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I...I am a monument to all your sins...


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Not a huge fan of forced species and gender transformations, at first I thought he would just get turned into a kirin but keep his gender, not this.

Yeah, same here transformation into another species but keep your gender. I’m OK with that but gender swapping someone against their own well that’s just wrong.

Is that a Tide Pod kirin?

Fun read dude, keep it up.

“Apology accepted,” she breathed. “In any case, I believe I’m going to go out to sample the fair Ponyville has to offer; might you have any recommendations?”

That would be fare

Nothing against gender bender but everything against mind bending

With a mane of sapphire hues and a silvery coat, he looked absolutely stunning . His eyes were like a pair of blue opals, contrasting sharply against the amber scales over her muzzle and back, and the sight of himself was enough to evoke another spontaneous giggling from him.

Did you know that "opal" is thought to be derived from the Greek word O"pallios", meaning "to see a change of colour?

Not where I thought this was gonna go

Please tell me there's more to this. :heart:

I’d drink that potion in a heartbeat tbh

People need to stop bitching. Boo hoo, mind bending isn't your thing. Kindly fuck off and read something else rather than moaning about it and throwing a down vote at a clopfic that isn't your fetish.

A bit cruel of her, Anon didn't do it maliciously and apologies multiple times, if she really did give him the potion as a gift that's even worse, considering that giving something that changes your species and gender without saying it does that, doesn't sound like a gift, it would be better if Anon was more cavalier in his attitude on what happened to give a better reason on why she did it, not great IRL but good enough for fiction, or maybe have Anon drink it without her offering it and him taking it, would make it more deserving

Well maybe I'm reading too deeply into this, as this doesn't have a drama or dark tag it's probably going to end well

Also Anon is stupid for drinking random probably magical drinks, without asking what's in it

There will be, yes

Transformation, Gender and Sex Change

You know that those are two different names for one and the same thing? So why do that in the description?

Also, a non -amthro fic? Now you have my interrest

Wonderful story. I just hope she's still attracted to mares so that Celestia & Luna can give her an addicting taste of thick princess marecock :trollestia:

Sex change is having your Junk turn from A to B. Gender change is having his you feel, think and identify change from A to B. Those are not the same.

Gender = what's in one's head
Sex = anatomical

In this instance, Anon becomes a mare in both body and mind.

Okay, after readying this, there are only two things to say. 1, I wish I could swap places with Snowy. 2, welcome to my favourites :)

Edit: Oh, and the H.P.P. folder of course.

Than maybe you should add species? After all he changes in three ways than

Thanks for the input
I amended the description

And then the kirin were wiped out by Equestria in the ensuing war.

Kind of sad to not see this continue. Seems like it has potential to keep going.

Almost as quickly as a cyan aura surrounded the brochures, just long enough to give her a glimmer of hope, the papers flew into the air and went sailing across the lobby. Not only had her spontaneous attempt to practice her magic made a mess, but it did nothing to help her standing with the hotel’s management. As she slipped from her seat and began picking up the leaflets, scowling all the while, her ears reflexively turned to the sound of approaching hooffalls.


Do either of those work for you?

Yes, I am extremly curious how Celestia will react, once she finds out about this. And if she may have set up this.


They have every right to downvote a story they do not like. That is why the function is there in the first place. When you put your writing online it is understood, not everybody who reads it will enjoy it, and while they should all be expected to critique politely, the writer is not entitled to only have positive feedback. That would be like saying if I go to a restaurant I would not normally go to in an effort to expand my horizons and I don't like the food, I am required to leave in absolute silence and never speak of it to anybody.

Utter nonsense. I can and will say I disliked the food, not because it was poorly made, but because after trying it, I found it did not suit my tastes in some way. I can still do that while being respectful to the staff, to the owner, and acknowledging that others may like it. I may even tell people I know whose tastes are somewhat different to mine about it, and they might enjoy it even when I didn't.

In regards to this story and with utmost respect to the author, I read it because the description caught my eye, and while it has some elements I'm known to enjoy, it had some others which are complete buzz kills for me, and so I do not believe I will read it again. Nothing personal.

You carry on being you.


No offense taken.

Considering this was made for a specific individual, an individual who was pleased with the finished product, the general public is free to like or dislike this story as they see fit. Most of my works are commissions; as long as as my customers are happy with what they purchased, I'm content.

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Gender = what's in one's head

I like the simple and effective phrasing here. It covers neural and hormonal aspects, as well as the non-biological.

In this instance, Anon becomes a mare in both body and mind.

Personally I suspect that one's neural pattern sets the requirement for hormones primarily, which does affect behavior, but the rest is learned. If so, then an existentialist male character who is entirely transformed into a mare would be a tomcolt, without it necessarily being mind control.
Perhaps we should differentiate between hormonal/neural gender, sex, experienced and practiced gender? :twistnerd:

Also please don't call gender-"identity" simply "identity". It drives me up the wall. :fluttershbad:

The story is perfect btw, the right kind of mental change made it much better than expected.
So did Rain get upset about the leering or did the denial count as teasing?

I kinda figured the potion changed her into a her on every conceivable level. Honestly, I'm kinda stunned that folks are thinking so hard about this. It's porn logic, don't get your Insert Undergarment Here in a bunch over it.

If the customer enjoyed it and feels they got what they paid for, well and good. My objection was simply to this idea some people have that you have to stay quiet if you dislike a story. Horse cookies. As you said, the audience are free to like or dislike.

Have a good day.

Overthinking for fun. Don't mind me much. :twilightblush:

The warmth of a magical aura surrounded her and the world went dark, as she was teleported away from the Spa. She tried - oh how she tried to stay awake, but the one-two punch of being railed and a sorcerous transition back to her room was too much for her. Landing on her freshly-laundered bed with a resounding Pomf , she blacked out with a terrifying realization - if being a mare meant getting a lifetime of multiple-orgasms and the best sex of her life, maybe changing back wasn’t as important as she once thought it was…


Yeah, this story is truly stretching credulity. I mean most stories have some sort of believability to it. This is plain off its rocker.
Comedy? Okay. Anon? Pfft!

:facehoof: :derpytongue2: :rainbowhuh:

Wow Leech another great story. I loved it and that cliffhanger beautiful.

I hope you have a sequel in mind of Snowy Glow, the human turned Female Kirin. I want to see how she adapts to being female. Did the lesson Rain Shine try to teach succeed or backfire? Will Snowy and Thunderlane become a thing? And finally what Celestia's and Luna's reaction be to losing Anon as their employee? Will they react favorably to his transformed state? Or be very cross with Rain Shine?

Will Anon be changed back but feel wrong in his original form and begging to become Snowy Glow permanently? Can he even be changed back, even if he wanted to?

Stay tuned
There's a sizeable sequel in the works

Yeah no...

You're almost as big A Nerd as **I** am, bwahahaha!! :rainbowlaugh:

Holy FUCK, Leech!!
I don't know how you managed to do it, but this time you've really done it! You've single-handedly made the most depraved work I've ever seen and to ever brush this Earth and mortal realm... And now I'm more confused than I've ever been.

Just... **Damn. . .**

Stay tuned because there's a bit sequel in the works

It's connected, isn't it? It's connected to the Anon Eris universe, isn't it?
You are literally Quentin Terantino, but better!! :yay:

Thanks for the story, it was a fun read.

Talk about having a wild night

Is it really so hard to beleive a foreign culture with foreign values would be willing to offer Anon a different "perspective" in a literal way?

And this is how addiction begins

I need a part 2 so badly it's killing me

Part two is going to be big - like, novella size

Stay tuned and be patient
Got five of the seven chapters done so far

Her metamorphosis has apparently given her an inane ability to control the magic she wielded

Whoops! That should have been "innate".

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