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Off to a fantastic start

Thanks! Admit I struggled with this one, but I'm glad you like the results thus far.

Thank you, not sure when the next part will come since I'm dancing between projects, but I definitely want to follow it up when I can!

nice work looking forward to the next chapter.:twilightsmile:

Yeah, I was pitched this fic by Superfun a while back, almost finished my chapter, then noticed another story was out with the same concept and even a similar title to what I had in mind, heh. Worried it would be seen as a cheap ripoff, but I'm glad people are generally liking it!

Hey, I like seeing different authors take on the same concept.

I don't mind, just worried I'd disappoint!

Absolutely! All fanfiction is taking existing concepts and putting our own spins on it—and not only was this not my original idea, but from what I've seen they're not nearly the same story. As far as I'm concerned, it's all dandy. I commented because I'm a fan of coincidence, especially humorous ones.

Edit: Oh, and I noticed your habit of recommissioning prompts when I saw your name on so many Diamond Tiara stories, haha.

Edit edit: Oh yeah, I switched profiles. Hiiii

Well don't worry...

I'm actually kind of easy to please when it comes to fanfiction.

Yeah, if I had money for commissions I'd probably pitch the same concept to a bunch of writers I like, just to see how their fics would turn out!

That's good, I honestly cringe at half the stuff I write and lament I'm not better no matter how much I read/research/try, but hey, all I can do is move forward and keep practicing!

For mind break, does it mean something like this, or actual mind break (and destruction) like " Cum On The Dance Floor"? Or both :twilightsmile:

The former, Spoiled is basically screwed into being nicer/submissive!

nice chapter, can't wait to find out what happens.

I'll see where this goes.

Love how it ended

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

For a story with the >dark tag, it have somewhat of a light-hearted ending.

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