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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Very interesting. Interesting indeed.

I wonder what will happen next

I loved this story, it hits all my favored buttons about femboi sissies, keep up the amazing work as you always do.

Are rumble and button mash of age in this story?

Yeah, I think that clarification is missing from the tag list.

it is a thing I wonder as well.




Not only were they both relatively young

Here you go. If was found within the first couple paragraphs in the first chapter.

Yes another great story by Some Leech.
From start to finish every chapter was pretty much perfect.

I swear, one day you will write a story where zebras' names can be arranged into the Konami code.

That was a pleasant reading, especially the last chapter. Wish there were more ponies in it.

What the fuck was this chapter

Wish we could have had Spike, Gallus, Sandbar, Braeburn, Sunburst, and Rockhoof in this chapter as well.

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