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Stories where ponies are crucial in the narrative.

Have you ever had a feeling, that most stories doesn't really need ponies? That you could swap ponies for humans or creatures for other universe, and story would still make sense and nothing important of a plot was lost? Are you kind of disappointed, or tired of generic stories that don't really explore ponies?

These stories must have ponies to make sense.

Stories that contain elements, that without ponies simply doesn't feel right. Fiction, that explore things like tools, disease, social norms, inventions, biology and many others of ponies, griffons, changelings etc.

Some examples: ponies being more collective than humans, potatoes and avocado being toxic for ponies, onions being toxic for diamond dogs, using other units than feets as a measuring unit, foals can walk not so long after birth.

Example guide about ponies:
Horse Behavioral Notes

No Anthro!
No humanized ponies!

***Looking for editor for description
***Looking for good arts for this group

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