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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Nice to see the story finally published, this is going to be a wild ride.

Oh god why

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Meanwhile in Canterlot...

"Your Highness, stallions are getting knocked up in Ponyville."

"Hoo boy... that cunts back into play? I thought the last time I drop kicked his incorporeal ass across the breadth of the Between he'd take the hint. Well, I just washed my mane, unleash the furries."

Celestia's furries

Anyone know where to find the full title art piece?

Can't help but think of Richter's famous speech to Dracula after reading this.

"Die, monster! You don't belong in this world!"

"It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh. I was called here by ponies who wish to pay me tribute."

"Tribute?! You steal ponies' souls and make them your slaves!"

"Perhaps the same could be said of all religions..."

"Your words are as empty as your soul! Ponykind ill needs a friend such as you!"

"What is a pony? A happy little pile of friendship. But enough talk! Have at you!"

Ok ok
That gave me a chuckle



"Don't you mean furies?"


*Powerwolves ensue*



Anytime some ethereal ass clown starts using her nations ethical fabric as it's personal wanket or some rando zebra gets a wild hair up their zip code, Mama Tia's puppers go walkies.

Very enthusiastic walkies

This was one of the best chapters of the story, looking forward to see the reaction for the next ones.

Great chapter also will Spike, Thorax,Big Mac and Shining Armor will meet the Gilded as a part of his Harem after Filthy Rich and Prince Blueblood

With Gallus, Sandbar, and Sunburst?

With a bad end?

please say yes

Would love to see what happen.

looks like we are getting blueblood next chapter

PBB was awesome in this with Mpreg stuff, I absolutely love it.

Great chapter next should be Sombra and Thorax as a Broodstallion, Spike as a Dom dragon to the other dragon like Garble and Fizzle as Spike mates


he saw, the less he was convinced that the intruder wasn’t Equestrian at all.

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