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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...


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This needs a continuation lol

it's a leech

Please tell me there’s going to be a sequel to this

For Science, and what else are you going to do on a slow Wednesday afternoon...


I did write this as a one off, but if there's enough of a thirst, I may consider writing another one...:trollestia:

“No, seriously, Cinder said I tasted like a cinnamon pancake. Anon, really, just get right in there, nopony is gonna blame ya,” Autumn insisted, smearing her juices on the man.

Absolute best breakfast to be had. I wonder which kirin tastes like french toast...

Take them all Anon... form the Breakfast Club!

I must wholeheartedly concur with these two. This fabulous piece merits further writing.

It was cute, erotic, and wholesome


form the Breakfast Club!

I literally choked on my coffee, when I read that. :rainbowlaugh:

Sequel with pregnant Kirin when? :trollestia:

I have that effect occasionally. It's all in the timing.

It has been too long since another Kirin fic was uploaded to the site and way too long since an autumn blaze fic was made

Poor anon got bamboozled

What, no Cum Inflation?

Jk, loved it anyway. Definitely needs a continuation. :twilightsmile:

Immolative Intercourse

Nice alliteration, but that sounds painful



kill or offer as a sacrifice, especially by burning.

Incendiary orgasms are definitely my fetish. First time reading a clopfic featuring the phenomenon tho

Male on Female, Musk, Pheromones, Soft Fur, Interspecies Copulation, Oral, Vaginal, Impregnation

The emotional and physical overload swiftly goaded her transformation into a nirek. A kaleidoscope of blue, purple, and red flames enveloped the two, as they consummated the ardent moment.

That should be spelled nirik

Just one minor gripe. In your story, it's stated Male Kirin don't exist, this is not true. They do exist. They just look similar to females, the only difference is that male kirin lack eyelashes.

So Anon doesn't know much about lizards then?

Nothing like to read a good fic to call the night. Hope Anon can get more kirin meat :rainbowwild: or even create a kirin herd.

Autumn’s eyes went wide, at the sublime warmth and gooey sensation of Anon’s seed bathing her interior. The thrill of it, of having her body claimed by the robust creature that was Anonymous, was too much to bear. With a rapturous scream, she succumbed to the sinful pleasure. The emotional and physical overload swiftly goaded her transformation into a nirek. A kaleidoscope of blue, purple, and red flames enveloped the two, as they consummated the ardent moment.

It's Nirik, not Nirek, Tirek. Lol

I told you not to choke on me, and work on your gag reflex. :rainbowwild:

And as you already know, I find this story rather hot.

My only question is how one survives intercourse with these little jihad ponies without being burned to cinders.

Read it, you'll find out.

this needs a sequel or continuation.

The experiment failed because she incinerated his jizz.

*<>* We need MORE of these MOAR

I doubt there's an alicorn with alchemical knowledge conveniently on hand to prevent the spontaneous combustion of the partner every time a kirin gets frisky.

Kinks Include: Soft Fur


Only hard fur is acceptable! Comfortable snuggles are not allowed!

Oh man, let me tell ya, a mare can only diddle herself with gourds and vegetables for so long.

I can see how that would produce a problem

Gotta be creative, Fam. It's not like they have a Bad Dragon Vile Wyvern shop at their disposal! :trollestia:

Why is a character in a third person story called anonymous? That makes no sense.

A sequel or second chapter based around the weird abomination child that comes from this

Anon is his own character. He is often depicted as rude, perverted, drunk, and swearing like a sailor

That was awesome I really hope that there is a sequel.

I'd guess that the kid would be pretty close to pure Kirin. I mean, the species is said to be all female, and there aren't too many odd hybrids walking around their village, so..

I don't think they are all female just heavily female balenced

This reminds me of a real life fish that is monogendered, they breed with other fish species to procreate too. Its quite fascinating really.

This screams Sequel to me...

I would disagree.

How, else would 1 actress end up in a love triangle with 2 actors (Phantom of the Opera reference).

Also remember, we only heard Autumn Blaze and a couple others actually talk outside of background noises.

I could not agree more. The story needs to be continued.

Could you imagine that the shiney has worn off this infatuation and Anon is now having to deal with a Kirin that has not recieved the message.

How else would the population continue

Honestly, I just assumed that the males were all femboys. :rainbowlaugh:

Scorch marks marred the table and surrounding chairs, although Twilight and her chair were unmolested.

I don't think that statement is entirely accurate.

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