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Lyra misses Bonbon the same way she does every day, aching to see her even tho only a few hours have separated the two of them. What bubbles thru her head while she sits at home? Can this story even be reconciled as pony fanfiction? Read on to find out!

Note: Contains references to real world drugs and sex. Don't read if you don't like those things. Not fully edited because too many stories. Sorry.

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It's impossible to fully encapsulate the sensation of waking up, only to realize you've turned off your alarm at some point while in a half-slumber, and now the world you're awake in is going to punish you for it. Rarity never sleeps in, but when she misses an important appointment, it's hard not to let herself be consumed by worrying about it. But will fussing over it make things better? Will Rarity set two alarms from now on... WITH SEXY RESULTS?! Read on to find out!

Note: Contains probably some stuff that some ppl won't like. Also not fully edited because too many stories. Sorry.

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There's being alone, and then there's being alone; where the only companionship is the screeching of your own subconscious, and every fear and anxiety weighs on you like a blanket of lead. Twilight Sparkle has five amazing friends, but still she feels alone. Is something wrong with her?

Yes. Yes it is.

Note: Contains references to real-world drugs and sex. Don't read if you don't like those things. Not fully edited because too many stories. Sorry.

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Poems are a window to the soul—a lens of wonder that reveals the beauty of the world around us. In this collection, nine of the fandom's most talented poets hold that prism up to the ponies we all cherish.

The poems in this anthology cover all main characters and a wide spectrum of Equestrian life, and range in style from strict form to free verse. We've presented them in an order that showcases the collection's wide variety of styles and themes. There's also an index if you're looking for a favorite subject, author, or poetic form.

It is our hope that this effort can make readers unfamiliar with poetry consider ponies in a new way—and in doing so, also show that poetry can be approachable, honest, and amazing.

A list of contributors follows below. Endless thanks—this project would not have been possible without you.

The Illusive Badgerpony

Fimfic Editing and Arrangement: darf
Organization and Creative Oversight: darf, Horizon
Cover Art: Pony Horse Nice-guy
ToC Lettering: Spaerk

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On a perfect summer evening, Fluttershy takes a stroll to the beckoning of a nearby clearing in the woods - but when she finds Princess Luna enjoying the same moonlit evening, a feeling starts to brew inside that she can't explain - so, what more can she do but go back in search of answers?

Based on a lovely drawing by ButterCup Saiyan, done for the MLPG Friend-Off.

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