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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Awesome, I hope you will get comm for a sequel to this. Keep it up man.

I want more now

as a huge hypnosis kink haver this is beautiful.

Jjjjuuusssstttt out of curiosity, where did the "manhood in briefs" come from o.O? Just out of nowhere and no mention of the the underwear or any clothing except candancies. I like ponies in undies but that just seems like an unedited or misplaced line o.o

Had a brain fart

So i went to see if you edited it out and realized that i think i see where the brain fart came from: " opting instead to lower his gaze and stare longingly at the tent in his Master’s pants." Now I'm curious if there was a story somewhere with someone wearing pants and briefs lol

This is a delightful piece of erotic writing. Whilst I'm not really into hypnosis this actually was intriguing for me. Compelling even. Well done on having me enjoy the story. :yay:

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