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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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i still wonder just fucking why you started this shitheap of a series of stories
just take your dislike and have the decency to write something worth writing next time

If I could block you from reading anything I write, I would

Just awesome to read this, I can't wait to see what's his next depravity he will commit. I wonder if he will start to have any physical changes or what will the the next step for him.

and if i could filter out the notifications for these types of story, i would
but the site doesn't have that functionality for some fucking reason


Just ignore them and move on

I really, REALLY hope you realize that you make me NOT want to publish ANYTHING you'd enjoy

what makes you think i read it
i looked at the description and realized it was connected to that flaming dumpster of a raceplay series from there
and i'm at my limit with ignoring things, what with your bull-headed stubbornness in continuing to post those anthro stories
this is a lose-lose here
i get mad at you posting things like this, and i hate getting mad over this sort of thing because when you post something good, it's REALLY good
i hate that i can't see your fics as anything other than feast-or-famine with more famine than feast

> at my limit with ignoring things

Dude, you complain about ANYTHING you don't like. I'm an author and people pay me to write stuff, so I'll do whatever I want
If you can't accept that, or if you insist on acting like an entitled child, fine

Just ignore him you’re
story’s are great he’s just trying to get a reaction from you

not trying to get a rise out of him, nor do i enjoy having to do this
i want a fucking change
what i want most is for there to be one day where i can STOP doing this shit

>using commissions as an excuse
you do know you can set perimeters on what you will and won't write, right?
artists do it all the time, why don't writers?

Here's an idea for you and all the people who agree with you: Grow the fuck up.

It isnt nearly as hard as you'd like to think it is to ignore stuff like this but you click on it and type out angry rants of idiocy like you have something yo prove.

The majority of people with common sense just hit the back button when they see content they dont like.

how about you find a way to prove me wrong, instead of ad-hom'ing at me, yeah?

There not even your story’s so stops bitching about his work and go stalk someone else it’s not your work so you have no right to criticize what he choses to write or for why. your not there fucking mother

I do have a list of things I won't write

The thing is that you want everyone to write what YOU want. You're a childish brat who has a tantrum whenever anyone does something you don't like. Grow up and ignore the stuff.

And as for your "where i can STOP doing this shit" comment, no you don't
You make a conscious effort to complain about anything and everything that's not catered to your fetishes

Prove what? You're just whining be because you lack the personal ability to ignore something so trivial. There is nothing to prove.

And dont speak of ad homs when the very first thing you do is attacking the author.

Just. Click. The. Back. Button.

Is he doing this because you won’t write for him?

I've told him that if he wants a commission, or something specific, pay me

Guess what, he declined
He's either too cheap or too fucking selfish to actually pay someone for specific content

how old are you? pretty sure you have to have been through enough school to spell those words correctly to be looking at porn
and speaking of mothers, does yours know you're doing this right now?


I do have a list of things I won't write

write it out then

The thing is that you want everyone to write what YOU want. You're a childish brat who has a tantrum whenever anyone does something you don't like. Grow up and ignore the stuff.

i'll admit i could react better, but i'm just fucking tired of this shit

And as for your "where i can STOP doing this shit" comment, no you don't

how do you know?

You make a conscious effort to complain about anything and everything that's not catered to your fetishes

never have i ever brought up my fetishes when we do this song and dance
if you're going to accuse me of shit, make sure it's the right shit, goddamnit

it's because i don't have the money to spare, you fucking circus tent

You complain about ANYTHING anthro
You complain about anything with zebras

Trust me, you make it painfully clear if/when I write something you don't like

As for my blacklist, you aren't going to get it. I'm at the point where, even if you offered me several hundred dollars, I'd turn you down out of spite.

so you don't have a blacklist then
as i thought
and yeah i complain about what i don't like, but that in no way implies what i do like

Just because you can't afford it doesn't really give you the right to try and browbeat authors into catering to you.

well i've tried asking politely
you tell me what i have to do

Nothing? Authors are people with agency, they're not just smut vending robots for you to plug your preferences into. If seeing such stories pop up in your feed bothers you that much, unfollow and use the recently published list to watch for things more your speed. As leech said earlier, spamming him only discourages him posting stuff you might enjoy out of spite.

buddy, don't know if you've fuckin noticed, but the recently published list has a lot of fucking anthro

what the fuck is wrong with you, go home you are obviously drunk

that was some fun to read, i actually wonder'd if there will come a time where this happens :D

I'm personally not a fan of this stuff either, and I scoff and roll my eyes when I see one of these, but I don't go and complain about it. Frankly, it sounds more like you want people to take notice of your anger and react to it, because arguing you don't like what they write isn't going to change anything. And maybe consider, that he likes writing these hell spawns? Or at the very least cares so little that he lets people pay him to make them?

maybe i had some naive hope that this time there'd be some actual progress
what a fool i am, huh
and the worst part is, if it were completely detached from the rest of it's rotten series, i'd likely love it
it's just the ties to that shitty striped fic that piss me off so much

And why exactly does the mere sight of a new story connected to this universe anger you? I ignore it, because I can just do that, and I don't go complaining when I find stories on the front page or my news feed I don't like. It all seems like you willing to use an unnecessary amount of energy just to complain about things when it's easier to avert your gaze or scroll to a different part of the page.

Sauce does not appear to be on derpi. Is there a better place to find Regolith art?

I think it's on his twitter

because i often lose control of my emotions
and i have an all-encompassing hate for anything involving racial superiority of any sort

Well, have you considered emotional therapy of some kind, where instead of immediately reacting to something, you take a step back, take a deep breath, and think about something else? Or at the very least something similar? Because getting this angry so fast over something that isn't necessarily a big deal isn't healthy for your mental or physical state.

Good to see you are back, also good to see you're still a dickhole.

: )

Hmm, doesn't seem to be, but is okay. I can look elsewhere, and they'll probably put it up on derpi eventually.

I'm not a fan of anything racist either, but the Striped image series (assuming it's the one I'm thinking of) is more heavy dom/sub than racist. They never claim that zebras are superior or use slurs toward ponies or anything; the zebras just happen to be the ones in control and turning all the males into feminine sluts. You could read misogyny into it too, but it's really not focused on racism or misogyny. Race is just a vehicle for male-dominant D/s with subs of both sexes. It's not even all that abusive given that the victims enjoy it (not that this is in any way, shape, or form realistic).

Where the fuck are you getting racially superiority from you sound like a pc cultural seeing things that aren’t there


the zebras just happen to be the ones in control and turning all the males into feminine sluts.

but it's really not focused on racism

pick a fucking side to stand on you fucking clown shoe
is it or is it not a racial dominance scenario

therapy costs money
and since you haven't been paying any fucking attention, I DON'T HAVE MUCH OF THAT

You can block him from commenting his toxic shit tho :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

Being angry all the time can't be much fun. :fluttershysad:

I hope you find peace.

If you don’t have money get a job if u have a job get a better one if it’s to hard guess what life isn’t easy please don’t post stuff like this people don’t want to deal with your problems with how you portray yourself


Dude, I suggest you just block this asshole. He's being a dick for the sake of being a dick.

Great and hot fic.

Hum, come to think of it could Thunderlane be the next falling into Rumbles depravity, like getting addicted into the taboo feeling of humping his brother or that he tries out sissy too, I am sure Rarity could have ideas on that front.

After lavishing inch after magnificent inch of the stud’s tool, Rumble found himself at it’s broad, flat head.

Rarity marveled, as the lad’s nose closed on, and pressed against, the Thunder’s sheath.

A note to Late_Night: If you want to vent, then vent. Scream at your computer or phone that you hate this stuff, if you want. Maybe make a blog post about it.
But perhaps don't make the conscious effort to type your complaints in the comment box of the story you hate. It is entirely counterproductive.

It is not universally true of clop involving zebras, but more often than not they are used as an analogue for African Americans and black people generally.
I don't believe that is Some Leech's intention in this series, but the association is there.

Could you fucking stop feminizing Rumble?!

I've written several where he's not
The _Ara Ara_ series and the one with Mrs. Harshwhinny being two key ones

You don't need money for self-therapy dude, do some damn research on Google and look for tips on how to manage outbursts of anger.

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