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Oh. Five years?

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A new OTP has born?

And everyone wants to play games at Twilight's map, it seems. :rainbowlaugh:

This was really cute, thanks for sharing it!

There's crack shipping and than there's crack shipping. This was oddly humorous, good on you mate :pinkiehappy:


You're weird.


“Sun dammit Spike.” -- “Sun dammit, Spike.”
She had hooves now.  -- She had hooves (then? at the time? tense agreement!). 
But by Luna she missed her hands. -- But, by Luna, she missed her hands.
Oh. Never mind, it was just a dream. -- It might work better if she sat up in bed, or fell out of it, or even just woke up and said this statement. By itself, I had to reread to make sure I got it right.
“Hey Shimmy, still going out with that pile of goo?” a brown unicorn said scathingly. -- Only later do you mention the gender of this pony. I thought it was a mare, then suddenly stallion, oops!

A cute little story, but it could have been improved by devoting more time between their relationship. The ending just comes off as too sudden of a realization as we see her only enjoying her enjoying the one meal the Smooze made before the story ended.

This was odd. But enjoyable. And I kinda want to see the whole story of Tia and Luna’s game. Feels like one of those “It’s an interesting story” explanations.

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