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The Guy who wrote "Dibs on My Sister". Editor for Clopficsinthecomments and Prereader for Firesight. I love Bat Ponies. Eeee!

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Writing: good
Story: hot
Rumble's pull out game: needs work

And this, folks, is why you don’t use Coltus Interruptus. :ajsmug:

Nice story! Glad I could help, AJA. You’ve certainly done your service to site and Summer Sin Celebration this past week.

Comment posted by Hawkx1 deleted July 29th

Everyone is 18 or older? You do know what foalcon means, right?

This is wonderful, thank you, AJA! :yay:

Thanks for your help as always, friend!

You're welcome! If I made the guy this story was intended to please a happy camper then I've accomplished my primary task.

that ending of basicly saying "we don't love eachother but we will learn to love eachother" reminds me of arranged marriages and the thought process of the older generation 'guy has a fling gets girl prego then auto get married and try to love eachother for the sake of the child' not a fan of how the ending was presented but loved the story as a whole. best regards, darkbroney666

Fair enough. Shakes didn't like the ending either but Firesight and I thought it was the most appropriate for Fluttershy.

Unexpectedly wholesome ending. I'm going to buck the trend and say lust, infatuation and limerence are feelings, but love is a choice, an ongoing decision put into action. They did things in the wrong order, but they'll get it right. :ajsmug:

KMCA #12 · July 29th · · ·

Please pull out before you come. Just to be safe.”
“I won’t Fluttershy, I promise!”

Welp, he's not lying.

I feel the same way. Just because things started off badly doesn't mean they're doomed to failure.

Rumble is a natural-born lawyer! He really does have many talents. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh hey it’s my art! Sweetness. Should draw some more Rumbleshy

how the ending played out seem a bit dated but i do still like the story overall so don't go thinking i hate your story cuz of the ending

I didn't say anything about you hating it.

isn't that the part where they get to zecora?

I'm sorry? I don't know what you mean.

Fluttershy as a doting babysitter turned cradle-robber is the greatest thing in the universe and you do the concept great justice.

You typed sin celebration

I think he means 'morning after' potion type idea. That said, very hot, although I keep thinking 'girl, you don't actually know you're pregnant, estrus or no, don't go ensuring that it does happen before he leaves.'

Though I also think she might be a little presumptuous about him not meaning it, from what he said. She seems to assume he wasn't serious when he put on the moves there.

That's the correct name of the event. There is no mistake here.

She's not unreasonable for thinking as young as he is that he isn't experiencing puppy love. As far as "morning after" potions, there is no right or wrong answer here, only the dictates of the perspective holder in the universal sense. Either I write one in and piss some people off or I don't write one in and get curious looks for excluding it. My goal here isn't to present both sides but to present Fluttershy's rationale for acting how she did as best as I possibly can.

For the record, I was also acting on prompts from the person who requested this which were as follows:
- Fluttershy and Rumble
- accidental impregnation

This means that no matter what I do, the meta is going to pull me towards impregnation from the onset.

Unfortunately, I'm not in a position where I can "consider all sides" because of the meta imposed by the person requesting this story. It was always going to end in impregnation, regardless of even my own wishes so I had Fluttershy justify keeping the foal.

Oh, no problem - I figured that was probably the case, just a minor pet peeve of mine that has more to do with lingering fristration over the sad state of American sex-ed than anything about the story. :)

As for the potions, was just answering the question of what Zecora would have to do with anything - I could easily see Fluts just not thinking about it, particularly not then.

Added to want to read. Will return when alone and not surrounded by family

Read it out loud to establish dominance

True chad mindset.

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