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Nice! A sequel I wasn't expecting! Can't wait to see where things go!

Seeing this scene from The Scent of Prey from the other side is brilliant! Before, you told it from the Gentleman's perspective, and now you do it from Roseluck's. It's actually even better this way. :rainbowwild:

5785400 I'll be honest, I've been planning it since I wrote the first. It wasn't until a couple months ago when I decided to man up and write it.

5785425 I know you've told me not to feel bad about TSoP, and I don't; I did the best I could with what I had. Still, reading this perspective and going back and reading Stuntman's, it makes what I wrote back then look like a pose. I have no idea why this is the character I bonded with, but I'm just going to go with it. :applejackconfused:


You found your muse. Be happy for that. :raritywink:

For Richard "Stuntman" Eckhart, the night did not end her involvement with a certain Ponyville flower vendor,

the night did not end her involvement

her involvement


I think I see a little mistake here. :derpytongue2:

Roseluck is best flower pony. Bonus points for butt stuff. :rainbowwild:

so much abou "deflowering" huh XD
can't wait for the next chapters !

5785969 Whoops! I'll take care of it. :facehoof:

5787818 Just trying to be helpful.

I'll give this story a read later book mark.

5787879 I appreciate all reader feedback. :pinkiesmile: Thanks for giving my story a chance, and I hope you enjoy it.

Great Story! Keep up the great work!

great ! the next chapter ! and so quick !
keep going AJ Aficionado!

My favorite parts of the chapter are Lily's reaction to The Great Disaster and the interrogation scene with Daisy. Great stuff!!!! :coolphoto:

5789263 This chapter has given me more trouble than anything I've ever written. I couldn't have done it without your help friend. :scootangel:

I'm looking forward to see what happens next. I'm hoping the date goes well.

I found most of this chapter boring. Lets hope we get back to the main event soon.

5792293 The Lily subplot is finished if that's what you objected to. Chapter four will bring it back to the two main characters.

5791687 I'm not sure what you're mean. Lily and Carrot Top perhaps?

5786132 I'm glad "butt stuff" is relevant to your interests as well.

5792200 I'm happy to see a fellow Firesight fan following my story!

Second dislike? Awww... I hope chapter four makes it better; I'm releasing it later and then I'll be all caught up and have to write more.

I like the worldbuilding here. The thestrel backstory and the idea that Shady Forest was a haven to them makes perfect sense, as well as that they would later parlay it into a tourist attraction. Roseluck being undressed is almost too hot. And that last line? Perfect! :ajsmug:

5793457 I am really surprised DEL didn't just explicitly state that there are thestrels in Shady Forest after his announcement that Season Four was being added to the Gentlemanverse canon. The way he set up The Lady and The Gentleman it was the perfect place to add them. Well that's what us trusty sidekick authors are here to do: expand the universe and make it more awesome! :rainbowdetermined2:

Roseluck being undressed is almost too hot. And that last line? Perfect! :ajsmug:

I like to think of the two them as mutual admirers of just how crazy they are.

I had a surprisingly easy time writing this chapter. I look forward to starting on five and finishing up strong.

Well, them and of course, Stuntman and Rose. :twilightsmile:

Awesome! Back on track!


It's a good story, and worth following. Ignore those dislikes; some people just don't like human x pony parings.

5795365 I shouldn't complain about the dislikes. How many times have you seen fimfiction receive a human on pony story with only two downvotes? While this might reflect that general audiences stayed away, the story only having briefly featured, it's still astonishing. I think the first-person Roseluck may have deflected a lot of the hate generally leveled against HiE. I can't say I agree with the haters, but seeing things from the pony's perspective is kind of nice for a change.

Just wish I had my own artwork for this. I really need to break down and get an artist, but I fear for asking one to do work for my clopfic.

5795265 I'm not entirely sure what angle you're coming at this from, but I will point out that the universe I'm writing in favors world-building and drama over actual sex. While there's nothing stopping me from having these two banging in every public space in Equestria, I feel obliged to only use sex as a storytelling device, a means to an end, rather than an end unto itself.

I do plan on having one or two additional sex scenes, but I can't promise you the rest of the story will be filled with them.

I'm rather enjoying this, please continue.

5796532 I'm restarting on it today. What you see here is about 2 months worth or work displayed for viewing in a matter of days. At my current rate pf production, there should be a new chapter in a couple weeks. I'm glad you enjoy it. :pinkiesmile:

Lily x Carrot Top sidestory when ?

5817966 I have no plans for a Lily Valley x Carrot Top side story at this time. Though if you're really wondering how things are going with those two, you might not have long to wait. They'll be making an appearance within the next couple chapters and you won't want to miss it.

Another great chapter. Too bad it has to end soon.

5824809 My editor and I agreed that it made sense to cut it there given what I have planned for chapter 6. I trust the next chapter will be meatier. Glad you enjoyed it though.

Edit: It's not ending soon. Lots of action left! I repeat: it's not over!

This story is just so awesome! keep up the great work!

I stared at her blankly, forgetting for a fleeting moment that I was being grilled, my curiosity piqued. “There are articles about Gentleman for Mares in the newspaper?”

Looks like someone hasn't been following Five Star Service - A Gentleman for Mares Tale... :ajsmug:

“Hold it!” Daisy shouted, her forehoof outstretched at me as I stood frozen with my hoof extended halfway to the doorknob — her face a mask of determination. The only thing hurting her case as prosecutor was the spatula in her hand, and that silly apron.

Sorry Rose, I don't even think Phoenix Wright could help you here! :pinkiegasp:

I can't help but feel Rose is setting herself up for failure. She doesn't want to commit to a single partner, but she wants them to commit to her, something that she knows Stunt Man can't do. It's unreasonable, it's hypocritical, and it's going to bite her right in the ass. If she wants to have him commit to her then she's going to have to commit to him first, and then work things out between the two of them. I get the feeling that she wants to, and that's an excellent first step, but that doesn't mean she can ignore the follow-through and expect everything to turn out hunky-dory.

I also find her anti-herd mentality to be extremely annoying, like one of those people who can't stop bitching about how horrible marriage is. Other people have a right to do what makes them happy dammit. If they're willing to put up with your philandering, then you have absolutely no right to snub your nose at them.

5876106 Rose isn't a perfect pony, and her attitude is certainly anti-herd. Five Stars from Five Star Service is particularly down on it as well. I can't give everything away and this is still a work in progress, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised in the end.


Another great chapter. Thank you

Now, according to Five Stars, herds are only there because of the out of whack ratio of mares to stallions. So single human men coming in and altering that to a more normal level is just common sense. And the Gentlemen all do have to retire from the profession at some point; and we've already seen that a few have done so after only a few years.

5876704 Point well taken. My response to the last commenter shouldn't be taken as a condemnation of Rose, but an acknowledgement that she isn't going to remain the exact same character throughout the story. She will experience things and change. She's free to court anyone she likes, or not marry at all.


I like Rose; no pony or person is perfect. But she has a good heart. But I have to wonder what Rainbow Dash would think of Stuntman. He's a daredevil, which might cause her to actually have a side in the over arching world story.

My only issue with the RD idea, is not establishing a connection between RD and Stuntman, though Stuntman is certainly a huge fan of RD. It would be pretty cool to see him and RD have a hand, and hoof, in cooling tensions caused by the Wingman/Sea Swirl Fiasco. :twistnerd:

We'll see. :moustache:

friend Rose?”

Comma in between.

The surest way to let a stallion know who is in charge is to let him know there is always a replacement close at hand.

Huh, odd kind of thinking considering mares outnumber the stallions 5:1.

So, Tirek is present. I'll keep that in mind for my future iterations.


Comma in between.

Fixed, and thank you.

Huh, odd kind of thinking considering mares outnumber the stallions 5:1.

I'll re-word it.

Edit: I just tore the whole sentence out. It was redundant anyway.

As a Canadian myself, I approve of the play on words for my country. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm also glad to hear there's still lots more to come in the future for this story. It would be interesting to see Lily and Daisy end up having a nice family style dinner with Stuntman and Rose; a new couple and friends, all sitting down and getting to learn about each other. It might also help with how Gentleman are precised by the pony populous.

Nice chapter. Keep them coming.

It was certainly good for us! :rainbowwild: Nice vicarious sex scene there. Poor Rose, so hard-up for her distant Gentleman that she has to find solace with a cooler and the first-time lovemaking of her friend Lily. I'm also very flattered by all the references to my own work, Five Star Service. We'll have to introduce Rose to Five Stars someday... :heart:

Definitely looking forward to more, including Rosie finally bringing Richard home to meet the proverbial family! And their initial meeting with Blossomforth should be *interesting* as well... :rainbowlaugh:

5931925 Chapter Eight will bring back Richard, and yes he will meet the dysfunctional family. I think Lily will be watching the door to her room very, very carefully.

Oh, if only I could have a few more comments.

wow this was a good chapter~! when reading the previous ones i was unsure if i would really like this story but this chapter pushed me over to liking it.

5936087 The story is moving in the direction of more relationship-related stuff and less of the cloppy stuff. It was a deliberate move on my part to sort of phase out the old story and bring in the new one. The idea to start from the the last chapter of TSoP through Roseluck's eyes was Firesight's idea actually and I loved it!

I'm glad I brought you around, and thanks for your comment. :twilightsmile:

i really liked this chapter. the conflict was good and it was very entertaining to read! the story is getting quite juicy.

Also if you do plan on making this story more than mere clop you cant just add a clop scene whenever you can. they will feel forced and take the reader out of the story. you don't have to write clop every chapter to keep the reader with your story, you've already proven you're capable of writing a good chapter that is just as entertaining to read as clop. look at the original gentleman for mares that one didn't have clop every single chapter and it built up to the clop scene before it happened.

Anyways love the story so far, keep it up!

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