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I saw that there wasn't a group for this when there really should be. The design of this group will just be for casual stories about humans saving Equestria. This doesn't mean they have to be the only the humans, but that has to be the sole plotline. Anything is okay, but please respect other's stories on this group. We're all on the same side here, no matter how bad the writing is.

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Figured it out. You have to manually add at least one story to a folder through the story’s own page first in order to open the option to add stories directly to the folder. Rather roundabout way to get started, but there you go.

Real quick, how to make admin? This is my first group.

I’ll see what I can do if you’ll let me.

Hmmm. IDK how to fix that. I could make you an admin if you can fix that.

Only the Adventure folder provides the option. The others are blank with no buttons for adding anything.

Welcome, friend. You should be able to add stories to folders just like other groups.

There does not seem to be a means to add stories to the folders.

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