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“What? Is there something on my face?” the colt wondered aloud. His sour expression softened, as he began looking himself over; that was, until a shadow blanketed him. Looming over him, Anon leaned downward, leaving him paralyzed in shock. Before he knew it, her hands were wrapped around his barrel, while he was pulled into the air. “H...Hey!” he bleated, fidgeting in her grip.

“Well aren’t you just the cutest!” she affectionately commented, holding him at arm’s length.


“No I’m not!” Rumble shot back, irately scrunching his snout. Being picked on for his size had always been a weak spot, so having the bizarre biped do it was not doing his mood any favors. Without warning, and rather abruptly, she pulled him to herself, hugging him to her chest.

“I could just eat you up!” Anon cooed, rocking her furry cargo back and forth.

In exactly what way, my dear Anon:ajsmug::duck:?

With his face smashed against her breast, Rumble struggled for a moment, but only just. Fidgeting about, an unusual aroma assailed his nostrils, causing his wriggling to slow. It almost smelled like flowers mixed with a very subtle animal bouquet, yet it was unlike any he’d ever smelled. Out of curiosity, he sniffed once, then twice, until realization dawned on him; it was her scent.

The revelation regarding her captivating fragrance was eclipsed, when he took stock of exactly where he was placed. Held as he was, Rumble’s snout was pressed firmly against Anon’s teat. Squeezed against her soft, warm rack, a curious sensation began welling up within him. He almost felt like something was wrong, yet some deep seeded part of him screamed to savor the moment.

“You having fun there, little guy?” Anon giggled, snapping the colt from his stupor.

Oh I bet he is:rainbowlaugh:!!!

“C...can I come by tomorrow?” he boldly murmured, already hoping to have a repeat of the evening’s activities.

“I’ll be mad if you don’t,” Anon weakly chuckled, giving him a wink. “Besides, I still have a lot to teach you…”

So, so, so much:derpytongue2:!!!

Very sweet and cute:heart:!!!


For some reason I was expecting/hoping this was a sequel to the Thunderlane story, but this was still enjoyable.

Sadly, no, this is a stand-alone.


Please stay tuned, I have two sequels for the Thunderlane epic in the works!
And there may just be collaborative animations involved...

Not enough female in equestria stories.

Nice of you to add onto that short list.

~Skeeter The Lurker


I /ss/ee what you did there.

Congratz, you got yet another featured story. 8/14/2019

When I read the chapter title all I could think of was this. (Nothing to do with this story, it just popped into my head) :derpytongue2:

i know, sorry about that

Ara ara indeed.

I feel extremely dirty after reading this.

But I need more

no need to aplogize.

...sinful temptations, my favorite

Dan #19 · Aug 15th, 2019 · · 26 ·

Huge thumb up, but can't in good conscience give a fave. Do one with Button Mash getting it on with a human cosplayer girl or fujoshi and I'll reconsider.

No no My it’s our first priority To have one or two more chapters of the sexual escapades Of rumble and anon and turning him into a true stallion then following third chapter with button even bragging about or he ended up catching them in the act

Leech you magnificent bastard:rainbowlaugh:

That cover art is bloody hilarious :rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

For a moment I wondered whether this was a new plot twist in the gay Rumble series.

I feel disgusting. I definitely need more.

Who else wants to see Rumble go round 2 with her again?

Leech, you magnificent bastard I read your BOOK!!

...... did mom isekai inspire this? :ajsmug:

Pretty sure this is about as SFW as the story's thumbnail
Ara ara~

whats this? a rumble clopfic that isn’t him getting boned by another dude? been a while

Love Hina’s Mutsumi was an odd character.

I'll never understand these stories, but I won't judge


I bet Button-Kun would get along with Kuroki Tomoko. Though his mom would probably have to be relationship councilor and help them through rough patches.

Is it just me or does it seem like anon is written in in the image of a highly experienced whore, given the way she acted and the descriptions of what she did. Can someone please explain why anon acted so openly slutty.

Ara ara! Such a amazing read need more big sis anon lewd adventures!

Stick around, you might just get what you're hoping for...

Anon simply has a POWERFUL THIRST!

definitely would love to see big sis anon have a three-way with rumble and button.

At one point you wrote was is instead of was it. Other than that it was solid as usual :pinkiegasp:

This is anon we’re talking about here.

Even if this was the shittiest story ever told I would still give it a like just for that title.

I think this might have been the longest you've been in the featured box. Nearly a week. That's no small feat.

aww, really thought mr author you go for the colt saying " stranger danger!" then follow up. "noo! not like this!" then she licks his tears. but good story though

Next lesson cunnlinger? What it will be... Worth the waiting!

This situation has an uncanny resemblance to the game known as monster girl quest a game for degenerates Like me

I might keep that line...

He’d only just started noticing how attractive mares were,

Many a school colts laughed and joked about

Thanks for starting this off. There's certainly not enough /ss/ around these parts.

Cheerilee on the phone (presumably calling the cops) is probably the best part of that picture.:rainbowlaugh:
I like how even her cutie mark is upset.

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