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I write stories mainly featuring small horses having sex with one another, and that is probably all you really need to know about me.

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Not bad. Not amazing, but not bad. Maybe a little brief with the sex itself.

Well, it's a contest entry, and the contest's focus is more on the getting found out part than the sex part. I'll admit I could probably have made it cloppier, but I wanted to get this done and submitted so I can focus on a pure clop fic that I'm also working on.

Then perhaps you could have ticked both boxes by describing the sex as Petunia saw it; a bit of voyeurism. Just an idea.

You know, voyeurism isn't a kink i touch on much in my work, but I probably should keep it it more in mind. Thanks for the advice.

Just seems like a good fit for a prompt of "getting caught".

Liked the soup pun. I hope that you will use other Russian cuisine puns in the future.

I don't really know much about Russian cuisine other than recently discovering your questionable use of pickles. However, I am open to using all sources available in the search of a good pun, and so that door will remain open if the opportunity again presents itself.

Rassolnik is more a soup with different types of meat than with cucumbers. And an important point is to use salted cucumbers, those with which we snack on vodka.
Also very nice reading.

I haven't even read it yet, but if you feel that it could be improved, you may edit it as you please until the contest deadline, when it will be read by the judges.

Hmm, we'll see. I'm pretty satisfied with how this turned out, but there's always room for improvement all the same, but then I don't want to add too much and turn a tightly written entry into a rambling mess, but then what if it turns out that adding just a couple more lines of something would have won me this contest, even though there's an equal chance that I overwrite something and it ends up making the flow of the story worse and losing me my chance to win, and at the end of the day I still can't get over the fact that Russians put god damned pickles in their soup.

"Well, don't the two make just the cutest couple I've seen in years," the voice of the mare cut through the air.

Forgetting those two words wasn’t very nice

I very much enjoyed this. I like the discussion of the foalcon itself and not just tossing aside all morals of the characters involved. Though I do have the minor question of the difference between pegasi and earth ponies and unicorns that allow the former to have no problem with foalcon. The clop was certainly solid, even if it wasn’t mind blowing. The humor worked well and felt like it went very well along with the theme. The bait and switch was well played and helped to differentiate it from just a usual melt-down reaction. Overall, a solid story that feels very fitting for this contest.

id love to read the prequal where RD introduced them to sex

One day I'll probably write a full recap of the Rainbow Festival, with all the Hope Hollow ponies matched up with the Main 6. Petunia and Sunny with Twilight, the Barrel twins with Rainbow, Rarity and Kerfuffle, Torque and Applejack, and Pinkie and Fluttershy with the Hoofingtons and Moody Root. It's somewhere down my to-do list.


Though I do have the minor question of the difference between pegasi and earth ponies and unicorns that allow the former to have no problem with foalcon.

I mean, to be fully honest, it's just something I made up on the spot to justify the twist. But... if we want to play college english professor and read intentions into my work that weren't actually there, then give me a quick second to make something up.

Okay, so the Pegasi obviously take some inspiration from ancient Greece, looking at the architecture in Cloudsdale and their armor designs. Their pre-Equestria culture was obviously driven by their military. Ancient Greek soldiers had the whole erastes/eromenos thing going on, and we can claim the author imagined a similar system existing in per-Equestrian pegasus culture. Therefore, it's not hard to imagine the pegasi holding onto those traditions even after the merger, and earth ponies and unicorns kind of looking the other way as long as the pegasi kept it among themselves. As time went on, it simply became an accepted fact among ponies that pegasus foals reach sexual maturity younger as a way to justify the apparent double-standards that exist.

Does that make sense? Great, then we can just expand that bullshit into another 100 paragraphs of made up "facts" and ace this class!
Dear lord, I do not miss college.

Um... okay. It just seemed inconsistent and convenient for the story. And most stories, even clop, still work well with some sort of reason behind them. But if there isn’t really any, fine.

I imagine it to be a lot like Shakespearicles's Rainbow Dash Plays Matchmaker


[Adult story embed hidden]

it's chillier than a windigo's cooter out there

I'm stealing this.

my ever continuing struggles transcribing Petunia's accent

Nah, you nailed it!

Sometimes as a writer, you hit upon a metaphor so perfect that it can only be described as poetry. Steal away, king.

Glad you enjoyed Petunia's writing too.

I was wondering what the heck that title meant. :rainbowlaugh:

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