Diamond Hard, Spoiled Soft

by Dr Sharaz Jek

First published

Tired of poor treatment from her mother, Diamond Tiara hatches a half-baked plan to try and turn the tables.

Ever since Diamond Tiara could remember, her mother Spoiled Rich has been abusive. She hatches a plan to hopefully shift the power balance, stealing potions from Zecora and hoping one of them might make her nicer. But the concoction turns out to have unexpected results...

Kinks: Spanking, mind-break, futa, double-penetration, incest obviously. All characters are 18 or older.

Chapter 1

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Diamond Tiara tried really, really hard. She was supposed to be nicer these days. After all, her friends in the CMC had rubbed off on her, and made her try to change her ways. Unfortunately, it also soured her relationship to her mother, further dividing the already distant pair. These days she did her best to avoid her, despite the protests of her father.

That was, until she'd tagged along with the CMC at their request on a routine trip to Zecora's hut. The shamaness had taken Apple Bloom under her proverbial wing, teaching her potion-crafting until she'd halfway mastered the art. When her friends were gathered around the bubbling cauldron, listening to their hostess rhyme, she'd swiped a number of concoctions; whatever she thought might make her mother more pliable. A little docile, kinder, gentler.

Sure, it was wrong. Her insides twisted, but she knew Zecora would never hand over what she wanted, no matter how hard she pleaded, and she promised to somehow pay her back eventually. Shouldn't be hard, she decided with her rich lineage! Plus, it brought her back to the old days, when she and Silver Spoon turned to theft for kicks and attention.

Tucking the pilfered items into her purse, she strolled alongside her companions down the path back to Ponyville. Her dainty hands were clasped behind her, pleated skirt swishing in a zephyr that twisted through the Everfree Forest, so cool her braless nipples poking into her thin blouse. Her little silver crown bounced on her head, a reminder of her status.

Once they reached town she politely excused herself and scurried on home. Father had convinced her not to move out, but unfortunately he was currently away on business, leaving her to dance around her mom. She sneaked through her window, and hid in her locked room, pouring over her latest acquisitions. “Huh, wish I'd paid more attention.”

She had no idea what any of these did. Their contents bubbled under the corked glass bottles. Sitting with her legs crossed, she poked the vials, the colorful contents bubbling away. “Who to use as a guinea pig...? Of course!”

Placing her junk back in her purse, she strolled downstairs, where Spoiled Rich was lazing about on the couch. Draped in a sheer nightgown that constricted to her voluptuous frame, she rested on a bunch of heart-shaped pillows while reading a fashion magazine. “Well, it's about time you came home! Where the heck is dinner? I'm starving!”

“Sorry,” said Tiara with forced sweetness. It wasn't her turn to make a meal, but like always she had to pick up the slack. Only this time she had to suppress an evil chuckle, heading to the kitchen and raiding the fridge and shelves for something quick and tasty. “Bitch,” she mumbled under her breath. “Maybe this'll finally teach her to treat me with the respect I deserve!”

Humming, she shook her plush bottom back-and-forth, mixing in heaping helpings of spices into the stew she prepared. Vegetables were chopped and tossed in willy-nilly, her chaotic creations surprisingly tasty, although of course her mother would quickly stifle the blissful expressions the flavor left on her face and labeled them as merely adequate.

“Ah, there.” Her nostrils flared as she inhaled the scent of her latest self-proclaimed masterpiece.

A shrill voice called, “Is it done already?!”

“Coming!” She picked a couple potions at random, dumping small amounts into a bowl she prepared, hopeful that the taste would cover up and oddities. Her fist tightened around a spoon, mixing it in before she arrived in the living room.

“Finally! I swear, it was less slow and painful giving birth to you!” She snatched up her meal.

“You're welcome.” She started to turn and head back when her tail was snatched and tugged. “Ouch, damn it!”

“It's too hot! You eat this one!” She spun her around, shoving the bowl back at her.

“Uh, no thanks, I'll-”

She bared her teeth. “Now, little lady!”

“You don't get to push me around anymore!” But when her mom started to rise, probably ready to pull down her panties and land another bare-assed spanking on her, she speedily spooned down the meal almost without thinking twice.

“Not fast enough! You know what's coming next, so assume the position!” She patted her lap with a sneer.

Resigned to her fate, Tiara drew down her underwear of her own volition, and draped herself over Spoiled Rich's thighs, her dock raising her tail to expose her plump bottom. Tears wet the corner of her eyes. She reflexively clenched her buttcheeks, trying to mentally prepare herself before hands were laid upon her. Worse still, her tummy was starting to ache.

“It...it hurts,” she mumbled.

“I haven't even started!” Suddenly a whoosh sounded, a palm striking one of Tiara's supple cheeks, making the flesh ripple as a yelp escaped her pouty lips. A red hand print was imprinted on her skin. But this only seemed to spur on Spoiled, who alternated between buttocks, raining down blows that echoed through the house. “Bad girl! I regret the day you were born!”

She whined and cried and rode out her punishment. Her butt was beaten raw like usual, to the point where she'd walk funny for quite a while. Her one solace was Spoiled tended to leave her alone for quite a while after these sessions, until she healed up.

After another round of spanks, her derriere now stained scarlet, Spoiled finally relented and waved her away. Tiara stumbled to her feet and tried to reclaim some of her dignity, her backside aching even worse when she pulled back on her underwear.

Her stomach fluttered even worse, twisting into a knot. She wondered if it was a bad heat coming on, or just simple nausea, but her ears twitched, no doubt that the mixed potions had some sort of bizarre effect on her. Her first instinct was to rush to the bathroom, paranoid thoughts of needing to contact Zecora running through her head. But she couldn't bring herself to do it.

Suddenly, her loins started to boil with an intensity unlike any she'd ever felt. She bit her lower lip, trying to stifle a low moan, as her thighs pressed together and she creamed her panties, a wet spot spreading across the crotch. “F-fuck...”

Spoiled whipped up with balled fists. “What was that, young lady?!”

Anxieties transformed into a rage that burned throughout her entirety, almost like Tiara had been possessed. “I said fuck you!” She stomped towards her mom, who suddenly balked, taking an awkward step backwards. She grabbed Spoiled's arm with a strength that relied her smaller appearance, wrenching it behind her back when she turned her around.

“Y-you'd better unhand me now! If your father finds out-”

“You won't tell him,” warned Tiara darkly. “Not unless you want me to start with that fat ass of yours!” She bent Spoiled over the couch, making her shriek and thrash helplessly in her grip. She laughed at her predicament, for once the one holding all the power! Her panties started to strain, her groin twisting as the flesh morphed, her clit extending and swelling.

Pretty soon a flared and veiny stallionhood poked out and a pair of testicles tumbled below her newborn cock. Precum oozed from the tip. She rested her new equipment between her mother's voluptuous rump, eager to test her tool out.

“Wha-what in the-? N-now wait a moment, please-”

“Oh, you're begging now? You certainly never showed me any mercy!” Baring her teeth like a wild animal, she shredded Spoiled's gown, ripping the silky tatters away and casting them aside. “Bet a wet fish like you doesn't fuck daddy anymore!”

Met with silence other than the occasional sob, Tiara assumed she'd hit home. No wonder Filthy Rich had so many mistresses on the side, his wife once selling herself for easy money but no longer even bothering to put out. He probably kept her around for appearances, and for Tiara's sake, away so often he had no idea how poorly she treated their daughter!

“Hmmm, what should I start with? That tight little asshole?” She spread a cheek and spat upon the pink ring of her rectum. “Nah, looks like you haven't given that pussy some use in quite a while!” With a couple fingers she pried it open, velvety folds spread to reveal the bright glistening tunnel within. “Oh, wet already, huh? No wonder you're such a cunt! You just need to get laid more often! Well, who am I to deny you?” She took aim, teasing the entrance with a brush of her swollen penis.

“Please...agh,” whined Spoiled when she was impaled. Her hanging tits bounced and slapped together when Tiara started to savagely rail her, letting out all the pent up aggression she'd built over a lifetime. Once she'd taken it out on everyone around her, but now Spoiled would be her vent, and she was ready to blow off loads of 'steam' straight into the depths of her core!

She pulled Spoiled's tail, landed slaps on her wobbly rump, and carved her open each time she hammered into her. The moist crevice blossomed out from her girth, leaking trails of clear juices down now matted thighs. She sheathed herself with each brutal thrust, determined to completely fuck her into submission, her heavy balls slapping all the while.

“Bet daddy hasn't screwed you like this in years, has he?! Probably can't stand to listen while you bitch and moan like the stupid whore you are! Maybe next time you'll be a bit nicer, huh?! Well, it's too late!” She shoved a couple fingers into her mouth, both to put her in her place and finally shut the slut up. “Now get sucking! Yeah, that's nice~”

Lewd smacks sounded when Spoiled slurped on the digits, taking them past the knuckle. In the meantime Tiara continued to plow her mother, her dick tingling each time the slimy fissure constricted around her. Despite herself Rich started winking below, reflexively milking her rod which slammed against her cervix entrance. Sniffles mixed with soft coos.

“Do you still regret the day I was born? The way I ruined your perfect figure?” She yanked her tail harder, making her shriek like a shrill banshee. By now her meat was inflamed, barely able to hold back anymore, unused to her new extension.

“Ready to become a mommy again?!”

“D-don't,” begged Spoiled. “Anywhere but inside-!”

“Too late!” With a final brutish slam that rocked their entirety, she buried balls deep, and her eyes rolled into her head when she started to unload. Firehose-like sprays painted Rich's watery womb, striking with such force she came with her, Spoil's eyelashes fluttering rapidly and tongue lolling out when she squirted all over her daughter multiple times.

Tiara's palms cupped her mom's udders so hard she winced, pinching her erect nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. Twisting, tugging, and stroking the pink nubs, she drained the last drops inside her, until Spoiled buckled and Diamond collapsed atop her sweaty back. They huffed and collapsed into a mix puddle of their own juices.

A sliver of sanity started to return when they basked in their afterglow. Tiara questioned what she'd done and why. This wasn't like her, was it? She was supposed to be a nice mare now. So why did it feel so wonderful...?

Spoiled Rich slowly turned her head, dull eyes glazed over. A dopey smile crossed her face. “Give it to me some more...”

Chapter 2

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At first Diamond Tiara, stricken with horror, worried about how she'd explained what happened to her mother. A rush of madness brought on by a lifetime of abuse and a flood of testosterone had possessed her, making her do the unthinkable. She almost wanted the old Spoiled Rich back, yelling and physically punishing her for all slights real or imagined.

But her mother simply returned a dopey smile. “Whatever you want, dear, I'm here for you.”

“You screwing with me?” Diamond flicked her ears, unable to believe it.

“Why would I do that, pumpkin? Especially after you made me feel so wonderful?” Lazily she stretched, cat-like, and stifled a yawn with a hand. “Oh, sorry I ruined your dinner! You worked so hard on it, too! Let me clean up this mess!” She bent over, giving her a show of her ample bottom which started to make Tiara's now flaccid cock stiffen again.

It was rather surreal to see her this way. Sure, she could play sweet around Filthy Rich sometimes, or when she wanted something, but it was easy to see through her. However, this seemed genuine! She strolled around her, admiring the view, the way her mother's pendulous knockers hung suspended and slapped together while she hummed and worked.

Tiara realized she never wanted the old Spoiled back. Was it wrong to leave her like this? Well, did it matter if everyone was ultimately happier, her mom included? She'd take this secret to the grave if she could, and would leave quite a heavy sum of bits in Zecora's hut when she had the chance. It was everything she ever could have dreamed of!

“Not sure I want a dick all the time, though...” She flicked the flared tip. “Hopefully it will wear off sometime?” When she had time she'd have to test more of the potions...on her new guinea pig, of course! No sense endangering herself!

The front door creaked open. “Honey,” called Filthy Rich. “I'm home!”

“Shit!” Why was he home from his business trip abroad so early?! Tiara debated between helping her mom clean up faster or hiding, but when her father stalked their way swinging a briefcase and whistling she settled on the latter, ducking behind the stairway that led to the second floor. She watched him approach the kitchen, oblivious to what had gone down.

To her shock Spoiled Rich had somehow whipped out a fluffy apron and put it on, otherwise leaving herself naked. More shocking she was happily cooking dinner, singing while she stirred with a ladle and shook her plump ass. “Hey dear!”

He swallowed hard. “What brought this on?” He pursed his snout. “What is it you want this time?”

“Just you, my love. I haven't been giving you the proper attention you deserve in a long time.” She bent over the counter, sticking out her plump applebottom. Giggles escaped her when he groped her asscheeks, pinching the soft flesh between his fingers. Gradually he spread her open, revealing both her tight little lower holes, so pink and warm.

“Forget dinner,” he said leaning over her and turning off the stove. “I want dessert! Little packed in here, though. Why don't we take this upstairs? The food should keep.” He swept her up, bridal-style, and started to carry her towards the stairs. She wrapped her hands about his neck with a smile, reminded of happier days when they'd first wedded.

Tiara drew deeper into the shadows, but realized they would soon be upon her, and there was nowhere to run or hide. She trembled, uncertain how she'd explain being naked, and worse with a massive hard on burning her groin!

A potion that had somehow found its way by her foot tipped over. Glass shattered, and she slipped on the liquids that spilled out. “Oof,” she cried slipping and landing hard on her rump, some of the noxious mixture spattering all over her and landing in her mouth. Her face twisted when she swallowed the bitter concoction, and she froze, within her daddy's direct sight.

“Diamond Tiara?!” He reacted in shock briefly, not wanting her to see them in such an intimate position, then quickly recovered. “Now sweetheart, what did I tell you about...” He blinked several times. “Huh? I could've sworn Diamond Tiara was just there.” He kicked a few chunks of glass, shrugging his broad shoulders. “Oh well. I'll have her clean this up later.”

“She's probably in her room,” said Spoiled who shot a conspiratorial wink in her direction.

Tiara waved at her father with wide eyes and realized neither of them could see her. No doubt an effect of the latest potion she'd ingested. But how long would it last? Pathetic as it seemed, she scooped up more that had spilled on the carpet, drinking it down despite how nasty ti taste. Her lazy parents would no doubt hire a maid if she couldn't clean up this mess, anyhow.

After she finished, Tiara headed up after them, following them to their bedroom. She slipped in behind them, barely able to sneak past before the door was closed and locked. She'd heard them make love a few times, but it was pretty rare these days, and mostly consisted of sniping between them. Would this be enough to mend their marriage? She simply had to see!

He playfully tossed her onto the bed, and she landed with a bounce and a titter, undoing the apron and tossing it aside to fully bear her assets to him. “Hee-hee. Take me, stud.” With half-lidded eyes she reclined back, resting her head on a fluffy pillow, spreading open her arms and legs. He chuckled, starting to undo his tie and suit, drinking in her voluptuous curves.

He stripped down, and Tiara's breath caught in her throat, surprised at how chiseled her father was even after all these years. The bed creaked when he lifted her legs, pressing his flared tip into her moist entrance, which spread around his girth, conforming to it. Gleefully she whined, nails digging into his muscular back when he slowly started to spear her.

Tiara chewed on her lower lip to stifle a whinny of her own, once again fully erect and her tip dripping but unable to participate. She quietly stroked her rod, tracing over the veins and medial ring, now understanding why boys were always so desperate to pound her. She could barely contain the urge to bury herself in the first moist orifice presented to her!

“Fuck me harder,” urged Spoiled who's bulbous titties bounced and slapped about each time he skewered her. “Wanna break the bed again, like the first time we screwed? You'll have to be a little rougher, though!”

Spurred on by her words, he increased his pace, and the force of each push, his tip slamming against her cervix entrance. She grit her teeth with low coos, her cunt dripping down his cock and balls, the lubrication settling on the ring of her puckered anus.

Tiara lifted one of her tits and suckled on it, stroking herself faster while she watched. A flood of testosterone was driving her crazy, making her head swim. She humped the air, swallowing a hiss, edging herself but not wanting to spill her seed in the air, feeling that would be so unsatisfying. But there was no way she'd be able to fuck her mother in this scenario, right...?

Almost like she sensed her daughter's dilemma, Spoiled Rich rolled atop him, hands pressed to his chest while she started to bounce atop him. Her buttocks smacked each time she rocked atop him. Seeing her chance, Tiara moved in like a hungry shark, pressing her weight upon Rich's slender back and pushing her onto him when she pressed her tip to her asshole.

Luckily he didn't seem to notice any oddities when she started to rail her. The pussy juice Spoiled had wept onto herself acted as nice lube, allowing her to easily penetrate her ample rump. Her mother moaned even louder, but before Filthy could even begin to suspect she forcefully met her husband's lips, their tongues wrestling while she was plugged in both her lower holes.

Repeatedly they plowed her, battering her between them, hilting her to the balls. He quirked a brow, feeling something odd, their cocks almost touching through the stretched skin, but it felt so wonderful he hardly cared. Like them he was addled with lust, the testosterone rushing through him and Tiara driving them to breed her faster and harder.

Wet slaps sounded with each thrust. Pussy juice spatted about, his palms groping Spoiled's smacking wide buttocks, while Tiara reached around to molest her udders and tweak her erect nipples. “W...want to make another baby, dear?!”

“I...I don't know,” he admitted. But feeling her wink around him like a vise, combined with a raw passion that left him doped up made his decision. “Why not? Might be good practice to take care of a little rugrat if Diamond Tiara ever decides to become a mother!” He'd always tried to convince his daughter to simply marry, settle down with a rich stallion, and live the easy life like her mother. But she'd always resisted the idea, figuring she should be far more ambitious!

Spoiled came first, trembling when her marehood squirted all over his well-toned chest and groin. He soon followed, groaning as he emptied himself into her womb, packing his foalbatter to near overfill while she continually lubricated him. Gritting her teeth to stifle her own whimpers, Tiara loosed herself too, flooding her bowels with her warm spunk.

After squeezing out the last drop, Tiara carefully withdrew with a soft pop, Spoiled's gaping pink asshole oozing jizz. Rich collapsed atop Filthy, the pair huffing and huddling, their marriage apparently mended with a good fuck.

Her mother turned her head back and winked again. She had the feeling Spoiled was going to treat her nicely from now on, addicted to her cock and ready to take it whenever she wished. Thankfully now that she was sated for the day, her stallionhood and testicles started to shrink back in. Once her pussy returned she patted it a couple times with a smirk.

Returning to her room she stood before a full length mirror, the invisibility slowly wearing off too. She'd leave a heavy bag of bits for Zecora, anonymously of course. Maybe swipe a few more potions. There were so many things she wanted to try sometime...