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I shall attempt to hide my disgust that you didn’t title this story Schtupp.

Why? Simply because it’s a funnier word.

Nicely done! If you don mind me asking, would that count as innocent? I had a foalcon story in mind where the kids are innocent, not familiar with sex at all, thus I wonder what could start the fun.

And please correct me if I am wrong, they had a little ED experience from school, plus Scoots feels no pain, so not really virgin? Sorry, just was unsure if I got this right

A note on the hymen. In human girls/women, the hymen comes in many forms; it can be a near total blockage that will definitely be broken by most any penetration, it can be barely there such that it might not break with anything less than rough sex or with an oversized object, it can be entirely absent, or it can be anywhere else on that spectrum. (It can also be a complete blockage, but that presents its own problems.)
In addition, it can be broken without sexual activity, especially for the physically active.

I know nothing about whether or not any of this applies to equines.

I see. Was just unsure as the cry of pain/Blood leaking is normally the sign, know what I mean?

The virgin pain thing is essentially a myth caused by men who were bad at/disregarded foreplay, with a side of self-fulfilling prophecy (stress-clenching) once the myth got going. If there's enough warmup, there's not really supposed to be pain unless the person has some kind of medical condition.

Can I get a source for that steaming hot cover art?

Well, I was under the believe it would hurt, even if being as gently as possible

Many but not all mammals have hymens; horses do.

That's the story porn likes to tell, and it is borne out in the experience of many but not all women (for reasons covered by myself and Silver Starlight). But it isn't true.

The hymen isn't actually a barrier, it's the lining of the vagina itself. The pain and blood that can come from a woman's first time can because by her lacking the natural moisture that creates lubrication for any number of reasons(being nervous, certain medications, etc...). In cultures where they don't have the myth of rupturing the hymen, young women who have sex for the first time don't report any pain or blood. Remember, a woman can tear or rupture her hymen multiple times in her life through many different ways.(having sex, doing the splits, lifting something heavy, having a baby, getting in a fight, etc...)

I'm no expert on this, by any definition. That's why I pull my information from sources like this:

And this:
(with this useful image:

As the article makes clear "normal" is by far the most common, but the hymen can be a barrier.

That was an interesting article and I learned something about hymen abnormalities I didn't know before. Admittedly I'm probably one of the least qualified individuals to talk about a woman's anatomy, as I am a cisgengered man who has no medical schooling. I found out the myth of breaking the hymen by talking to a gynecologist that was a friend of my family and they informed me that popping the cherry was a myth and I should have said in most cases(key qualifier here is most) where a woman has pain and/or blood from having sex is caused by lacking natural moisture, which can be caused by being nervous, certain medical conditions, certain medications, etc..., but any day I walk away learning something new is a great day and it shows how amazing, weird, beautiful and disgusting the human body can be all at the same time.

just wanna say we're enjoying the polite and even-handed discussion about biology taking place in the comments. y'all are very sweet. ♥

While I probably won't read this (but might), the premise is rather cute.

this needs a sequel!

Is there any other way to commission you guys without going to Patreon?

Yep! You can message us here on Fimfiction. :pinkiesmile:

That was sexy and adorable. It was sexdoarable. :scootangel:


Hello darf

Do you intend to continue this story as you promised in the last sentence?

Maybe with an unpleasant surprise for both of them.

Hi there. We're very busy lately, but there's always a possibility of us continuing older stories if someone decides they're interested and wants to commission a sequel.

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