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Cancelled, sorry.

It's been a tough year as always for the citizens of Ponyville. To blow off steam, Shoeshine and her friends: Carrot Top, Cherry Berry, Lily Valley, Roseluck, and Daisy organize an all-earth pony snowball team. New tactics are developed, and old tactics brought back, to allow the earth pony crew to stand up against their unicorn and pegasi foes. When their rivalry comes to a head at Ponyville, Princess Twilight Sparkle declares snowballing to be an officially recognized sport.

Our story follows the exploits of the not-so-humble peasant farmer, Linky, and The Golden Herd, their hard-earned lessons in battle, and the bonding of shared experiences.

Set in the same continuity as Lily Valley Goes Shopping. Told from the perspective of Linky.

Edited by Five Stars' favorite Gentleman, Firesight

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Lily Valley understands the pain of living with roommates. Sitting down one morning with cereal already poured, she's confronted with the horror of being out of milk. She's sure it must have been Roseluck again, but whatever the case she needs to go buy more. Will she brave the streets of Ponyville to claim her mundane prize? Or will she bring home something much more valuable?

Told from the perspective of Lily Valley.

Edited by the esteemed, Firesight.

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