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Pinkie is dating The Smooze. Both of them love to party. Equestria can only sustain the constant onslaught of wubbing basslines and on-demand vuvuzela for so long. The girls have to do something.

Written as an entry for the May 2020 Original Pairing Contest Thingy. Go check it out!~

Content Warning: dumb

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:applejackconfused: The beginning of the story was very funny (gangbang and drugs? what kind of meetings do they have?:rainbowlaugh:), but that ending was disturbing! It probably would've been better if Pinkie Pie and Smooze somehow had a bunch of kids. That would've been nonsensical, funny, yet very sweet.

A Darfian masterpiece. No one can switch gears between comedy and unsettling existential dread quite like you!

Content Warning: dumb

You filthy degenerate...

Well, I liked it.

I... I have no idea why but for some reason I feel like crying.


"Y'all do realize this is startin' to sound like a played-out sitcom plot, don'tcha?" Applejack asked, frowning.

reminds me of Stix the bader Buseter ( slime bt dog) with the slime as now that mess . with meaning of mess

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