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Maybe in a future chapter? (But probably not!)

I like the sound of this story! ...I just hope it doesn't have incest in it. Does it have incest in it?

Thanks! Unfortunately It does involve some incest (And some far more extreme fetishes at times) so this fic may not be to your taste, but that's not the main focus. Maid for Pleasure involves a pair of twin sisters (So on the milder side of incest I suppose), but Wyrd Science involves a bit of incest play, and Caravan Down By The River focuses a lot on that. Sunny Side Up is probably the tamest chapter of the bunch if you're looking for more romantic clop.

This is a extreme story. And I don't honestly find it 'sexy' for the most part. I DO find the writing of these extremes and how detailed and interesting they are brought to life to be a draw to this story. I am sad to see where this Sparity ended up. But I did LOVE how you wrote their scene and moment and only hope we get to see more in later or their own stories. Spike being the stud in Rarity's close group just seems so fitting for the element of Generosity lol. And to be frank Shy SOOOO seem like the type to have some private fun with her furry friends lol. I am interested in seeing where this story will go and what else you have in the wings to come out.

Thank you! Yeah, originally I intended to make this a much lighter fic, but I've just let it take me wherever my mind led. I admittedly have some pretty extreme fetishes, but I like vanilla/romantic stuff too, so I've tried to bounce a bit between those with each chapter. Pretty surprised at how dark it went over time myself.

Poor Rarity gets abused a lot in my fics despite being my favorite character, haha. At least Spike gets to be pretty badass here, even if he's not remotely himself anymore! Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts on the story so far!

Will this story have any m/f sex scenes, implied or otherwise, where the woman does most or all of the work?

Np lol it does seem you like to rough up Rarity in your stories for someone who likes her but I can't blame you. Seeing a character go through tough challenges can be part of their charm. But as someone who does so good with the Romance I can't wait to see you do one with Rarity *cough* Sparity *cough* lol, one day where they are the focus of the story.

Honestly in this story I really REALLY hope it is Rarity that puts Spike down for good if it comes to it. I think she is the one that loves him the most and knows who he truly is and knows he would NEVER want to hurt ponies and creatures like this and if he would want anyone to set him free it would be his snowflake.

Honestly I couldn't help but think of how you could do a amazing job with a story idea I have had buzzing in my head. But that might be a pipe dream to see you bring it to life lol.

Think there have been a scant few, although admittedly I tend to prefer sex scenes where the male is the dom. :moustache: From what I recall The Mare Who Sold The World has Starlight on top of Sunburst, although a futa Trixie makes a sandwich of her, Nocturnal Emissions has a scene where a couple of succubi mares take advantage of him while he sleeps if that counts?, and Exquisite Corpse has Fleur dominating Flash Sentry, though they switch positions eventually.

Originally I had plans for a chapter where Applejack dominates Shining Armor but scrapped it because it didn't fit in well with here the fic headed. I scrapped a scene with Pinkamena taking advantage of Shining Armor in an asylum for similar reasons.

I'd definitely like to write Rarity some more. Unfortunately like you said she's not the main focus of this fic so I've tried not to force her into the story (Much as I sometimes want to!), and tried to make sure Shining/Sunset/Trixie/the villain were the main plot movers for the most part. I definitely agree that Spike would want her to be the one to stop him, especially after they became lovers in this fic! Can't promise anything about what fic I write next, but I'm always willing to listen to ideas, even if I might not end up using them. :pinkiehappy:

I just always had a idea of a story where Rarity turns down/doesn't ever comment on Spike's feelings for her. She ends up getting married and moving away. Years later, like 10 or 15 so, Rarity is still married and with a child. Through work or something else she ends up running into and having to work along side Spike who she hasn't seen in years. He has grown much bigger and now stand her equal. As they work together she remember just how charming and caring he is. Long story short it leads to the two of them sleeping together. And no matter how much Rarity want to think of it as a one time mistake she can't help but keep wanting to go back and see him. It would be a story of lost true love returning, but now it is also a taboo love that all would frown on.

I like your story idea. While I can't make any promises (Still not entirely sure when this fic will be finished and it's taken lots of work) I'll definitely keep it in mind as a possibility!

Honestly I LOVED how you handled that Rarity/Spike thing. Rarity knows this Spike isn't the one she fell in love with. But BUT a part of him is still there a part of him that even with what they have done to him has never left him... his love for her. And just like the last time he lost control that love, and it symbol help him remember and let him save Rarity. I think they will keep Spike and Rarity away from everyone just to make sure he doesn't do anything bad till it is time to attack. I honestly hope to see a scene of Spike and Twilight fighting to the death, I mean how poetic and sad would it be to have the two oldest friends fighting to kill each other. But it is nice to have SOMETHING good happen since it felt like nothing good has really happen in a long time here lol.

Thanks! The fic definitely has been relentlessly dark for a while so I'm glad I could give some small hope back. :raritystarry:

Well that ended on a dark note for sure lol. I wonder where this will go from here? Now that the dragon's are in the mix that might be a good bit of a game changer on top of their new reluctant ally and the king of beast that would burn the world if Rarity commands it. I wonder if Rarity is with child, I mean what do you think the dragons will do to see that a pony and a dragon did breed properly. I think Garble might end up dead by Spikes claw lol. I can see him making a move or even hinting at interest in Rarity. Spike isn't a normal dragon, he is so far beyond that and Garble will be that meal he has been wanting if he even lay a claw on her.

Garble died shortly after Ember slit his throat, so it's unlikely he'll pop up anymore! :yay: The little flashback trip to the dragon lands was to fill in a hole about why Shining Armor was away the day the Crystal Empire fell way back in the story (Wished I'd covered it sooner, but oh well!); most of the dragons are dead or scattered after the battle since the survivors judged the ponies too weak to remain allies with. Now that Spike's on their side though, there's always a chance some strays will once again join up with him! :twilightsmile:

Sadly Rarity was never able to bear Spike's child like she wanted despite repeated attempts; their bodies simply didn't prove compatible without the right kind of magic. It's a shame I didn't write in a scene where Spike eats Garble and his minions; that sounds like fun and well deserved after their betrayal!

Well this was a interesting chapter and a huge twist. Every time the heroes take ONE step they seemed to be kicked back five. It is making this a bit more and more depressing when it just doesn't feel like there isn't any hope of winning. I am happy that Rarity didn't sleep with the married couple but I am sad she is suffering so much from that. I know we will best chance never get old Spike back but I can't help but wish it for both his and Rarity's sake. And there goes another hero, I mean if Spike can burn off those berries fast enough he can so track Hug before she get to where she needs to get to and even if she gets to a breeding camp he could easily raid it. They having been using the walking nuke they have and they need to let that go now more than ever with the lost of another good friend.

Yeah, I actually hesitated to have such a dark event play out so soon again since there haven't been too many breathers for a while, but the set up is necessary for the eventual climax, and I don't want to drag this fic on too much longer for the sake of my readers. Hopefully only a few more chapters before it reaches the end! :raritywink:

I've tried to balance things out with a few good events here-and-there (Spike and Sunburst being reclaimed, lots of the enemy's major minions being defeated, the discovery of a new civilization to ally with, Fleur and Fancy being reunited) but with the dark state of the world that hasn't been easy! I was actually feeling like the villain was on the ropes (Despite what she thinks) at this point and needed a boost or Spike could easily take her even with all her resources, haha.

Thanks for reading and commenting, I hope I'll be able to deliver a good climax whenever it comes, even if it may end up bittersweet! :rainbowdetermined2:

Nice chapter, it was great to see the team get a full win for once. I can only hope it snowballs from here. But I think that might be some wishful thinking lol.

Thank you! Very close to the end of the story (Just a few more chapters) so we'll see hopefully soon. :pinkiesmile:

Interesting chapter. I can for sure see everyone unwinding and relaxing before the final confrontation. And it was nice to see that Tree Hugger didn't do what she did out of freewill, it doesn't change what happen but it is still nice to know none the less.

Yeah, hated to put poor Tree Hugger through hell. Seems the more I like a character the more they'll probably suffer!

When I saw the title I admit I perked up as I thought it might be a reference to the old sega games. Reread the title and was hit with vague disappointment.

It is a reference to Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention, but the story is only vaguely related. It's mostly just a silly pun like a lot of the chapter titles. Shining Armor does eventually get promoted to a Paladin with his own army, though! Oldschool Sega rules! :raritystarry:

This was interesting for sure. I like that Spike died for a reason and he at least saved alot of people yet again by taking out something that could have destroyed all his friends. I get why Rarity wasn't a full mess that Spiked died, even if she is still really hurt from it, to her the Spike she loved was already gone. This was what was left, the small part of him that couldn't be destroyed and she would be there for that part. She want him to find peace at least. Honestly the only thing I found to be funny was that Shinning was still saw as this great guy and the driving force in everything. It might be just from where I came really into the story. But to me it seems like he played a really small part in really all the end here. The mares did like all the work and fought to end this, he didn't even end any of the real threats, Trixie and Spike did that. It was just funny to me to see that. But great story, I can't wait to see the final chapter and I am really eager to see what your next work will be.

Thank you! Yeah, while Shining is a brave and strong warrior, I think of him more as a status symbol here; Sunset and his lieutenants actually did most of the work in the background, while he was a face for others to rally under. He did at least get to kill War, even if he wouldn't have won without help from Flash Sentry/Fleur weakening him before Sunset gave him an opening to finish him off.

Glad I could give Spike a worthy end too. Debated a lot over the story how to tie his subplot up but recovering and settling down with Rarity would've felt like too much of a cop out. At least he died a hero and Rarity may find love again someday. :raritywink:

May have to take a break once this story's complete since it sapped me quite a bit, but I'll probably do something much lighter (And definitely short!) next time!

Nice. Since he can use magic that makes him the second paladin with an MP bar.

Still great story and I like the ending for everyone. It is also nice honestly that Shining knows who really pulled the weight in the group but sees that he is needed to be seen like a hero in order to help ponies and the like keep going. With Rarity and Pinkie it was a bittersweet but I think that is honestly what was needed, not everyone get a storybook ending but a ending none the less.

I wonder what your next work will be, I get the feeling it will be less depressing than this lol. You already know what I am hoping to see or at least what scaly guy I hope to see as the lead lol.

Thanks as always for reading and commenting, it helps me know if my stories are headed in the right direction and when they're going off the rails too much! Glad I could give my two favorite ponies (Rarity and Pinkie) some happiness after I thoroughly broke them so much.

Next work will definitely be less depressing whenever I come around to it. Hopefully it will be pretty light-hearted actually, although I admittedly don't intend to write anything that isn't at least some form of clop. (Part of the fun writing these is putting in stuff we'd never see the ponies canonically do, such as explicit sex and violence!) Not sure if Spike will be the protagonist, but he'll at last play an important role in one of the fics I have planned, depending on which I decide to do first. :scootangel:

Great to hear your next work will be more enjoyable and cheery. I honestly think a story with less complicated timeline and more of a relaxed situation you would flourish in popularity on this sight for sure. Honestly I would like to see you do a romantic or romantic comedy story. I think you would handle something like that very well.

I am happy to here that even if he isn't the lead you seem to have a higher opinion of Spike where he will have a larger part in some of your future stories. If there is one thing I have noticed over my years in on this sight, Spike fans are HUNGRY for stories and will praise and flock to a story with him in it and him in a positive light.

Lol yea for sure I just pictured you doing a romantic comedy story with Spike and Rarity and think you would make it super funny and charming. Hell I think you doing a Spike x Pinkie would be funny in a totally different but still enjoyable way as well.

Anyway this story, even with it being a hard read at time, was enjoyable to finish. And I think it was a learning experience as well. I think my advice still work, with your writing something with a easier to follow timeline and story and less dark story might get more positive attention. But I am someone who strongly believe in what what you want and I say the same to you. Even if you don't top the charts just bring your vision to life and there will be people out there to enjoy it for what it is.

Good advice. I love Spike and he's one of the characters I relate to most in the show (Twilight and Starlight being the other two) so I would like to write him more. I just wish the writers didn't treat him like a buttmonkey most of the time; nothing wrong with him being incompetent at times as all the characters are flawed,but they sometimes take it to the point where he can't do anything right!

Yeah, definitely a learning experience. It got so complicated at times I almost lost track of the characters, heh. Plus I intentionally ignored the season 7 finale because I didn't want to deal with all those new and not very well known characters. (Haven't even gotten around to season 8 yet, but I know the basics of what happens.) Not sure how well I'd do at pure comedy, but I do try to sprinkle humor here-and-there. Don't know whether I'll ever take off, but I'm grateful for the small fanbase I've built. :twilightblush:

Lol yea I know how that is for sure. Me personally I think even more than the foolish Spike I tend to see the overly perfect Gary Sue Spike, who does everything right and can get any mare by just winking at them. I tend to like something where we get to feel the relationship make sense and not everyone is attracted to him but those who are can like him for his flaws as well as the positives. That isn't just Spike but most fanfics I read,write, and edit lol.

Yea I think a comedy would be hard, not even talking about you just in general. That is why I like stories that fall more towards Romantic comedy more than most pure comedy ones. Comedy is SOOOO hard and at least with a Romantic comedy even if the comedy isn't great if there is a captivating love story I can look past the comedy lol.

Interesting, haven't read too many Gary Stu Spike fics, but I only check out clop in general and the one's where he's been written like that were so over -the-top I doubt they were meant to be taken too seriously! Definitely don't want to write him as being a magnet to all mares without good reason! Plus, I avoided Spike at first because I don't want to write foalcon (Nothing against it, just not particularly my thing) so I only decided to bring him into the story once I aged him up.

I agree that pure comedy would be hard so best mixed with another genre and romantic is a safe choice. Not entirely sure what genre the one I'm planning out will be be; probably comedy/slice-of-life.

I get that for sure. Foalcon isn't really my thing as well. I tend to try to avoid it unless recommended something by a friend and they tend to know what kind of stories I like. Yea I get that it is just to me, Spike isn't a child or at least I tend to go more towards stories where he is either bigger or clearly show that even if he is small he isn't a child. I mean to me he is at most like 3-4 years if that younger than Twi, so he in the main series always was more of a teenager than a child to me if not a right out adult. He doesn't go to school, teaches at the friendship school, and even during the gauntlet he was called and everyone called was at teenager age so to me it only makes sense for Spike to really be around 16-18 years old lol.

Oh man have you checked out the highest rated Spike stories, like the ones from Path of Cloud and the other big name Spike authors. Those will make you fall back in love with the Spike character for sure lol. And they tend to do Rarity very well as well so that is another big plus as well lol.

Funny for me Moondancer is a character that I recently really fell in love with right now. I have a weakness for adorkable characters, blame my first crush Velma for it lol, so to me she is right up there for my top mares with Rarity, Twilight,Pinkie, and Shy lol.

Yeah, the fact that they often refer to him as a 'baby' in the show makes me really hesitate to put him in sexual situations, but I'd like to figure its by the standards of a long-lived race. I used to favor a Spike/Sweetie Belle shipping because they seem closer of age. Haven't checked out those Spike stories; hopefully I will someday!

My library of to-read here is over a hundred now, plus I don't want to accidentally plagiarize anyone by taking too much subconsciously from their works so I'm careful what I read beforehand when I craft my stories.

I'm neutral towards Moondancer but she is in one of my favorite episodes. I think with more time dedicated to her she could be a favorite of mine too. Curse of the show; creating all these potentially cool characters/ideas and barely using lots of them. Started watching back in late 2011 and I was HUNGRY for more Trixie screentime then, lol.

Velma was one of my first crushes too, haha. Not sure how old you were when you first saw her but it was probably back in 1983 or 84 for me; actually been a MLP fan since G1, though I've only rewatched a couple episodes as an adult. (One to see the origins of Tirek and another a fan said the Dragon Quest episode took inspiration from.)

Yea for me if I was going to pair him with any CMC it would be Sweetie or Bloom. But I am just one of those people who always saw Spike as a adult and not a child just by the way the treat him. At least compared to the CMC and stuff lol.

Wow your to do list of stories is much bigger than mine lol. I tend to just read the latest thing and I have gone back and read most of the ones I wanted to. I tend to mainly read things involving Spike to be honest so it keep my story pull far more manageable lol. Yea I know how you feel about those side characters lol. I was someone how never saw Trixie as a bad guy and blamed the mane 6 + Spike for her going bad in the first place lol. Not to mention I liked the Kirin village as well as Moondancer when it comes to side character. They do a great job of making them interesting but they have so many it is VERY rare for one to show up ever again lol.

Yea I liked her since reruns of the classic show, than the movies, than the remakes which only made Velma even better of a character. I wasn't into MLP till honestly this version and it was funny enough Sparity that got me interested. A friend showed me the Greed Growth episode than the Dragon Quest and I wanted to know more about the characters but most the very interesting love story of a dragon and a pony. Which explains why Sparity and Spike hold so much power in my taste, they are literally the things that brought me into this fanbase lol

Yeah I never blamed Trixie either. Didn't ruin the episode for me but I was annoyed with the moral. I was simply a casual watcher at first because I tend to favor action/adventure cartoons (Which are rare now outside of anime or direct-to-video stuff and I prefer serialized fiction) but it was Swarm of the Century that finally made me go from viewer to fan; absolutely loved Pinkie.

Rarity was just kind of there for me until she started getting focus episodes, then she quickly became tied with Pie for me. Not sure whether Spike quite cracks my top ten but he's up there. (But I like most of the characters really.)

Haven't seen the Kirin one yet but the design is cool. Haven't seen much modern Scooby Doo but I did love Mystery Inc. That's a nice story of how you got into the fandom, for me it was just browsing 4chan before bronies really exploded and adding recommended cartoons that looked interesting to my watch list. Shame I don't have time to watch more! Still exploring tons of shows I missed or are still coming out when I have spare time!

i skimmed over this to have a wank, but afterwards i skimmed through to the end and read the epilogue.

despite the jarring juxtaposition between heavy emotional scenes and recovery of a terrible war and scenes straight out of hammy porn, it was alright. Even though I dedicated half an hour to reading over bits and pieces then the ending I found it fulfilling with a nice bow-tie ending.

Good job.

Thanks! Yeah, I debated whether to have more 'serious' sex scenes, but originally this was supposed to be a series of loosely connected, lighthearted clop scenarios revolving around Shining, until a few chapters in all these story ideas started swirling in my head and it slowly turned more serious. That admittedly gave it a pretty schizophrenic tone like both of my longer works.

I decided to stick with the ham partly out of consistency to the earlier clop bits, and partly because I feared the story was going too dark/depressing, so this tale ended up as a mad scientist concoction where I threw everything at the wall, seeing what stuck. I actually found I often enjoyed writing the sad/depressing scenarios more than the clop to my surprise!

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