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Hmm, this is strange yet intriguing...

Also, first!

The premise alone had potential to be an amazing story.

So glad to have you back! Well done!


Very interesting.

I wonder what you'll do next?? Zecora??

I hope you do a part two where this time nurse Red Heart wants to have a foal

What a pleasant surprise, I really missed your super-detailed writing. But this one isn't quite doing it for me. Sorry, self-deprecation isn't my kink. I think it would be much better without generic "hur dur humans are so weak and pathetic, being a pony is da best!!!".

“Mmm…” Nurse Redheart’s grunt seemed a bit too pleased with itself, her eyelids fluttering slightly. But she quickly blinked and then removed her hoof and spoke, “ Slightly fruity - no tartness or excess sugar — his liver and kidneys are likely functioning just fine. Aphrodisiac effect is quite potent.”


I need a sequel where he turned back to Human but still gets dragged back to the Nurses because his seed has Horse DNA for some reason

Very nice, hot read!
Thank you!

I really enjoy your fics. I hope you make more

this story needs a sequel. maybe in which Anon makes Twilight take responsibility for this incident...

Hilarious and hot.

You forgot the anon tag.

How did they get to condoms and contraceptives are fine but anal sex is illegal (yes with conditions but still)....It's illegal for stallions to buy condoms or contraceptives isn't it?

Bit of a shame we didn't get to see them use the AV on him though.

Pleasant surprise seeing you back👍 Enjoyed reading your latest here and frankly seems like it could be the start of a series if your so inclined. Either way good to see your writing again bruv✌️

Only after Redheart instructs Tender Care, step by step, on how to do a complete hooves on sponge bath experience. Shows her how going the extra mile can make a most delightful experience for both caretaker and patient alike.

Every earth-pony in Ponyville has a harness for hauling, plowing, working. And every stallion has had their mother, sister, or some other female in their life help to hook things up. It is not a big deal.

I remember that one... and the title now rings a bell.

Thanks! Never left, but much less present these days.

Thank you!

She's a pro - she knows when and where she'll want a foal. I think she'd probably want to see a little more maturity out of Anon. This verse is a little more grounded than my usual debauches.

Sorry it wasn't your cuppa tea. There's plenty of human-dominates-pone fics (I've written a bunch too), this is just a different itch to scratch. Personally, I imagine having big pony organs would be an exciting experience. That said, the likely 10-15 second copulation time would be a bit more of a drag, as well as the lack of creativity and digits. Definitely some things to be proud of as humans!

Thank you!

Eh. I'm not writing any sequels, but I'll say that most likely Twilight would have figured out a way to 'un-pony' Anon. Now that doesn't mean that he doesn't have her ponify him for a fun weekend every once in a blue moon.

Thank you!

I could see that potentially happening. Twilight would be smart enough to use protection though. She doesn't need any little Anons running around.

I did forget the Anon tag. Good point on the incongruity, lol. I think at some point I was playing between the two themes (breeding being a civic duty, and practical handling of heat). I think canonically, anal sex and contraceptives would be rare/discouraged.

Never stopped! Just slowed, way, way down. :)

Ugh, that's hot... This story deserves a sequel. There are many more funny situations to describe.

No offense, it didn’t in my opinion. Although that might be because it’s a porno and if I was him I would’ve started swinging when they try to force a penis inspection on me.

I didn't say anything about little anons. One night of pleasure is enough, even if it is with protection.
It's just sad that there won't be a sequel. you said so yourself.

unbroken links to explicit material are not allowed on fimfic. you just need to delete the spaces.

Sorry to hear that, thanks for giving it a chance any way! :)

Pretty good~
Erre ya go~ 🍪

You can always ad an alternative chapter where Anon throws down. (Not saying your story was bad btw, just not my cup of tea. I’m a sucker for slice of life stuff and I would love to see a non smut driven continuation of where this leaves off. Not asking you to write that, you do you. Just letting you know it was a me thing not liking the story, not a you thing and I don’t want to hurt your will to write or have you try to pander to the people who don’t like what you made when most who read it did.)


The story was too medically in depth to be hot to me, but don't take that as a bad thing. Because instead of being hot it was something much better: interesting. I was fascinated the whole way through and probably learned some things too. Excellent work!

First class diagnostics! Only the best for our resident alien!

Everything in balance, as it should be.

Laughed so hard through first chapter and a half. The awkwardness of Tender Care and Anon while the Doctor is teaching was something to behold. Third chapter was really hot as well. Felt well written with both a bit of Nurse Redheart's experience yet primal need, and Anon's tidal wave of hormones and instincts never before experienced.

This story just :heart:
Both a bit nostalgic and so very hot. :rainbowwild:

So how well did AI do at horse anatomy ERP, or just equine experience in general? Does it help with the pony pov? I imagine it can keep track of all those fun details that are so easy to forget. Like a more or less horse-wise pre-reader.


“A typical stallion, too; completely useless once the buckin’ is done,” she chuckled.

Very mare. GJ.

A long story with or without clop, with at least the same amount of equine fidelity (ignoring the intentional inaccuracies) would have made it the top of my fav list. This story revived my hope for that.

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