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I love how playful and lewd and sweet it all feels. Great job! :heart:

This is awesome so far!

In truth, Solaris had eaten perhaps a little too much cake over the thousand lonely years of his brother’s exile. His firm barrel and muscular legs were still the envy of all his male subjects, but his plot had filled out dramatically over the past century. A regimen of five hundred squats each morning had only served to make the royal bum more prominent and more commented upon, in ever more lascivious terms. He’d secretly begun discussions with artisans about the construction of a new throne: one with more room for his newly expansive booty, and with a comfortable spot at its base for the human who spent so much of his time on his knees before him.

NGL I was hoping for Bear Solaris.

Not too keen on the Human in the story, but I do very much like MM stuff with the R63 Mane 6 so far, so I will give it a chance. Keep it up.

“Now you’re talking!” Barb enthused. “I’ll be sure to thumbs-up and comment to encourage you on your journey!” She gave the human a big thumbs up. “I love hot stallion on stallion action!” she commented.

Barb, you cheeky broad!

Well, this is some really, really gay stuff.

Let's see what happens when Henry finds Elusive and the others...

The sheer quantity of alliteration is enough to earn my respect.

More alliteration and a dash of fourth wall breaking, to boot. I'm here for it.

Solaris nodded firmly and his horn lit up as he cast a familiar magical regimen. “I’ll just give you the usual spells so you won’t explode when Dusk rams you full of horse cock... Oh, by the way, you’ll need to deal with this newfangled ‘consent’ thing.”

Solaris, you creepy boomer. :pinkiegasp:

Yes. I read very slowly.

Why did he find sex so easy, yet love so difficult?

The exact opposite of me. :pinkiecrazy:

Henry feels kind'a like a Chuck Tingle protagonist and I like that. Pounded in the Butt by the Unicorn God-King.


Henry feels kind'a like a Chuck Tingle protagonist and I like that.

Wow, now that’s some praise! Chuck is the man.

Well this story certainly is fun to read with the way all the humor inserted in the writing. Looking forward to see how it goes with Elusive.

Well this was a delightful read, keep it up.

Suddenly, a Derpy! :derpytongue2:

Hella amusing stuff, between totally oblivious Blitz and sneaky, easily stuck Butterscotch...

Well, that's a fitting finish to this story!

an’ Elusive doin’ whatever the heck Elusive does

I know what I'm about to say is incongruous with the story (because we need as much gay stallion sex as possible), but it would be really really funny if Elusive was straight.

Lol, you’re pretty close, Rainbow Blitz is totally straight, and not gay at all... :rainbowhuh:

"I'm no Gay!!"
"You know how you agreed to be my sex slave?"
"Well your master as decreed your gay now."

was wondering any good stories with human male with male ponies that arent one or two chapters

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