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This was perfect!!!

I loved it!!! So much!!

When I get another story idea, I'm commissioning you again!!

Thank you!!

Contains: Cum inflation, impregnation, lactation, Aging down via potion (from the late-30s to early-20s), hyper, body expansion (dick, balls, breasts),


and incest.


Happy to be of service. Glad you enjoyed it.

Somewhere in my heart of hearts, I knew that if I put incest at the end of the tag list like that, it would stand out and attract your attention, lol.

Thanks for the comment.

Oh, I did more than enjoy it.

I loved it!!

Will be thinking of commission ideas soon

Small word of advice, when writing for pony characters don't use words like "man". It will only confuse your readers.

The only way that would confuse someone is if that person is looking to be confused

Love me a good Zecora fic

I’m surprised there’s no romance tag considering the ending

You know what's crazy? I looked at the tag, said to myself, "yeah, that should be there", clicked it, and shipped it off. Apparently, I've slipped into the alternate dimension where I just did not do that. Thanks for the catch.

Damn this was sure the juiciest :eeyup:👍

Awesome clop :rainbowdetermined2:
The one month pregnancy was odd though :rainbowderp:

Button is quite the stud :pinkiehappy:👍

How are they going to afford food and education?
Topic that will not bring mutch jubilation.

They rided quite the high, they certainly told his singel status goodbye...

O my what a stud, but how will the raise them right and hold them out of the mud?

Answered in the sequel.

Well...addressed at least

Thanks! Didn't see that sequel there.
I check it out at a later time :twilightsmile:

“That’s…”(—— Cream swallowed hard. “Is that… what you used?” Zecora hummed.

I cummed three or four times from this.

I loved this story it was beyond wild and a blast to read.

I very much appreciate your work and have enjoyed it very much.

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