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I...I am a monument to all your sins...


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What exactly counts as ”extreme fetishes”? Is it that the very act of doing them is extreme, or that they are used an extreme amount?

The bad ending has very ominous implications - aside from that, there's a gradual escalation of lewdness

Time to explode to this another 20 times

Godly stuff as always Leech ily

Yay, this looks good. I hope Fenris will be a lot like Leexo and Tenzi. In fact, I’m already demanding a crossover.:rainbowlaugh:

Only a little disappointing that Fenris didn't end up with a big preggo belly. Great fic!

this was amazing the only improvement would be the she did get pregnant. although I guess I didn't like the bad end but that's why its chose you one adventure.

I am not ashamed to admit this is probably the most lewd and hot thing I've read in years.
Do kind of wish there was a more neutral ending though!

he must have missed something, his mood darkened.

his stallionhood had taken note of the of the lewd noises.


There may be future stories addressing this

Sweat beaded Fenris’ brow, a dark misma clouded his vision, and the air burned his throat


Restraining his ire, he tossed the therimoire onto his bed and stomped back into his wash room.


Therimoire works too
Fixed the miasma one tho

Id vs ego... someone's been taking notes I think.
Nice work!

If this one received such a response, I look forward to posting some of my work on Fimfic...

You may also like Corruption of Ponyville or Through it All if you haven't seen those.

sure, it might have been a little weird to be eating out his best friend, but it wasn’t the strangest thing he’d ever done.

If that’s not the strangest thing he’s done, then what is?

A night with two lustful griffon twins, some Jack Daniels, and a heated game of spin the bottle

I like it, but it always freaks me out when ever I here something about sterilization

For what it's worth
The good ending is the canon ending

Learning the good ending is the Canon one makes me feel better. I may be a fan of corruption fics but consensual fics are somehow on the top of my list these days.

Fun fic! I especially adore the way you describe female lust, and the teasing, and the reluctant acceptance.

And the descriptions of her orgasms, oh god. I could almost feel them myself.

Couldn't help but feel sorry for her towards the end, though. It started feeling slightly abusive, and not in the fun, not-really-serious kinky way. Just ditching her like that, what a dick!

I do hope that ending means there will be more to this, though!


It's a good story, but I just felt so sorry for her in the end. The abuse was so...horrible, treating his so called best friend like that. I will admit I was looking forward towards a pregnancy though. His wolf like traits and multiple offspring would have been hot

I'd love to read a spinoff with this involved.

Altering her course, stashing her purchase within the folds of her scarf, she trotted to her secondary explanation.

Sitting atop Fenris’ bed, Pixel ground her pillow over his crotch.

Add a horizontal line between these paragraphs.

but that was by no means a bad thing.

“This is all you are,” he grunted, mercilessly pounding into her, “just a useless, good for nothing slut.”

She wasn’t a stallion - by the the void,

I assure you, there will be more...

Don't worry too much. I'm already working on a sequel for this and everything turns out well in the end.

I feel like there should be one more chapter after the good ending.

It kind dose hopefully that spell can be reverse in a future fic

Worry not, things will get sorted out for everyone >u>

I didn't quite get the ending.

Is Fenris going to erase the part of her she dislike ? If so, doesn't that mean that she will also get back at Pixel ?

That would be more than deserved in my opinion.

Eh I think she should stay a mare, since Fenrus already made it permanent. I'd like to see her as a latex wearing dominatrex, its not like she hasn't done something similar to stalions when she was a stalion. It's just that instead of cuckholding them from a mare, shes the mare doing it. Also I just thought it be funny where she puts Pixel on leash and parades him around. With creatures thinking that they just switch roles every so often.

Stay tuned, you'll find out soon enough

Don't worry, Ebony and I have already concocted a plan

Thanks for the answer. Can't wait to see another "Comeuppance".

Also, i'm sorry for the stupid question but, since english isn't my native language, i'm not sure i understood clearly this phrase :

Thinking back to one particularly egregious incident, where Fenris had hexed his ex, shattered her mind, and fucked her on his bed.

Could you explain who did what to whom ? (sorry again it's just i'm not sure if Fenris put a spell on Pixel ex, or if it was an ex of Fenris, or if it wasn't an ex at the time or something like that ^^')

Fenris cursed and fucked Pixel's ex

While she was already an ex or while they were together at the time ?

Either way, how could he do it on his bed :rainbowlaugh: !

Pixel had just broken up with her XD

Didn't take long for Fenris to act then ^^.

Even tough i feel horrible about what happens in the story with all the abuse of Pixel who use, someone that is suposed to be his best friend, as nothing more than a toy without a single remorse. Fenris isn't all that good either with all he did in the past.

But now that he is completly betrayed by someone that he trusted before (if i understood correctly), i just hope that he gets his revenge in the end.

Yeah, it does seem strange how he just ditched her like that. Wonder what part of his plan that was supposed to entail.

Unless he just felt like being even more of a dick. Though it's easy to forget Fenris wasn't supposed to be a saint, either.

Anyway, still remaining hopeful for some well-deserved revenge. These two clearly deserve everything they're doing to each other, and I'm honestly still surprised she didn't just use that scarf to tie Pixel down and force herself onto him.

I actually think Pixel and Fenris could be a cute couple once they reach an equilibrium. While Fenris did deserve what happened to him/her; they have known each other for over 15 years after all. Once Pixel gets punished, well I don't think anyone can be mad forever. Besides Pixel still has to pay rent. Though if she does end up pregnant I expect a degree of extortion. As I would think some sort of child support is a thing in Equestria.


Yes. That is what i was kinda thinking too.

It is a bit strange to do something that horrible to your best friend from 15 years like another comments said.

Did he forgot all of that ? Did this friendship meant nothing to him ? I have a lot of questions that i hope are going to be answered in the future.

Maybe it will be the true happy end later on ? As long as everything is resolved between them and that some deserved revenge as been done, why not?

I gotta say, I'm a little disappointed by the ending. I'm not even going to read the bad ending because I don't like those kinds of endings anyways, but it just feels like nothing was really resolved. I wanted to at least see Pixel realize just how fucked up what he was doing to his best friend was. Maybe Fenris leaves him and he comes crawling back to get his best friend back at the very least? The whole story we're told that Fenris was a bastard before the transformation, but Pixel is the only one we see being a bastard. Really just makes me feel bad for Fenris and no one else. I really hope you're planning on doing a sequel. I want to see a proper ending to this story.

Seems like there is going to be a sequel.

But that is true. We learn that Fenris was a bad person, but not enough, in my opinion, to see the story as his "Comeuppance".

Maybe a bit more details on the backstory ? But i'm nitpicking.

Since it seems that it is not over with this story, we should wait to see what happens next and see how the situation will be resolved.

That's what I'm hoping for. We got a lot of telling, not showing of how bad Fenris was before the gender swap, but as for Pixel? We've been clearly shown, not told how bad he is. I get that this is just porn, but I really don't want to see them end up together. What Pixel's done is pretty much rape and unforgivable imo. Pixel really is just a massive scumbag, especially because of the humiliation at the end. I would love to see Fenris basically telling him that he went too far, and that she was done with him. Who knows though.

Personally, i saw that a bit like that too but tought about it as "porn logic so technically he can say it is not rape".

In the end, all i need his Fenris getting his revenge (a taste of Pixel own medicine maybe?) and then some kind of real happy ending to be happy.

They're actually good friends, but they screw with each other a lot XD

Well here, it's a lot more than joking around in this story.

But since you are doing the story, i suppose we'll learn more about their relathionship and how it reallyis in the future.

I just have a hard time believing that Pixel isn't just a really horrible person that destroyed a friendship to get laid and use his bestfriend as nothing more than a toy. And having no remorse about that eventhouh they had more than 15 years as friend :/.

If one of my friends take advantage of a magic situation i'm in to abuse me, and quite literally use it it to kinda brainwash me it is no longer acceptable to call this person my friend imo.

But still, i'm intrigued to see where this is going.

(And sorry if i'm flooding a bit, it is just i like talking about stories i read and all and it is nice to be able to talk with the author ^^')

Oh no, you're totally fine

The situation with Fenris and Pixel just sort of went downhill
Neither would intentionally do anything to hurt one another, but things got out of hand

Indeed. I hope that he is going to realize it at some point too because, oh boy, did he took it really too far here.

Thank god the bad ending is not canon !

But now i'm really curious to see how everything will play out. Just saying sorry here doesn't seem enough (and that would be kinda quick for a sequel ^^) but is Fenris going to go as far if not worse for his revenge ? If it happens of course...

Questions questions questions...

Congrats, i'm thinking of all the possibilities now x')

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