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An aviation horse currently in RMIT University for Aerospace Engineering. In the FIM world probably working for Equestrian Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Weather Flight.

Uh, hello I guess

Just call me Felix, Felix Gulfstream.

Into FIM since 2013 but was nowhere near any production of fics for some years, only written some military or apocalypse style fictions in the Tieba subforum "Innawoods Bar". Started to translate articles of Metro 2033 fandom in 2019 and then some pony fics in 2020, got some original pony stories but not much.

My Alignment Test result was True Neutral, and generally don't care about where people are from (dislikes the current status of the whole human society).

  • Aerospace Engineering Student at RMIT (M for either Manehattan or Melbourne XD)
  • Former member of Balmoral State High School's Boeing Enterprise Team (not anymore cuz I graduated as the top ranked in Aerospace Class in 2018)
  • Petrolhead
  • MINI-Z player who hasn't been playing for a long while
  • Airsoft player (gelsoft to be specific since conventional BB blasters are pratically banned in mainland China)
  • Slightly slavaboo, into Metro 2033 and STALKER series way too much, but actually been to Moscow and St. Petersburg back in 2015, not interested in those gopnik jokes at all
  • Prefers to support United Nations rather than supporting any specific country
  • Surprisingly good at finding ways even when arriving at a strange city for the first time

All of my pony-themed English-to-Chinese translations and original stories are on Fimtale: https://fimtale.com/u/WZNGT

You can also find me on Twitter: @WZNGTX