going on in this Universe you have made but still having the Spike herd being the main focus. We still need to see what will go down with Pinkie and Dash. It would be funny to have either or both of them spying on Spike and Rarity during one of their public moments. Lol maybe those two get even more bold when they fool around at night and THAT is what they see. I also wonder if the CMC have seen, I mean Sweetie and Bloom might be around what would they think seeing their big strong sister with their male, someone who they are close with as well. Maybe some sisterly bonding is in order lol.

Thanks! Will probably show what Pinkie and Dash are up to eventually. Probably not the CMC though; only written for Sweetie Belle very briefly but not the other two.

Discord seems really ginger. I mean I get him not wanting to put too much pressure on Fluttershy but he wouldn't do it like this. Instead he would pull out random props and make elaborate jokes to break her nervous mood.
What I'm saying is that he didn't have any 'Discord' moment.

Though I do think hitting them was going really far already. I do think that since Fluttershy is so nervous he would keep it basic.

Yeah, I was going for a more laidback sort of Discord, but figured he was a bit too 'safe' here even if he was severely holding back. Tried to throw in a bit of wackiness at the beginning but not much after that.

Well laid back is about as far from Discord as can be. Again I can fully see him being careful with Fluttershy for her first time but he now really feels like just a copy of Spike. Spike is very selfless while Discord is very selfish. Discord would therefore try to put Fluttershy at ease in 'his' way like maybe putting eyes on all her furniture when he talks about being watched. Or maybe pulling his dick from behind Fluttershy's wing and popping it on.

Yeah, my first instinct was to make the sex in this story much weirder, but feared it would be off-putting to those enjoying this series, since I have somewhat extreme kinks sometimes. I figured it would ramp up each time he had a session with them, but since most of my readers seem to be coming for Spike action I decided to keep it to one story. (Although I'll revisit it a bit in the next one.)

As I said it's perfectly understandable that he would keep it basic for Fluttershy's first time. However he would still be wacky outside of the sex. If he isn't allowed to be weird in the sex then he will look for any excuse to be weird outside it. Maybe also put in Treehugger being very strict towards him to keep it basic.

I'll definitely try to make him wackier next time; I know he'll be kinkier at least!

Well with sufficient pressure he could be made to keep that in check.

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