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There is a black hole at the center of the galaxy that houses Equestria. There is a cafe next to the black hole, and a bench at the bus stop. There is also a bus stop.

Ocellus is waiting for a bus.

It seems to be taking a while.

Dedicated to Regidar.

In memory of CoffeeBean.

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i might not know who coffee bean was in life but i hope his freidns and family are doing ok as they can right now and it was kind of you ti write this for a griving friend of his

A fourth-generation Lunar Loyalist
now living in peaceful circumstances
near Cape Colt
Who, as a dishonored Equestrian Infantry Scout,
horse de combat
as a prisoner of war
witnessed the firebombing of Canterlot
This is a story
somewhat in the empathetic schizophrenic
manner of tales
of the black hole by the cafe
where the bus

"Do you think he thinks about me too?"

every day for the rest of my life.

thank you, darf. :heart:

Ohh.... jeez. I'm not sure if I can read this, but I'll try. Might need to wait a little longer.

The language in this story is exquisite, poignant, and a lot of fun. The imagery is superbly vivid without being pretentious, and the overall journey was a pleasant mixture of exciting moments and lovely calm. I like how the visitors were simultaneously rhythmically consistent with one another and each uniquely engaging. Ocellus herself was cute as well. I especially liked how the pacing was done; very small reveals as the story went on, focusing instead on cosmosbuilding, character interaction and tangible descriptions with how small Ocellus is in comparison to the black hole and to outer space.

I cannot make any comment on how this story is in relation to Coffeebeam, since I never met him, but this sounds like a story dedicated to Regidar in a great way. What I mean is, from what I've read of Regidar, this gets into a similar realm of fiction that he writes about, too. Simultaneously melancholy and abstract.

Overall, I think this story is very nice! It sucked me in and kept me 'til the end.

Refreshingly, hauntingly beautiful.

Thank you.

Thumbed up for Ocellus. X3

Thank you for writing this. It's the strange, sad sort of comfort I need more than anything right now.

I am a stranger who knows little about the events leading up to this. However, I wish all who are affected the strength to get through this time in their lives. However, the one thing that sticks with me about this story after four times reading it and coming to the same reaction. That bus already made a few stops, it just wasn't her time to see it coming...made me shudder thinking about it

Well done, and I'm going to call my mom now thanks.

Heart-breakingly beautiful.

"All you need to do is stand on stage and say 'I am waiting for a bus' then I hit you in the face with pies for five minutes." - Krusty the Clown.

This is some honest to god oldschool darf right here.

An unbelievably good tribute to one unbelievable writer.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I also don't know anything of CoffeeBean personally, though I'm 99% certain I read at least one of his stories. I've seen a few people in this fandom, whether having left it or not, who have passed on from this realm entirely as well. Only one of whom I knew personally (and I'll always miss her).

This is a beautiful piece of writing. It manages to be serious but playful at the same time. Kind of how life is in general I think. I've always been a very big fan of metaphors and imagery that's almost too complicated to make sense. Just.. Things that make you think in general, that kind of make you feel (if just for a moment) the vastness of the universe but also the smallness of everything.

Thank you for sharing it. I hope you're coping okay, and that everyone you had in common with him are also coping okay. I hope he finds the right bus, where ever he is.

I am afraid I don't understand this story at all. I looked it over again and I just can't seem to figure out what's going on. The metaphors went right over my head.

Also who is this CoffeeBean and what happened to him?

I get that ocelus is waiting there for eons because of time dilation, but if you were close enough for that to happen you might not be at the event horizon, but you would have been past the point you could leave on your own long before you got there. Gravity's a bitch. Light would also be weird at that point too.

This story moved me, even if I don't entirely understand why. So I made a bit of fanart for it. Enjoy!


Holy shucks. This is beyond really cool. Thank you so much for making and sharing it. :o

Mr. Godot, your bus is here.

Thanks for writing this. CoffeeBean will be missed.

I just read this, and...


Ocellus imagined a few greetings in her head. 'Hello'. 'How are you'. The second one seemed loaded, like she was handing a magic artifact over to somepony complete with the knowledge they could point it at her head and make her brain explode. She wondered if 'how are you' was a question anypony was capable of answering truthfully, or even in a complete way, if there was any way to use words to explain what the heck had actually been going on... Life felt like a rock, and even though you could spin it around in your hooves and study the dusty bits and cracks and little fissures and protrusions, you still ultimately just had a rock, and if you threw it out your window to feel less angry, you might be less angry, but then you wouldn't have a rock anymore either. And rocks were useful, sometimes.

Holy shit man, very rarely have I found anyone who could articulated such large concepts in such simple terms. It's brilliant. :twilightsmile:

My brain is the windows XP earrape sound right now
What did i just read 😂

I read this story through again every once in a while, and it hurts every time. I feel like calling every person I've ever met and telling them how much I value them.

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