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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Why do I imagine that this will end in pregnancy?

im excited to see where this is going to go and like the comment below surely this will end in pregnancy~

It's good to see more of Snowy!

Also is that a call to adventure I see?

Honestly, I expected her to already be pregnnt from the adventur with Thunderlane, but apparantly that isn't the caese.

I'm glad that Snowy's story continues. I already really liked 'Subjective Perspective' and I'm hoping for more chapters about Snowy. :raritywink:

There's going to be a new chapter for this added every day for a week.

Dear god yes yes Yes YES YES!!! I absolutely LOVE this!! And I need more!!!

Oh this going to be a full story not just clop with a good story attached.... that's my favorite kind!

Also I think this silver mare is pretty interesting can't wait to see more of her

NGL, when I started reading the chapter when it went up, I was almost convinced it was Twilight using some sort of disguise spell. That sheer attention to detail...

Silver seems nice

You've got me curious
Are you referring to the little morning routine and the goings-on in the castle?

Lol the funny thing is many maids are actually like that though - what better source of entertainment when working an otherwise boring cleaning job all day than to ponder over people's secrets and rummage through the hints.
Loving this so far!

Glad you're enjoying the little details; they're a byproduct of my hyperphantasia!

There was no way some random maid could have figured out what was really going on ~ was there?

That's kind of rude. Feels like he has a pretty low opinion on the intelligence of the maids.

Aaand she has a kid on the way.

Now even if she could turn back, she probably shouldn't.

Never underestimate the observational skills of an astute maid

I can’t wait to see that happens next it’s sooo good I love this entire story

Yeah, with how little they are noticed, and how much they see, they could easily be rather good spies.

Leech, I've been reading your stuff for a while and I usually am so busy with the smut that I forget you're a genuinely good writer. The fact that not only was there was no lewd in this chapter, but I didnt want any, just to keep reading the story, is a good reminder.

Poor Snowy has it really hard right now. Let's just hope it won't get any worse for her.

okay, I gave this a shot for reading and I'll say its really good, even when you're looking for a not-porn story. I really hope you finish it and make it a nice long series

Three chapters to go!

i hope you continue this story in the future with sequels. I love your writing and your not-porn sections are really interesting. You're an amazing writer.

Yes please a nice long story because it’s so good I can’t wait for the next chapter ❤️❤️

So good lol

Poor snowy had a bad day

Ah yes, setting your friend who is clearly in estrus (and being hit really hard by it) up with a very attractive male specimen... It's like Silver wants Snowy to lose control and get herself preggers.

Silver just wants to help her unwind...

It just keeps getting better I hope she ends up with the guard they’re really really cute together~~

Mmm a series excellent

I do hope Silver is indeed a maid. That Snowy is simply wrong in her view of maids as dumb.

I wouldn't say she assumes maids are dumb. Snowy probably never gave them much thought, sort of how most people don't dwell on the intellect of service workers or other such professionals - yeah, you see them pretty regularly, but it's not like you pay them much mind.

hm, i dont know. its boring :/

D'aww. Snowy dun tuckered herself out.

i feel like if anon canot turn back he is gonna get revenge on rainshine some way. maby use the potion to turn her human or make sure celestia "corrects" her birth certificate to have rainshine as the mother, you know for accuracey.

not gonna lie, i hope anon stays as silver and has a kid w aegis. i also hope you have a sequel planned

I absolutely love this story I’ve been looking all around for something like this! Keep up the awesome work! :pinkiehappy:

Gods this story just keeps getting better and better I love it so much

Holy cow, I can’t believe how PERFECT this story is.

Yay! She gained self confidence!

I can’t C wait for the next chapter❤️

I thing you mixed something up there. Anon is Snowy and not silver, the later one is snowys best friend

Wait, wait, wait...That's what all of Twilight's stalking was building up to? In that case, how is this story complete when she didn't even so much as apologize to Snowy? She just ran off when no one was looking, and that's all she wrote?

In the business, we call that a cliffhanger...

Additional note:
Though this story is done, the adventures of Snowy may continue in the future...

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