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dirty little secret

I tried so far... and got so hard... but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (Patreon)


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And before it even gets started, just let me say: Yes, I know--

Cream snorted. “And who would do that? The fillies aren't exactly lining up for a chance at the weird video game kid and his propeller hat.”

“I know what you mean.” Misty laughed under her breath. “I've managed to get a few interested in Rumble, but as soon as they see his bigger, older, Wonderbolt brother...” She sighed. “What mare is going to see the two of them and pick the runt of the litter? And it's not like I can separate them for very long. Rumble follows his big brother everywhere.

Ouch! Pulling no punches! :pinkiecrazy:

Cream licked her lips. “Delicious. And you're such a prolific little colt. I can still feel it sloshing around, you know. I hope it's a filly this time.”

“When you finish inside like that, it can make her pregnant, which means she'll have a baby. Unless you're both ready to take care of foals, you'd better make sure to pull it out before you finish or make sure she's taken a potion to prevent foals.”

He let that sink in for a few moments as the implications became clear. “And, um... Did you take one of those potions?”

Cream Heart just grinned widely and trotted back toward the kitchen. “I'd better get started on that cookie dough if it's going to be ready by the time your mother gets back.”

I have been suddenly blind-sided by my fetish! Now I wonder if Button will make Rumble into an older brother...

Heh, yeah. I did have to edit the story’s description after that...
Sorry for (or you’re welcome for?) the blindsiding! ^.^

That wasn't all she felt, though. There was a tightness deep inside her, a stretching around Button's tip – he was flaring inside her!

That wouldn't do at all! She already had two sons, and she was not looking to get any more ... or any daughters either, for that matter.

snaps fingers
Aww, fiddlesticks!

Looks like Misty is getting a grandfoal before Cream Heart is. :rainbowwild:

“So,” Misty Breeze whispered, “can I expect grandbabies in my future now?”

Mom let out another one of those giggles and rubbed her belly. “Oh... I think you can expect a grandbaby or two very soon.”

Misty Breeze gasped and a heartbeat later, the two of them broke into another fit of giggling together.

Bruh. The way they're so casual about this is my fetish x1000.

But there were plenty of other ponies in Ponyville who'd probably be able to help him. Maybe the Cutie Mark Crusaders? He'd heard that they were pretty good about solving problems for ponies...


^.^ I guess Cream Heart will have to wait for a possible sequel...
Then maybe she’ll get three, from all three of the Crusaders!

...their growing colts show no interest at all in fillies their age. They’ll never get grandchildren at this rate! ...... what if they helped each other’s colts?

Or they could patiently wait til their colts are older and inevitably develop an interest in girls.
*Adds to Read Later*

Ah, yes! I see you are well-educated in the classics!

^.^ I’m just glad I knew about this before someone posted it!

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Aug 29th, 2019

Does Patreon really know you write porn stories for kids?

You’d fit right in with my Patreon supporters, then!

You again?

1: What makes you think these are ‘for kids’?

2: Yes, they know all about me. They banned my other account, which posted more risque things. Probably due to prudes like you.

not going to lie. I enjoyed it but this really hurts a few of my ships but i really enjoyed the starting.

Congratz, you got featured two days in a row. 8/28/2019 - 8/29/2019.

Goddammit! XD


He deflated a little. “But I... I don't have a special somepony.”
“Well you'll just have to find one, won't you?”
Oh he definitely would. With the memory of how good Cream had just made him feel and the burning need she'd somehow awakened inside him, getting a special somepony had suddenly taken on an incredible level of importance.

That may turn very awkward if done wrong:
Rumble: "Do you want to be my special somepony and suck my cock?"

Rumble had to laugh slightly at that idea, too. He could hardly imagine how awkward it would be to tell Button that he was special someponies with Button's mom.

Button: "I mean, do you see me making around with your mom?"
:pinkiehappy:: "Just wait for the next chapter, silly!"
dirty little secret: "Pinkie! What did I tell you about doing that?!"
:pinkiegasp:: "Ooops! HaveToGoBye!"

Misty Breeze let her tail flag nice and high as Button followed her down the street. It certainly drew appreciative glances from most of the stallions they passed, but Button either didn't notice or was politely pretending not to notice. Probably the former.

If an stallion would walk around with an hard-on, would the mares give appreciative glances too?

She swallowed that one down as well, telling herself that she just didn't want to have to take a shower or steam-clean her bedroom carpet. But deep down, somewhere near where that cum was headed, she knew that she simply missed this. Despite how musky it tasted, despite how sticky and hard-to-swallow it was, there was just something about gulping down a thick load of stallion cum that was every bit as irreplaceable as the way a real cock felt inside of her.

Ah, I see she is a mare of culture.

“So, Button, how was that? Did you like it?”
“It's... It's like hitting the high score of every game ever, all at the same time!”

Same for him.

Of all the... He fell back against the backrest of the couch again. Mom had done it – she'd really done it! She'd been doing just what he and Misty Breeze did ... but with Rumble. What the hay? What the actual hay?

I can't be the only one whe had to think about Round Trips "In a Nutshell" series, can I?

Asking Mom for help with that was out of the question. It was going to be quite a while before he'd be able to look at her again without thinking about her and Rumble ... doing things. But there were plenty of other ponies in Ponyville who'd probably be able to help him. Maybe the Cutie Mark Crusaders? He'd heard that they were pretty good about solving problems for ponies...

Remember how they helped Feather Bangs to get an foursome? (Yes, it's canon!)

Well this was a fun read, I wonder how Button i going to stumble his way to find a marefriend for himself? Keep up the good work.

It’s okay -- those ships can still sail in other stories!


That may turn very awkward if done wrong:
Rumble: "Do you want to be my special somepony and suck my cock?"

Heh, then the moms’ plan to get grandchildren would really backfire.

I’m sure the Cutie Mark Crusaders will help cheer him up in the possible sequel! ^.^


Remember how they helped Feather Bangs to get an foursome? (Yes, it's canon!)

They’ve got experience!

There’s already a sequel in my ideas list for my Patreon supporters to vote on -- the CMC’s end up helping him in his search for a special somepony a lot more directly than he’d planned on. He ends up getting all three of them pregnant.

Plot Twist: Rumble and Button Mash end up falling in love with eachother. It's a good thing Cream already has a bun in the oven.


What both of these colts need is for some mare to come along and open their eyes to everything they’re missing out on. But who could possibly do that? They obviously can’t do that for their own sons – that would be incest!

This is the opposite of a problem.

they better, poor guy got shafted in this story, deserves some good herd action

Sounds like you want it more in the 'set story later' folder rather than the 'read later' folder.

That wouldn't do at all! She already had two sons, and she was not looking to get any more ... or any daughters either, for that matter.

...You could've just taken the potion, Misty. It's likely got some magical properties to it, so it might be 100% effective, unlike contraceptive pills.

That’s good with or without a plot twist!

Heh, lol. Good luck convincing them of that, though!


poor guy got shafted in this story

Not so! That is exactly the opposite of what happened in this story!

She’s not great at planning ahead.
Which makes me wonder if Rumble and Thunderlane have the same father...

(Reads title)
Oddly this is making me think of

[Adult story embed hidden]

but he didnt get to finish inside her, Rumble got all the fun

Heh, yeah. Moms Club could be a title for that story as well! ^.^

Oh well... He’ll more than make up for it in the sequel, if my Patreon supporters decide they want a sequel.

thats fair, i hope he does thou. Ill pray to the lewd pony gods

“Here,” she said, taking his hooves in her own and pushing them downward. “ There you go...”

Switching to HARD MODE

Rumbles Mom... She likes to play unfair
(bashing/banging n00bs)

I bet you can guess which of these two encounters I enjoyed the most.

The gooey, creamy filling, of course! Nothing against Buttons' encounter, but Rumbles' just... hits more buttons. :rainbowwild:

Cream plopped the dough on a board and began rolling it out. Misty put the trays on the counter, gently arranging them.

"So-" Cream began, glancing over.

Misty looked up, her ears perking. The problem was, Cream's eyes were drawn to a fairly minor, but quite prominent streamer of pearly white that made a crude diagonal line up the bridge of Misty's muzzle, ending near one of her eyebrows.

"Oh! You've got a little..." Cream made a rough indicative motion toward her own muzzle.

"A little...? A little what?" Misty brought a forehoof up, clearly intent on just brushing away whatever it was.

"Wait! Hold on, I'll get it."

And she did. By leaning forward to drag her tongue up Misty's face. Slowly, so as to really work her tongue through Misty's coat. To make sure Misty was thoroughly clean.

"O-oh..." Misty's pink cheeks likely mirrored Cream's own.

"I knew my son would score high." Cream smacked her lips. "Top score in flavor and presentation!" She giggled.

"Oh, you..." Misty giggled back. "Cookies?"



In the other room, the colts dove off opposite ends of the couch, hiding their shame and prides from each other, studious not looking each other or the kitchen.


More risque?! What on earth were you doing?

I'm asking for a friend.

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