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Perfectly Insane

Damn Shakes, you are pumping them out recently.

Yooooo, I was wondering if this was ever being picked up again. Let's fucking go!

You're on a roll!

This was great! Wondering if you are going to leave it at that or have a bonus chapter or something where he does his sister too?

Is this supposed to have the exact same description as A Volatile Mixture?

A Volatile Mixture is fucking great, and I’m so glad to see this as a continuation of sorts!

Not normally a second person pov person, but its you so ill have a look

Christ, you know, I expected this to be good, but I didn't expect you to rock it so goddamn well.

Like holy fuck, Shakes, I'm envious, that was fucking... good, really good.

Nicely done man, fucking nicely done!

Well...that was Juicy.
I wonder what drama further awaits.

So, a named second person fic. I can keep immersion perfectly. Many authors will use anon, which disconnects the character from the story., And for me I am no longer immersed as that character. But a character named after an aerial maneuver is good stuff. I know you picked this one up, so praise must be to the original author Dustchu, who will be getting some of my love.

I suppose those other chapters will be great. This was a worthy one.

Thank you very much.
Writing Second Person was a challenge, but you presented me with it packaged inside an opportunity too good to ignore any longer. I'm glad you are pleased with the result. I hope it reignites your pony writing spirit. Elsewise, I look forward to completing this story personally.

Whaaaaaat, after all these (few?) years a sequel (and the story line got more and more chaotic pfffff)? It's been so long that even me is a year into digital drawing so I am not sure if I should draw Ailly once :derpyderp2:

My understanding is he basically looks like R63 Delta, with a different cutie mark.

I am honestly Surprised that Apogee or Aileron haven't gotten so frustrated at how disgusting the trailer is at this point that they just clean it our of irritation. Aileron out of a desire to irritate his mother.

I did one with pencil and Pony Town back then, slightly lighter coat and longer mane since he probably would‘t want it to be short like the rest of his family as a rebel, and the CM with a boomerang considering his name and Apogee probably inherited most of the space talents.

they did say this happens quite alot so mabey they did in the begining but lost moral when it kept getting dirty

Comment posted by FLX071 deleted Sep 17th, 2022

Hey Shakes, is this story dead? I rather like it, would be cool if it gets an update or something

This needs another chapter!

Ohhh so good, I need more of this! Any chance of it making a comeback?

is it a good chance or are the odds bad enough I'd make a killing betting on it.

hmm, obvious plot point feels obvious

you ever worry that if you were to do a fic with unrelated ocs everyone would then presume it'll be a secret surprise incest story?

Need more!!!! But it was a wonderful update, can't wait when the next one drops

It's back! The gods have not forsaken us!

I feel like this is referring to a specific fic featuring Button Mash and Apogee (half siblings, same dad)

Been a while since I got any updates for this story. I hope more comes cause this is getting real good~

It just goes to show that if you bother an author for an update enough,
they will eventually finish their stories. :unsuresweetie:

Oh, the internet is a small place

it wasn't, haven't read that fic, at least not yet

Wow he needs to work on his putout game, because it is WEEEEEEEAk.

Well that is 1 of the 2 mares taken care off.
Next up is sweet twin sister Apogee's turn i hope.

Well well well. Lil Apogee has just as much the hots for her Twin Bro as she does for her Dad i see. Well i hope her Twin Bro has the hots for her, just as much as he has the hots for their Mom.

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