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Another Rumble fic! Is this a sequel or a series or something?

Nicely done! Colts and stallions really need more love in General.

Hm only thing… Element of Loyalty?

A part 2 or sequal where we see this play out from Thunderlane's perspective would be interesting.

Ngl, I'm not normally a fan of netorare, but damn if you don't make it spicy, Leech. Only thing that'd make me any more hot and bothered by this scenario is if Rumble gets Dash pregnant and Thunderlane is convinced to claim the foal as his.

Maybe she's open to the idea of open relationships

Man, I dunno
It's porn logic :fluttershbad:

Could be cultural. Like, if half the population intermittently becomes unbearably horny, shit like this is just gonna happen sometimes.

I think there were a bunch of places where you mixed up the pronouns, like

Keeping an eye on her face, she steadily bore down upon her diminutive mate.

still hot tho

Heh, perhaps Thunderlane actually did catch her signs and was coming back early.

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