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Udders that were so pale her veins were visibly slapped and smacked under his brutal thrusts while the dog mounted her, driving his hips with such force her buttocks wobbled and she was nearly tipped forward each time he speared her.

This is such a bizarre sentence :rainbowderp:

There's a typo in the long description, too. I just. This feels so lazy and shoddy. This chapter isn't that long--did you seriously not have time to proofread it?

Didn't notice the typo in the description until just now, thanks. I don't know whether it's due to my dyslexia but I actually don't tend to recognize errors like this until attention is drawn to them; it's like my brain has an autocorrect feature.

I probably need an editor but I've always hesitated to ask.

You should put the link or the number of the images dude, some guys want ot check it out.

Oh look, a fic.
*Read's title*

Don't want to risk another soft ban, think the artist is Aurelius.

Edit: Artist is Audrarius.

An easy way to effectively proofread any piece of writing is to use a text-to-speech program to read it back to you. Fimfiction has such a system in place that I use myself to check over my writing. It easily catches a ton of errors before I send it to my editor.

It’s weird karma, but karma all the same.


An intelligent beast is a dangerous one!

Spike is coming for the Dazzlings!!!!

More to come whenever I find more time to write!

What's Iron Will got to do with this?

He's been transformed by Nightmare Night too and decided to take advantage like the Sirens; it's a monster-eat-monster world now!

That got weirdly meta at the end. Not my favorite thing, but okay. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of this world eventually. I did notice a couple errors, by the way.

She dripped over his dick and harry balls while he drooled on her buttocks and asshole


Pretty soon her lowered her onto it, fully impaled her, and she whined with a reddened face.


Understandable, although the series started with meta elements in The Fourth Siren as a reaction to some of Sunset's nastier fanbase who complain if you give her any real flaws post redemption (I liked her pre Rainbow Rocks so probably have a very different view of her than most); that aspect was largely abandoned in the first sequel, but I wanted to resurrect it at the end.

I also want to write more in this world, but hesitate to since readers love to hate spam unrelated fics with dislikes every time I do, which just reinforces my low opinion of her most hardcore fanbase. But I do love my horror and exploitation, so it will likely happen; another reader has requested another tale set in a similar continuity and I'd love to fulfill it eventually!

And thanks for pointing out the errors, I'll fix them when I can!

Thank you, and thanks for reading!

Any plans of having Spike dominate the rest of the EG MAne 6?

None at the moment, but it could happen eventually. Still, don't want this series to get too repetitive, and feel Spike doing the other mane six would be a different flavor of the same thing.

kinda lost the thread near the end in all that author tract.

That's fair, the message was ultimately what inspired this series; I simply used my annoyance with the direction one of my favorite characters has taken as fuel for some clop!

I didn't care for the meta at the end. I was hoping that Spike would wined up more (post-modern) were-wolf style. intelligent, savage, able to speak and plan, be the MASTER for a change instead of gaining a new one in Iron Will. I see that as a down grade to the intelligence he has shown after being able to speak human. Other then all that I would like to see more of this Universe of Nightmares (I think Nightmare-verse is taken). I enjoy your work and am looking forward to more. (I found you through Spikes Harem series).

Part of the kink for me is seeing the 'perfect' Sunset dehumanized, which is why Spike is so animalistic. Also why the meta is there in this series; I've gotten some complaints about my Sunset portrayals in older stories, since I mixed in parts of her old characterization, and took a shot at how they've borderline ruined her imo by taking away all her flaws without giving her a strong core personality. (Initial Sunset might be a cliche, but I can definitely tell you who she is. New Sunset? Whatever the writers currently want her to be!)

I may write more in this universe though, thanks for reading!

I loved this story and can see clearly you've taken the piss with this story

Thank you! Always trying to keep my stories fresh!:twilightblush:

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------ Review ------

Please keep in mind, I know I can be overly critical and negative at times. I can always find something to nitpick, even in the greatest works of literature ever written. Please don't take it personally!
-Good to see Sunset getting some payback for the previous story, even if I hadn't read them in the right order the first time around.
-Why did Sunset get naked, and where did the second collar come from?
-“It only effects females,” -- affects.
-Having the narrator degrade Sunset makes it weird, makes me doubt what the narrator says.
-Extremely rushed toward the end.
-A lot of things here seem quite random, without any deeper purpose behind them. And that's fine, I guess, if that's all this story wants to do.

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