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you are smart in that regard, I give you that, anthro cover but feral ponies to bypass the age

10684878 The shoulders are drawn anthro but the rest of it is feral. Glad you're liking it though!

Okay then. I was just surprised when I read

All characters are considered to be adults in-universe with the two sexual partners described being aged 18 and 16

and anthro only allows 18, where feral doesn't have this restriction.

And you're welcome! I am always impressed by the lengh you guys get done, I barely get 200 to 300 words for clop scenes done

Right. Right. I was just correcting you on the image being anthro.

My sex scenes used to be much shorter back in the day and I'm working much harder on them these days since it's one of the things I was criticized for slacking on when I posted my first contest entry, Social Distancing.

Thanks for giving us a little more of your batverse, always appreciate your version of thestral society :twilightsmile:
Great love scenes as well, just enough lead up to make it all the more worthwhile!

Of course. And you improved well!

Clop with lore. Nice build up. :twilightsmile:

A good author but an odd ratio. I guess I will have to read.

Wait the name Europa sounds familiar.... Ah, so is this a sequel of "Don't Feed The Bats"? :pinkiehappy:

I have no idea why the ratio is so terrible.

Thanks, Chilly! I hadn't considered a name for this universe, but that works for me!

It is but I haven't linked the stories for two reasons:

1. This story has incest which fans of Don't Feed The Bats may find offensive.
2. That story only barely featured. If I link the two together, it will scare readers away because they'll feel obligated to read DTFB first. I call it the "sequel curse".

Once this story's heat has died out, I'll consider tagging this as a sequel.

Lore is what I love to do. Thanks for your comment!

Ah yes it makes sense. Still, I really enjoyed it! The erotic scene was pretty intense and I'm glad that Rose changed her mind in the end

should be one more chapter of daughter properly ''thanking'' her father and the son ''thanking'' roseluck for accepting them.

You guessed the sequel. I need to do the concept justice.

son accidentally produces 18th sibling :)

Mom is going to sleep with Charon and Dad is going to sleep with Phoebe.

The only question is, how far do I take this? It has the potential to turn into a runaway freight train like Clopficsinthecomments "Any Landing You Can Walk Away From" and end up as 70,000 words of Mom, Dad and their son and daughter just fucking each other a hundred different ways because this is a huge turn-on for me.

I had no idea incest was ever a fetish of mine. I just wanted to give the concept a try for this contest I'm in!

The real question you should be asking yourself is if Rose still believes that Charon should be sowing his wild oats far and wide and forming a herd of wives. :trollestia:

A very good question indeed, Bob.

I just wanted to hop on into the comments section to say that for a moment I misread the title as "Dibs in My Sister". :rainbowlaugh:

I feel I have to ask, do you have permission to use this image?

Permission? I do not. Does this user demand permission? No one has ever given me trouble over cover art before.

You're using a (what I can only assume) is a commissioned piece of artwork. You should ALWAYS ask before you use an artist's work. Unless they have an open license, they are the copyright holder of that image, and given that this is (almost assuredly) a commission, I'm reasonably certain it is NOT open license.

I'll ask but the guy is probably going to ignore me because people just use artwork all the time. I've seen stories by guys with over 1000 likes who've never had a hall monitor show up and tell them to take their artwork down.

I can't find the source for this. Care to share it so I can contact this dude?

A lover that focused on the partner reaching peak is quite the treat.

Bruh, he credited the art to the artist you dolt.

The artwork belongs to Evomanaphy. 2211752 for those of you who know what that number means and are curious to see the full version yourself.

Or maybe a surprise visit from Aunt Daisy and Aunt Lily :ajsmug:

Although it is considered polite to ask, it is by no means a requirement to get permission in every case.

I'm not actually sure if it's even required to remove artwork if the artist or owner claimed it under DMCA as it could constitute transformative fair use. That said, if an artist or commissioner asked me to remove cover art (has only happened once in my case) I do remove immediately.

I don't think you're claiming to be the artist/owner? I wouldn't stress about it, unless you know the artist would have an issue, in which case they should be the one to raise the point.

Batty! Yay! Also, 2nd place feature right now.

Great wincest story! The only thing I thought could be better was the "confrontation" at the end. With all the build-up on how against it she was, it kinda of seemed too easy. Still +A.

May it be forever known that on the Fimfiction feature list, as of 2pm US Eastern on February 19, 2021:

YOU'RE #1!!!!!

:pinkiegasp: :applejackconfused: :yay: :raritystarry: :rainbowdetermined2: :twilightblush:

Congratulations, my friend! It's very well-earned!

You say that as if 70,000 words of mom, dad, son, and daughter fucking would be a less than ideal sequel. Sounds perfectly fine to me. Welcome to the wonderful world of incest.

Anyway, congrats on the number 1 feature spot. Seems like this might be the fic to beat in the contest.

It hit first around 1 P.M Alas, I was at work and not around to see it. However...


I still brought the proof. Thanks to Firesight for the screenshot.

I agree with you and so did SWF my prereader. However, I had to consider what I was best suited to write and what people wanted to read. I am in a contest, after all.

Would I have gone the confrontational route, it could just as easily be argued that I was destroying the flow and tone of the story with unwanted drama when I had a juicy clop payoff available to me.

So while in principle I have to agree, the big picture of things dictated I use my best tools and execute those tactics that best matched with my skillset. For me, that meant doubling down on sex.

Also, and this is a meta consideration that I understand can't be considered as compelling from a critical standpoint, my version of Roseluck is non-confrontational by nature and kind of a nymphomaniac. Viewed from that rubric, this was consistent with her character.

I regret nothing.

Thanks for the A+ my dude!

Thank you for the warm welcome to Incestia. I trust I will be staying for quite a while. I also trust we'll have many friendly competitions to come. :twilightsmile:

And thank you for screenshotting it! This is going to sound massively egotistical but I have been yearning for a number 1 spot feature for going on seven years now and I cannot be more relieved to finally be liberated of this burden! I made it and did so writing with my own lore inside my own universe. And of course, you're welcome to use as much of my headcanon as you like as always.

I couldn't have done this without you and your contribution will be forever honored. Sensei, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Heyo again :yay:
Congrats bud!

Thanks! I'm just going to enjoy this while it lasts and get back to work being just another guy on fimfiction.net no one has ever heard of.

I have achieved what I set forth to do by capturing first place, even if it was for a short time, and I'm content with my lot in life.

I bet we'll see your name in the feature box again sometime. Regardless, I see your name credited a lot by other authors in the notes, so you've contributed a lot :ajsmug:

I know the feeling, one day I hope too to capture that top spot. For now though, I'm just happy when my stories breach the bottom ranks for a while.

As pretentious as it sounds, I do what I can for the art.

Me in the feature box again? LIkely. But I'll never feel put on by the fact my most significant contribution was the oldest, and the worst quality story I even posted. Looking at you, G4M: TSoP. There's no stress on my part to hit number 1 again, as cool as it'd be to get the "heat symbol", a rare treat typically reserved for only the most elite authors.

The only people I've known to credit me directly are Firesight and now Clopficsinthecomments. Though, I suppose there are more AJA-fans out there that are quiet about it. Littlebigpony told me on Discord once he thought my Roseluck was the gold-standard. That's a nice thing to say!

Regardless, I'm not resting on my laurels. I'm going to try to get just a little bit better every day. I'm under no illusions I've mastered writing because of one top feature. I still have a long way to improve.

People love your work, I can tell you that. 3 of your stories kicked Social Distancing's ass during the DLS contest (and if the contest is done again and the word count limit is 10k again, I'm going to need a Rocky training montage and a wish from a magic lamp to overcome your short-story skillset advantage). You'll hit number 1 eventually; that much is guaranteed.

I liked this. Just the right amount of weird and hot. Way far different from the usual cloppy affair. I think the ending was a little too easy, given the Mom's rigid views. Dad should've come and started fucking her or something to keep her from barging in. But she had magically conveniently orgasms and her deeply rooted views were suddenly insignificant? Ehh, oh well. Still very funny and hot.

Also, I like idea of a story where the lovers know the mare is leaving for a life of gangbang breedings soon and the sweet stallion wants this one chance at love first. Like the sexy version of going off to war. It would've been so hot if Phoebe wasn't planning on saying no to her mom's plans, and maybe was looking forward to them. But then again I've got niche fetishes so . . .

Anyways, sexy and fun. I'm off to check out your other stories.

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